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About Class C Ip Checker

Want to run a class C IP address check to find out whether your class IP address is being shared by other websites or not? If so, then Class C IP Checker is here to help you.

It's super fast and efficient to use!

In fact, what's the most interesting feature of using this tool is you can check up to 40 domains all at a time, that too for free. Pretty cool!

Before going any further with this handy tool, lets at first develop a clear concept regarding this class C IP checker:

What is Meant by Class C IP Checker?

Class IP checker is a simple yet efficient tool that basically helps you to determine how many domains are hosted by the class IP. In other words, this online tool lets you cross-check several websites on the internet and find out whether they are listed on the same class C IP or not.

You can even know the readability of the domain name and get a status on how well it is performing on the search engine rankings.

Here, you have to just enter the domain name of the class C IP you want to check on the textbox and click on the submit button. If you want, you can even get the details in bulk.

IP Address Classes

There are five IP address classes; let's know about them to get a better understanding of these classes:

Class A

The first bit of this class is always set to zero while leaving the rest seven bits for the network portion. This class A address ranges from –, meaning they can have a maximum of 128 network addresses.

Class B

In this class, the first bit is always set to 1 while the second one is set to 0, ultimately meaning 16,384 networks can be assigned to this address. Here, the numbers range from –

Class C

This address has its first two bits set to 1 while the third bit to 0. Here, there are 2,097,152 networks that can be assigned to this class of addresses at any time. The range of a Class C address is available from to For instance, 123.456.789.2.

Class D

Class D addresses have their first three bits set to 1 while the fourth bit to 0. These kinds of addresses are mainly used for multicasting applications. There are about 60 multicast numbers in between and, with the first 24 being reserved for the multicast groups.

Class E

There are basically no standards of this Class E address, and they are only used for experimentation and testing purposes.

What is a Class C IP Address?

Among all the available class of addresses, Class C is the most popular one, which is allocated to small organizations and thus is the most used IP address. In fact, they are the most demanding class of addresses among all.

No wonder from small to medium-range internet service providers buy a pool of them and then allocate them to their clients. Internet service providers offer dynamic IP addresses to their clients. As they can be shared, the price range automatically becomes cheaper. It's definitely one of the popular reasons why they are of so much fame.

Besides, the customers allocated various IP addresses don't use them for 24/7. So whenever a customer signs of or there is no traffic to a site, then in that case, their IP addressee gets allocated to other customers and sites.

The number one leading advantage of using this shared class C IP address is they come with a comparatively lower rate and are much more feasible for the site and the customers who aren't much of the internet users.

Such as, if you are five people sharing a router in your house, then your address will be assigned to another user as soon as they sign in.

Similarly, when you will use the internet again, then you will be given a different IP address. This IP will be allocated from the available pool of the class address range that your internet service provider has bought.

What is the Purpose of a Class C IP Checker?

The main purpose of this checker tool is to find out whether the same Class C IP is being shared by several other domains on the shared hosting or not. It thus helps to detect the duplicate IP address of these blocks.

As this dynamic class IP is shared around several nodes, so there is always a certain kind of threat linked with them. Such as, if your site has a dynamic C class address, it will ultimately affect your site ranking on the search engines, and thus all your SEO hard work could go in complete vain.

Hence, if a site is sharing the same IP addresses like yours, chances are high that your site can get blocked too. And what's surprising is along with the domain name, the IP addresses also get blacklisted.

The reason behind it is when a search engine visits a website, they do it by its IP address. This address work as a unique domain identifier. So it's more than necessary that they are unique.

Internet service providers can predict this kind of possibility, and thus, whenever a site gets blacklisted, they reassign the new IP to the other sites, sharing the same dynamic class C IP address range.

These providers install firewalls and other essential apps and hardware from the very beginning. As a result, their hosting service provider systems always remain clean and unaffected by various kinds of malicious attacks.

And why not! Hackers and intruders are always in search for breaking into sites and damaging them. So, in other words, the internet service providers are forced to take these precautionary measures for protecting their networks and hosting services.

How Does Our VISER X Class C IP Checker Tools Work (Step-By-Step Guide)?

No matter which domain you pick or which county it belongs to. This tool just helps you to determine whether the given class IP address is readable or not. In fact, you can even find out how well your website is performing in the Google search engine with the help of this tool.

So, how does this tool basically work? Well, it's pretty simple and will take only a few seconds of your time to get it done.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will be all good to go:

Step 1: Enter the URL

First, open the Class C IP checker tool page here After then, you will find a textbox that will state you will enter the domains. Give the input of the URLs you want to check on this search bar.

One important thing to note, you can check up to 40 domains using this tool at a time. But make sure to place each of them on a separate line.

Step 2: Click on the "Submit" button

To process and generate the outcomes, hit the "Submit" button once you have entered all the websites URL you want to check.

Step 3: Check the results

After clicking on the "submit" query, the tool will right away display your result showing the website IP address along with the class C verification.

Step 4: Home Page

Once your checking is over, and you want to go to the first page, then, in that case, click on the "Try New URL" button. Once you hit on this, it will redirect you to the first page.

That's all you have to do to check the IP and Class C address of any website you want to do.

Why Should You Use This Class C IP Checker Tool?

There are a number of reasons why you need to use this tool. Let's know about them:

  • Helps you to find out whether the selected sites are being hosted on the same C class range or not
  • Detect dangerous sites in your neighborhood that are using the same class
  • You can check the same subnet IP addresses using it
  • It helps you to know how many domains are currently sharing the same server
  • Can save your IP class from getting blocked by giving you the necessary information

When Should You Use This Class C IP Checker?

If you have just bought a hosting service for your site, it's the perfect time to use this checker. After all, you will also be interested to find out which sites are sharing the same class C IP as like yours.

Well, it is quite common and may happen that the class IP address to which your site is assigned is being shared with various other websites too.

And the only way to find out about this scenario is to use this IP checker tool anytime you wish to run a check. You can run a thorough check on them in bulk all at a time.

5 Benefits of Using Class C IP Addresses Checker Tool

Class C IP address checker comes with tons of perks to offer. And using them will be profitable for you in every way. So, why not use them when you can get hold of this convenient tool for free.

Have a look at the 5 key advantages that you will for sure get upon using this checker tool:

  1. Helps in recognizing spam websites if they are sharing the same IP address of the class C blocks that your website is using.
  2. Can discover the duplicate IP addresses of the class C range.
  3. In case one of the domains is engaged in bogus activities, then taking a measurement within time becomes more than necessary than anything.
  4. Lessen the risk of getting blacklisted or blocked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and so on.
  5. Doing a regular check on your domains using this tool also keeps your rank position in the search engine protected.

Can Having the Same C Block Be Risky?

In case you have good neighbor links, and they are from a good neighborhood, then you have nothing to be worried about. However, in case you doubt any of your neighbors are involved in doing illegal activities like hosting spam sites, then it's high time you do something before it takes a drastic turn.

As search engines whenever notice any suspicious activities, the chances are pretty high that your website and other neighboring sites will get blacklisted. In other words, search engines tend to block an entire neighborhood once they find any spurious activities taking place.

For this very reason, it is more than necessary that you do a regular check and know who else is sharing the same Class IP block as like yours.

Various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Safari may check your website address or IP address location while communicating with your system or host service provider. So, it's likely for your mail address to be the same with IP being different.

For example, if you switch from your house router to a public one, then your IP address will automatically be changed based on the current one. Hence, for better interaction, your service provider must keep an eye on the pathways of your current IP addresses.

Why Should You Use VISER X Bulk Class C IP Checker?

This Class C IP checker tool brought to by VISER X is specially developed to help you find out whether certain websites are being hosted in the same range as yours or not.

As a result, with the right use of this tool, you can identify the dangerous search engine optimization neighborhoods and thus detect the website networks. The usage of this kind of tool is highly commendable, especially while doing a research on the backlinks.

Well, among several Class C IP checkers, you will certainly want to know why you should use this tool and what makes it a stand out compared to others!

Totally Free!
You get to enjoy this tool completely free of any charges. A dream indeed come true for the SEO experts and webmasters.

Here, the users don't even have to sign in, create an account or purchase anything. Instead, they can use it as many times they want, completely free of any charges. And what's the best part is several paid versions are giving the same features as ours while we are giving it free.

Accurate and Fast

All the outputs generated by this tool are 100% genuine and takes only a few seconds to generate the results, despite the number of the domain you enter.

Can check 40 domains once!

Thanks to this tool, you can give the input of 40 URLs at a time and even get their results all at once in the exact sequence you have entered them into.

What is the Need for a Bulk Class C IP Checker Tool?

Every device connected to the other devices over the network is assigned a unique IP. So the systems can locate each of them with complete ease using these assigned unique addresses.

As a result, tracing and locating one another couldn't get any simpler and more convenient.

This unique address using, which you can distinguish, is commonly known as the IP address or IP. This IP address is a 32-bit binary address consisting of two sub-addresses that detect the network and the host.

This address consists of four sets of numbers ranging from 0 to 255, separated using a (.) in decimal form. For instance, 192. 89.102.2 is a valid IP address.

The Internet Protocol (IP) is held liable for assigning addresses to the computers connected over the network. Just imagine checking the domains one by one instead of being able to check them in bulk. Along with being extremely time-consuming, you will have to face a lot of hassles also.

To Wrap Up

To know about the class IP is an essential aspect of your Search Engine Optimization. In fact, if you want to get a higher rank on the search engine results, then it is mandatory to find out whether your website is sharing the same IP address r not.

Besides affecting the rank, your website can even get blocked by search engines if they can detect any kind of inappropriate online activities. Luckily, you have this Class C IP Checker to the rescue. Using this tool, you can avoid this kind of occurrence and thus save your website from getting a poor rank or being banned.

So, what are you waiting for? Check your class range and find out whether it is being shared or not within a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions: IP class checker

Confused regarding the class c IP checker? well, have a quick go through the below-mentioned queries and get all your doubts rid away now:

How do I find my C Class IP?

The C Class IP address is the default IPv4 address for a computer or any other devices connected over your local network. Hence, for finding your one, just follow as mentioned below:

Open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Right-click on the Local Area Connection and lastly click on the Properties.

On the General tab, scroll your mouse down to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and search for inet addr: inet_addr:, as this is the thing that will display your current IPv4 address.

What is a Class C IP address?

A class C IP address is a computer IP address with no subnet mask. This kind of address is assigned to an individual device rather than assigning them to a network.

What is Class C in networking?

Class C in networking is basically the network address of any device connected to a local area network (LAN). It is an 8-bit address, consisting of 3 bits for the first octet while 5 bits for the second one. The hexadecimal value of this Class C network address in binary format is 00011111.

Why does using a class C IP hosting affect SEO?

Website hosting is the place where all the site's files are stored. Hence, if you use a class C IP hosting, it's normal that your website will get hosted on a server with several other sites and pages.

As a result, it will ultimately affect the SEO as these are the web pages that will be actively competing to drive some attention and get a higher rank in the search engine results.

Why the Class C IP is the most commonly used network class?

The Class C IP is the most commonly used among the other available classes. Starting from the small companies to the home networks – they are simply used the most. After all, they allow for about 2 million networks by using the first three octets for the network ID. In this type of address, the first three bits of the 1st octet are always 1 1 0.

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