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Want to analyze the links of your site? Well, then link analyzer tool is the way to go!

Whether you are acting in response to the latest updates or performing a regular link audit, this tool makes reviewing and analyzing the links much easier and more convenient.

And what's the best part is using this tool, you can analyze the links of one URL (web page) at a time. Meaning, if you want an in-depth link audit, just analyze the individual web pages one by one rather than the home page only.

Before jumping directly into the details, let's know about the link analyzer a bit:

What is Link Analyzer?

Link analyzer tool basically lets you keep track of all the links on your site. Using this analyzer, you can analyze the external and internal links relevant to your website.

Be it physical, digital, or relational – this tool analyzes all the links between the objects. For instance, in the case of a site, you need to find out whether all the links and backlinks are working properly or not.

After all, if any of these links are broken or not working properly, then it will ultimately affect your website.

It is where this analyzer tool comes into the role play. With the help of them, you can find out about all the links and backlinks of your website right away. Next up, based on the outcome, you can fix all the pertaining issues that are impacting your website's overall ranking and performance.

Again, without finding the issue's roots, you simply can't solve the problem, Right!

This piece of information is highly crucial for the SEO as, depending on this, they can finally index the website. It is mainly used in the search engine optimization (SEO), security analysis, intelligence, market, medical research, etc.

Besides, the more you can build trust, the more it will be good for your website. After all, who would like to visit an unreliable site?

Hence, it is more than necessary for every website owner to build that trust. Otherwise, no matter how good your website is, it will eventually be of no use.

How to Use VISER X Link Analyzer Tool? (Step By Step Guide)

This free tool check brought to you by VISER X Limited is specially created to help the site owner, webmasters, and the SEO experts in doing a thorough analysis of all the links on a website,

Through this handy tool, you can recognize the links simultaneously while the spiders are crawling on a designated page of your site.

Now the question is, how to use this website analyzer tool for analyzing the links of a site?

Just follow the below-mentioned steps one by one, and you will be all good to go!

Let's begin:

  1. At first, open the website link analyzer tool.
  2. Next up, write the URL of the page or domain in the text book.

  1. After giving the input, click on the "Submit" button.

  1. Upon clicking the button, the system will process your request, and thus, after analyzing all the data, it will display the outcome within just a few seconds.
  2. The tool, in return to your command, will perform the audit and thus will provide you with the total number of links (both internal and external links) along with the total number of dofollow and no follow links anchoring the text.

  1. Now, check the links you want to analyze, such as external links, internal links, or both.

  1. Once you are done analyzing it, click on the Try New URL button. It will direct you to the first page. In this way, you can analyze tons of links one at a time by repeating the process.


It is always suggested to perform the site links audit regularly from time to time. As if you can do that, you will find your website free of any kind of link-related issues from the scratch level. This eventually will be good for your website from any perspective.

What are the Things That This Site's Tool Will Show You?

Link analyzer is a highly convenient tool that allows you to follow the links embedded on your site or blog for a long time. It also helps you to analyze the internal and external links connected to your site simultaneously.

Thanks to this tool, you can easily determine the deal links and remove them as soon as possible, affecting your website. After all, they are like a virus hampering the page quality.

It is beneficial for your site as it can significantly help with the search engine optimization, thus increasing the chance of getting a higher rank on the web page.

Here is a list of the things that a website link analyzer will show you:

  • Total number of all the links
  • Number of internal links
  • Number of external links
  • Number of no follow and do follow links on the web page

What's the Difference Between External Links and Internal Links?

External links are known as the outgoing links. They are the ones that point from a particular domain to a completely distinct domain.

These outgoing links can be links from your domain to another, delivering extra information to readers. Or can also be the link from your site to an associate program.

Besides, the links for other sites directed toward your site are also preferably known as "inbound links." This difference in the name helps to differentiate them from the links you already have added to your site for linking up with other websites.

Now for the internal links, they are the ones that point to another page but on the same domain. In other words, they can only point to the links within your domain. For example, the navigation menu bar right at your site's top level consists of all the internal links like about us or the contact page of your website.

In a nutshell,

External links: they are the links that point to a completely separate domain

Internal links: they are the links to the content but within the same domain

Importance of Link Analyzer

This tool is one of the most super-effect and useful tools for the site owners and the webmasters. As they provide all the important information regarding both the inbound and outbound links of the targeted site, that too within a blink of an eye.

So, it is not even time-consuming. And when you which links to work with, then things just become too easy and simpler for you.

Just follow the results and thus make the analysis of your site. After that, compare it with a number of inbound and outbound links to your competitors' websites.

And thus, based on the comparison, fix all the problems that are affecting the quality of your site, eventually ranking you lower in the search engine.

And we all know what higher rank can lead you to!

In fact, a top rank in the search engines can be a game changer and make things work in your favor.

How Can Our Link Analyzer Help in SEO?

One of the most crucial things about the SEO is there is always scope for learning new things. From learning about the various tactics to driving in more audiences to which keywords will most likely help to rank higher in the search engine – there is just no stopping here!

In fact, if you are really enthusiastic about enhancing your SEO, then you should always be on the run. It is a constantly changing thing and requires much effort to keep it in the flow.

This analyzer tool is one of those crucial tools that will help you to get an overall detailed idea about all the links on your website. So, based on this outcome, you can know if there are any broken links or any other thing that requires fixation and your attention.

You will be surprised to know, but this analyzer plays a big role in analyzing your site's on-site and off-site links.

On-site links

Here, with this analyzer's help, you can quickly inspect all the on-site links. And we all know how crucial the on-site linkage is for any kind of website.

In fact, it is the key component of any site. After all, if there are any badly placed links, broken, obsolete, noisy, or deceptive links, then certainly it will be hurting the quality and rank of your website by creating chaos for both the crawlers and the users. It is something no website owner will ever want.

No wonder why search engine optimizers spend more time examining the on-site links than the off-site links and why they are considered so more important. Well, that doesn't mean you should give less importance to the off-site links.

Let's know about them and why they are also essential for a site:

Off-site links

Nowadays, there are tons of websites available giving the same service almost at the same rate. Now the million-dollar question is how to beat them and get to the top level?

Well, for doing this, you must first know your strengths and weakness. And next up, you should do a competitive link research. After all, if you want to beat them, you must know why you are lagging behind them and what are their biggest strengths that make them secure the top position.

Once you know that, it will become quite easy for you to work accordingly to improve your shortcomings. Besides, doing the analysis of the off-site links help you to know about the following things:

  • Where the existing outbound links are pointing
  • How the existing outbound links are created
  • How the website architectures are created
  • If they are any irrelevant works like no following links or hiding the outbound links

Why is the Link Analyzer Tool Important for the Webmasters?

This link analysis tool creates a comprehensive link analysis result. This piece of information is extremely important for the webmasters or an SEO experts. As using this data, they can easily evaluate the external and the internal links to a particular domain.

Besides these, this link analysis helps the webmasters analyze the other sites linked to other websites.

One bonus tip: you can utilize this tool very smartly to do some bonus work! Such as using this tool, you can earn a lot of money just by making a detailed link analysis report per your client's requirement.

Many freelancers are currently using this tool in this way and thus are having an extra income source. So why not you also make the most use of it!

Be it a link review or working on the most recent updates – use this tool and do all kinds of link analyses smoothly.

Do Dofollow and Nofollow Links Help in SEO?

Of course, they do. In fact, dofollow links continuously improve trust with the Google as these links directly share the link with the webpage or the site. This ultimately helps to build trust.

After all, when other sites and pages share the links, then it certainly means they have their trust in you. Otherwise, they certainly would not have done that.

Now, coming to the nofollow links. Although they don't help in getting a higher rank in the Google SERPs, yet that doesn't mean they are any less important.

The users basically follow these links but cannot pass any kind of authority on the destined URL. Even in the case of Google, during crawling, it crawls the links but doesn't have the power to pass any kind of ranking to the landing URL.

To Wrap Up

Link analysis is quite complicated. Well, not anymore, as you have this Link Analyzer tool to help you right away.

Right from reviewing where the links come from to disowning any bad or broken links on the site – you can do it all!

Ready to see a boost in your SEO? Give this tool a try and start seeing all the changes!

Frequently Asked Question

People tend to have a lot of queries regarding link analyzers. What is it? How does it work? Why should I use it? How will it be beneficial for me?

Well, it is normal to have such queries in mind. We understand the struggle.

That's why we have kept this particular FAQ section to answer all your questions. Without further ado, let's have a look at them:

What is link analysis in SEO?

In terms of SEO, link analysis basically means reviewing the hyperlinks on other websites pointing to your sites. These backlinks are an essential part of driving the traffic and boosting up your SEO. Besides, you can use this analysis to take an in-depth look at your site and audit the links.

How do links help in the Search Engine Optimization?

Creating links is one of the essential tactics used in the SEO. And why not!

They ideally work as a positive signal to the Google to indicate that this site is a reliable and trustworthy one. In fact, the more a site has links, the more it is considered reliable – ultimately helping your site to get a higher rank on the search engine.

What if I accidentally clicked on a suspicious link?

A suspicious link is harmful to any website. So, if you click on a phishing link by accident, your first and foremost duty is to disconnect your device from the internet instantly.

This is the only way to prevent the virus from spreading to other devices linked to your network. In case you are using a wired connection, then simply just unplug it from your computer or laptop.

How does link analysis work?

Link analysis uses a network of interconnected links and nodes to detect and analyze the association easily visible in the raw format. Such as special networks (that show who is talking to whom), semantic networks (illustrating topics relevant to each other), etc.

Do internal links affect SEO?

Of course, they affect. In fact, to your surprise, internal links are the ones that connect your content and give google the overall idea of your website's structure. From establishing your website hierarchy to letting you provide the most crucial pages and post valuable links, the right internal linking tactics will boost your SEO in no time. That much impactful these links are!

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