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Every website in the search engines wants to rank at the top of Page 1. We know that you want the same.

You already know that good quality content with lots of information is the blueprint you make even better with SEO optimization. However, do you know the other key to opening the top-rank club's door of Google?

Apart from the content, what you need most is – Backlinks. And this article will let you have in-depth knowledge about backlinks and the backlink checker tools to make the reader point to your site. Learn how to perform well on the SERPs or search engine results pages.

What is Backlink?

The basic idea of a backlink is one website linking to another website or pages on the same website. We are talking about two websites, and the link is called inbound or incoming on the receiving website. And outgoing, external or outbound links are the links' names.

People commonly click on the search result at the top of the list. And the links on that website lead the customers to another related site or other pages of their website.

According to Google's assessment, the probability of a website staying on top also depends on the relevant backlink sites.

Why are Backlinks a Crucial Ranking factor?

For any given search engine, backlinks are among the top ranking factors. Due to the following reasons, backlinks are important. Keep them in mind:

  • Search engines like Google can crawl into your content and look specifically for the backlinks. Backlinks are the most useful asset to help Google discover your website,
  • If Google finds your site back linked to other popular sites, it will assume that your site has the same valuable content.
  • You will get more organic and referral traffic to your website, which will help you rank faster.
  • After assessing the backlinks' relativity, quality, and rank, Google decides the ranking list for each query or search result.
  • Consider backlinks as votes or recommendations from credible sources. The more links you receive or the backlink your website has, the higher the chances of ranking. Google will think your content is authentic and informative enough to rank on the first page and should reach more people.

Why Do You Need an SEO Backlink Checker?

You need a backlink Checker as a guide to reorganize your networking throughout the internet. You need to ensure that quality websites have your website's backlink so that your target audience can find you effortlessly.

And regarding quality and relevant websites, you need backlink checker tools. You need to be high alert as the wrong, low-quality, irrelevant one may cause you to lose potential visitors.

Instead of having 200 low-grade backlinks, 20 high-quality links are more beneficial.

How to Use VISER X Backlink Checker Tool?

Using our tool can save your time and effort in checking for unique and useful backlinks that Google will love.

All you need to do is-

Step 01: Go to the Page:

Step 02: Enter the URL:

You will find a box at the top of the page. You need to enter the URL in the box. You can enter any of the three URLs:

  1. Site's homepage
  2. Products page
  3. Blog post URL

In addition, you are allowed to select what Report about the backlink you want to have. According to the filter you choose, you can get all the external links pointing to the domain you prefer or for the single page you just entered the URL of.

Step 03: Check Backlink

Once you click on the Submit option, you will get the result within seconds. And you can download the detailed Report for further use.

Other than the metrics you may have using the Ahrefs or Google Console, you will also find additional metrics to surge your rank.

The Small SEO Tools will present to you the following:

  • Your site's Ahrefs rank
  • Domain Rating score
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Organic keyword
  • Dofollow/Nofollow links
  • Referring to IP's full documentary.

Since it is a free tool, you can get only 100 links pointing to your domain.

Other SEO Tools to Check Backlinks to Your Site

Hundreds of SEO tools are available online to help you improve your content through SEO optimization. Such an important SEO tool is backlink Checker.

Both free and paid tools are accessible on the web. You can find the steps to check everything related to backlink other sites by following the methods mentioned below:

Google Search Console:

The easiest and most authentic way to search for valuable backlinks is to use Google Search Console. To know how to check backlinks, continue reading.


Verification process to set up an account (proof that you are the owner of your site)

Go to Links Report (your pages that get the most link, websites linked to your site, anchor text)

Click on More Button (see the web pages linking to you)

Investigate any page and find out the exact pages they are linking from.

You can research your competitors' websites and discover the links, and include them on your website.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker [Paid tool]

Another handy tool to look out for your backlinks is Ahref's backlink checker. They demand that they have the best, fresh, and updated backlink database in the industry. And it is not an over-exaggeration because around 6.63 billion pages are crawled, and 170 unique domains can be found in this tool.

Now it's time to let you know the services Ahrefs will provide you:

· Domain and Page-Level Metrics:

With the updated database of Ahrefs, it is now possible to check the SEO metrics of any URL or website. The result will show:

  • AR: Ahrefs Rank
  • UR: URL Rating
  • DR: Domain Rating
  • Backlinks number
  • Referring domains number

These factors will let you judge a website's strength and popularity. You will decide whether or not to include an external linking or not.

· Monitoring Backlink Profile:

How do you monitor the ups and downs of the backlink profiles? Won't it be easier for you if you could observe that on a diagram over the year?

For your convenience, Areas does the same. Use Ahrefs to get the Report in the most organized way possible.

The new and lost backlinks, Dofollow or Nofollow, or redirecting backlinks, are presented in a statistical diagram for your set time frame.

· Use Filters to Get an In-Depth Backlink Profile Report:

You can customize the Report of your target's backlink profile by the filters mentioned in the tool.

They are:

  • Link-type
  • DR
  • UR
  • Referring Domains
  • Language
  • Platform
  • Link-type

Other than these, you can also get an analysis report on the following aspects:

  • Estimation of the organic traffic to a page and domain
  • Check out all available linking domains, SEO metrics, domain-wide metrics
  • Discover the pages that are link-worthy with the Best by Links report
  • Find the 404 not found pages of your site and fix the error
  • Have the complete breakdown report on the outbound links as well

How to Select Backlinks?

Now you know that backlinks are a must-have factor for your content. However, not all the links will help you climb up on the search result.

Relevant Backlinks with Your Topic:

Relevancy is the key fact you should have in mind to find a high-quality backlink. Suppose you are reading an article about Keyword Density in written content. And as an external link, two links are included in the article. They are about: Keyword density checker and Website Screenshot Generator.

You will click on the first one among the two links because it is more relevant to your search than the other one. So, the first link has higher topical relevancy.

Find the article that is related to your topic. And ask the author to backlink your relative article. Or you can always backlink one of your content to another content on the same site.

Domain Authority:

The quality and quantity of the backlinks are equally crucial for a website to rank. The 'PageRank' score from Google refers to the site's authority, as in the quality of the links on that particular site.

It goes from 0 to 100.,, etc., score 100 on this scale. So, you can understand the more popular the site gets, the more score it will get.

But the problem is that these scores are not publicly available. You need help from third-party tools for domain rating and URL rating checking.

You have to use the tools and find comparatively more authoritative sites than the other. Remember, you are looking for the strongest links as your backlinks.

How to get Backlinks?

One of the main ranking factors in content is the links that connect you with the other sites. After getting the content structure right, the first thing you should do is build backlinks. These backlinks should point to your site's important pages and domain.

There are multiple useful and practical ways to get backlinks for your website. Depending on your site's desired rank, you can use either all of them or two.

  1. You can get backlinks by natural organic growth by writing quality and informative content. Social media, search engines, or even finding your website from a friend's suggestion can help you find your page and add the link.
  2. If another link inbounds your link to their website, that will redirect the audience to your website. Directories, blog posts, and social media posts can be used to create a backlink.
  3. Improve your link-building technique by interacting with other websites, SEO experts, and editors and sending them an email inviting them to hyperlink to your webpage. Keep reading to know more on this topic later in this article.

How Can Backlink Checker Help You?

Looking for related backlink profiles that lead to your site throughout the internet is not a smart way to build backlinks. More competitive contents swarming around the web are valuable to rank in Google. To find them out and link to your content, free backlink checkers can help you in such a way that you have never imagined.

How Much Time Do You Need to Find a New Backlink?

The backlink finders on the internet will index a profile for you to backlink depending on the site's popularity. Usually, for the websites that many people do not visit, the finder tool indexes them at the end of the list.

How to Interpret the Backlink Checker Result?

A backlink finder tool will give you approximately 100 most popular links. The external backlinks will redirect you to a particular page and link it to your complete website.

Based on the authority score of SEMrush Domain, the tool will sort out the links for you.

The following table will show you the Report you will see after checking for backlinks and the explanation:

For one Domain, One link

Instead of providing a site-wide link, the tool will provide you with a single link for one domain

Anchor Text

Images or texts that are used by the site for linking

Anchor Text ( most popular )

Most used links for the same domain

URLs ( most popular )

Pages that receive the largest number of backlinks


Other than these total external links, referring domains, referring IPs, and follow/ no follow labels are also present in the Report. Moreover, there is also an option in the Report where you can analyze the traffic statistics of a particular link.

The good thing for you is that you can Export the Report to your drive, google sheet, or excel as a CSV file.

How Can Backlink Checker Improve Backlink Profile?

The checker tools for backlink help you with the in-depth, well-organized, and thoroughly analyzed reports from over the web. Now, utilizing the Report and improving your backlink profile will make you feel like solving a puzzle.

What you need to do now is to start the process in steps. And to start working on your backlink profile, you first need informed and well-written content. And it would be better if the content is SEO optimized.

Experts recommend focusing on content quality primarily because it is impossible to rank on the first page with an only backlink and keyword density if you do not have quality content.

Now let's move on to the three magic strategies that will help you boost your backlink profile:

· Weed Out the Low-Quality Backlinks:

With the Backlink checker, you can modify your content's link profile and improve it. Check out the scores and remove the low-quality links causing your content to be underrated.

At the same time, figure out the strong links and backlink them to your site or page. Concentrating on credible links will speed up your ranking eventually.

· Don't Compromise with SEO:

Well, there is no doubt that optimizing your content according to the updated algorithm of Google is the only best option to rank higher. While updating your backlink profile, don't forget to perform Search Engine Optimization on your website.

· Networking with the Established Influencers:

You need to narrow down the list of influencers already on the top search list in the same market. Instead of getting jealous of their achievement, be professional and start communicating with them.

The authors who are already popular and getting a lot more traffic than the other ones will assist you in reaching your target customer. Using link-building tools, you can find articles and authors interested in your product or service.

You can send an email about your product and tell them what makes it exceptional from others. And if you can convince them, congratulations! The chances of getting more organic traffic just got higher.

· Recover the Lost/Broken/Error Links:

While searching content on the internet, you must have come across a 404 error page. As your second strategy, you will find such pages on your website. What is the point of building backlinks if your audience is redirected to a broken link or page? So, you have no other option than fixing your page's errors.

· Research Your Competitor's Strategy:

What is the best way to improve in the digital marketing world? It is to study your competitors closely and outperform them with what they are lacking.

Visit and audit your competitors' content to learn about their strategy of link building which is helping them rank. The top-ranked pages' backlinks, inbound links, valuable link profile, and subject authority will help you study and boost your content.

You can use Ahref's backlink checker or site explorer. For researching your competitor's site, log in or go to the official site of Ahrefs and enter the URL or domain of your competitor.

With the Backlink tab, you can see how they included the backlink, their sources, and how they got them into their website.


Hopefully, this article will help you clear all your doubts regarding backlinks. Check out our backlink checker tools mentioned above and utilize the results of the methods we discussed so far.

It is better to start building links with the sites ranking equal to you first. After achieving a significant cloud of backlinks, target the websites ranking higher than you. Also, working strategically from the very beginning of your content creation can save you a lot of trouble when you start SEO.

You can ask questions in the comments section below, and we will be happy to help. Let's get your site ready to be on the top of the search.


Here are some QnAs for you that people commonly ask.

What is the best Backlink Checker Tool?

You will find both paid and free backlink checker tools on the web, such as the VISER X backlink checker tool. SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and BuzzSumo are the most popular.

How Do I get Google Backlinks?

It is crucial to set an SEO goal and refer to that; you can make a list of your desired Google backlinks. After that, work on the targeted sites. You can send an email, comment on the posts, and post regularly to let the other authors know you have a schedule to publish your content.

What is a Good Number of Backlinks?

The average number of backlinks you could go for is 40 to 50. The higher you can get, the better that would be 60 to 100. But ensure that your link count will not go under 40.

Is Ahrefs Free?

Yes, Ahrefs backlink checker is a free tool for anyone to use. You do not need to be an SEO expert to use the site and analyze your backlink profile.

What are Toxic Backlinks in SEO?

Toxic backlinks are links that have fewer visitors and irrelevant content. And if your backlink your site to them, your site will also be negatively affected by the few leads.

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