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Searching for the best website hosting with a cost-efficient service for your business? Then, our website hosting checker is the perfect tool you need.

Know your website host within a click. What's your IP, and what host do you use – know everything using this Domain Hosting Checker. Just put your domain name or URL and select Submit.

This blog is a perfect guide to website hosting checkers. So, let's start with knowing more about website hosting.

What is a Website Hosting?

Website hosting is a process of buying or renting space to place a website on the world wide web. A hosting provider helps you arrange space to store your website on the webserver. All the available websites we see require web hosting to run on the internet.

Types of Website Hosting

Your hosting type would depend on the allocated space on a server. There are 3 different websites hosting: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated, which differ in different sectors.

Shared Hosting

Did you see a busy and noisy working space? A working station has a desk, internet, and stationaries, but you need to share that space with your co-workers.

Yes, shared hosting is exactly like that! You can barely bring any changes to that space. It is popular for small websites but not the best for established commercial websites.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS or Virtual Private Server is one step better than shared hosting. This type of hosting is for medium-size businesses.

When you use VPS, you are isolated from other users. You will surely have them as neighbors, but none of them are dependent on each other. So, when you want to redesign your website, you can easily go on with the decision.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the most expensive type of website hosting. This will always be the best solution, whether it's about performance or reliability. You can control your website according to any desire that you have.

Plus, you have more space and control over the configurations. So, if you need more space, this would be the best option.

What is a Website Hosting Checker?

A website hosting checker lets you know which hosting service a specific website uses. It also lets you know the IP address of that specific URL or website.

Our website hosting checker lets you find the IP address and domain in table form. The table systematically includes the domain name, IP address, and hostname.

How to Use Our Website Hosting Checker?

Our website hosting checker is a free service to find website hosting. But, it's necessary to check one URL per search. This will ensure you get accurate results.

The following steps will help you to find the hosting results:

Step 1: Open the Tool

Open the tool here:

Step 2: Insert your Desired Website URL

Next, insert the website for which you want to check the hosting. Then, click on the "Submit" option or "Enter" key.

Step 3: Explore your Results

You will get your results within seconds. The result includes domain name, IP address, and hosting provider.

Here's a sample:

Step Four: Repeat (If Needed)

If you want to search for another website, you have to repeat the steps. Either refresh the website or click the "Try New URL" button.

The button looks like this:

Importance of Hosting Service

If you choose a good hosting service, you can provide the best service to your customers. You can easily use web hosting for different aspects, like online stores, blogs, websites, and systems. These hosting services can provide various advantages, from proper security to best performance.

Is Registration Required?

VISER X Website Hosting Checker tool requires no registration process and payment methods. You will get your data within seconds. Just enter your desired domain name and explore the results that you receive. It's fast and reliable as our checker tool has unique algorithms to check the hosting.

How to Purchase Hosting Using Website Hosting Checker?

Purchasing hosting is an important step when you start a business. You should take the time and purchase a host because it can affect you in the long run.

It's better to choose a host that serves your needs. This is because traffic wouldn't understand your aim when selecting a different domain name.

In case you're worried about your security, you can find many registrars that work to keep your IP hidden, like Cloudflare. As a start-up guide, you can choose Bluehost to get your hands on different tools and features. With this, it's effortless to scale when you want website upgrades.

What are the Impacts of Web Hosting on SEO

You can benefit from SEO for different search engines, whether security or performance. Website hosting plays a vital role in search engine positioning.

Some important factors are:

  1. Performance: The less loading time, the more SEO advantage you'll get. It's very beneficial when the website loads at an incomparable speed.
  2. Security: There are many important factors to rank in the search engines. Some of them are website downtime, security certificates, and secure servers.
  3. UX: Google will love your website if they have a good experience. For example, you might have a good conversion rate, more sales, and different accesses.

Therefore, web hosting can affect your website ranking in different search engines.

Domain Name Registry vs. Website Hosting

You can get many websites hosting for free. But some might still think about the difference between domain name registry and website hosting.

Let's get it cleared.

You will get different domain names and related information in a domain name registry. You might wonder about the reason behind getting a domain name. Every website holds a unique id called "IP address," which is a long number.

Plus, these IP addresses are associated with a shortcut domain name. The domain name allows traffic to browse the website easily. Finding whether your preferred domain names are available through websites is effortless.

On the other hand, website hosts can process files and store and serve different websites. Using a web host, you rent server space to settle your files.

Eventually, they get accessible for your traffic. You can consider a website a store, whereas a website hosting company would be a shopping mall with everything you need.

4 Ways to Evaluate Web Hosting Companies

When you think about getting web hosting, you'll find that the market is full of web hosting companies. So, how can you evaluate a good web hosting company?

Let's find out.

1. Uptime

You can expect an uptime guarantee of 99.9% from the provider. This is because every minute would cost you a penny. Many web hosting companies give back compensation when they fail to meet the requirements.

Sometimes, some face difficulty with websites, like a device problem or losing an internet connection. In such cases, you can try monitoring the website status or get notifications from your provider.

2. Load Speed

No one prefers a slow website. So, you should choose a web hosting company with a good loading speed. A "good" loading speed depends on your preferences and needs in the business.

As time passes, you will find that your website is turning more complex. Therefore, a loading speed will keep the website in control.

You can try a page speed checker to learn about your website's loading speed. You can easily find which provider provides a good loading speed when combining both.

3. Support

Being a noob, you can barely evaluate different hosting services. Therefore, you will require guidelines. In many web hosting companies, they come with detailed instructions and knowledge, which might include how-to videos.

It's always best to prefer companies with 24/7 services because you never know when there's an emergency. Nowadays, most providers provide support through phone or live chats.

You can also look for customer reviews before you make a decision. The good and bad reviews would surely make your decision wiser.

4. Price

Every web hosting company charges differently. However, you may find some of them for free and some with extreme limitations. However, the best decision is to go for discounted options, around $1 per month.

The type of your hosting can determine your hosting price. The popular and cheapest type of hosting is shared hosting. Plus, you need to share this with other websites, which is a drawback for many owners. On the other hand, dedicated and VPS are very expensive, but it has better opportunities for a business to grow.

Before you choose, you should understand the business's preferences and needs. If the price is high, it doesn't always mean that they provide more services. Your website might require a less expensive plan and options.

7 Reasons to Pay for Web Hosting

It would be best if you always justified whether you're paying at the right place for web hosting. Here are 7 reasons to pay for web hosting:


Whether you get paid or free hosting, you should always check its reliability. However, you can only expect good reliability in paid hosting. If you use your website 24/7, you should get a stable network.

Also, check the uptime when you decide to get hosting. All websites have reviews, so you can check them to get an idea.

When a website takes a long time to load, they start to lose traffic and eventually gets lesser revenue. Plus, the customer will move into your competitor's site when your site is unavailable or has slow access.


Make sure to choose a plan that provides proper bandwidth. You would face difficulties when there are a lot of limitations. If your site has audio, videos, high-quality pictures, or similar elements, they would require a higher bandwidth level. Therefore, you should pay for a service that meets your needs.

Control panel

A better control panel can manage different sections of your website hosting. When you need little changes in your website, it's easier to perform regular tasks if you have a commercial host. In a control panel, you can access emails, passwords, and different server configurations through a dashboard.

If you need technical support, it would be time-consuming. Also, it will require additional costs for minor tasks.

Multiple Domains Hosting

One common issue is owning several domain hosts as they are very cheap. Therefore, most people can't resist getting some domains. You will require an extra host with extra domains. Also, you can get many hosts from one account- this is known as an "add-on domain." As many shared providers allow this domain, you should check the charges properly.


You will always get service based on your payment. For example, you can't expect huge traffic from basic websites. Therefore, they would cost around $10 - $150 if it's shared hosting. However, other hosting can cost more than $150 as they come with more hosting plans.

Many providers offer to decide on different monthly or annual plans, which are comparatively much cheaper. But after you're sure that they're reliable, you should move to the cheap plans. Sometimes, such services don't meet the expectations.

When satisfied with package prices, you must verify the renewal cost. Sometimes, the signups are low, but the renewals cost very high. Obviously, you can't avoid the renewal cost unless you shift to a new host within a few years.


Some companies require email accounts with their website. So, you can check that the host provides email addresses on the domain name for such situations. It's a bit unprofessional to get email addresses that don't have your domain name.

For example, think about these two email addresses and Which one would you prefer? This isn't the only way to get the same email addresses. But, surely, it would save a lot of your cost.

Technical Support

Before you sign up, check whether the host provides 24 hours technical support. You can never be sure when the website goes upside down. Therefore, you should have proper support when you press the SOS button, and there's a knowledgeable person on the other side. They would help you out whenever it's necessary.

Again, here the reviews would come in handy for you. You can read the reviews to conclude.

Final Verdict

Using our website hosting checker, you can get a proper insight about hosts with the best value for an online business. Plus, you can decide which host would be best for you. It is necessary to choose a host that's reliable and cost-efficient. It's a big hassle to shift to a new host every few years, and you can save money, time, and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who hosts the domain?

Every domain name is managed by an internet service, which is a domain host. To connect your website with website, email, and other services, a domain host will use DNS (Domain Name System). Some domain hosts are Enom, 1&1 IONOS, GoDaddy, etc.

Does Google offer website hosting?

Google Cloud Platform provides hosting and tools for small businesses and developers. They mostly use the Computing Engine for hosting websites. Through Google's web hosting, you can easily manage your online website.

What is the best domain host?

Many domain hosts are best in different sectors. For instance, Hostinger is a very reliable web host, Bluehost is best for beginners, Dreamhost is very affordable, GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting, and so on.

Do I need a website host?

If you want a website, it's a MUST to have a web host. It's essential to store files and help your customers get access to them in the future. You will get various types of website hosting online. So, you should choose one based on your preference and budget.

Can I make my own domain?

There are no requirements to get a domain. You just need to visit the registrars, choose a domain and pay the fee. Some famous registrars are Namecheap, GoDaddy and A2. But you can't just get the desired domain as they might be registered to another business or person.

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