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About URL Rewriting Tool

Turn a long dynamic URL into a short static URL within a moment. Whether it's your website's URL to share with others or any URL you want to save in a short form, this URL rewriting tool will make it search engine friendly.

Just Copy-Paste your targeted URL and convert it into a more accessible one. And it's FREE!!

Let’s know in detail about our URL rewriter tool and its uses.

What is an URL Rewriting Tool?

An URL Rewriting tool is a mechanism that makes an URL static and shorter.

How to use VISER X URL Rewriting Tool?

It’s easy to use and won’t take more than half a minute.


Suppose the dynamic URL is

After that, click on the <Submit>.

The result will be on the screen, and you’ll see Generated URLs.

Why Do You Need to Rewrite URLs?

The role of the URL Rewriting tool is undeniable.

Let’s know the benefits of it:

  • Shorter and static URLs are user-friendly and relatively easy to remember
  • Easy to index or bookmark, contrasting the dynamic URLs
  • It helps in obtaining a good page ranking in multiple search engines

Static URLs are comparatively more attractive. As the tool forms plain URLs, it becomes easy for the prime search engines to make the actual links. It becomes possible also to determine the folder names.

Types of URLs: Which One to Choose?

There are two types of URLs—

  • Static URL
  • Dynamic URL

Static URLs



  • It escorts a high click-through rate
  • The user gets a precise idea about the upcoming content
  • Higher relevancy and keyword prominence
  • Easier to remember
  • Easier to share and write down manually
  • Search engines crawl and index static URLs easily


  • The user or search engine might face difficulty in finding the correct content because of any wrong input.



Dynamic URLs



  • It is easy for Google to crawl and index the dynamic URLs
  • Difficult to remember, like static URLs
  • Writing down manually and sharing is difficult
  • The Click-through rate is lower
  • Keyboard relevance is at a low level
  • It doesn’t provide a clear idea about the page content


Tips to Remember While Rewriting URLs:

  • There can be reasons Google may face issues in crawling and indexing dynamic URLs. That occurs when attempting to make URLs look static hides the parameters in the long run. So, one must avoid reformatting a dynamic URL.
  • It’s better to keep the URL short, whether static or dynamic.
  • Remove the parameters that are not necessary for Googlebot.
  • Avoiding rewriting dynamic URLs is also another recommendation from Google.

Why Should You Use Our URL Rewriting Tool?

Thi charge-free tool is easy to use and available 24/7 without any condition. Get your website’s URL checked and re-written within seconds. It is that easy for a static URL and a shorter one. Using the tool online also saves your computer storage for running an app.

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