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About Broken Links Finder

Finding your broken links is just one click away! Whether you need to find broken links for SEO improvement or fix them, our Broken Links Finder tool will help you. Just enter your domain name in the search box, and get a detailed report of your website links. It's FREE and Simple.

What is a Broken Link?

Broken links are the links that don't lead the searcher to the desired page. It is also called dead links.

In other words, links that lead to a non-existent or empty external webpage are considered broken links.

Broken links heavily damage the traffic orientation of a website. Thus, identifying broken links is the leading cause of the webmaster's headache.

How to use our broken links finder tool?

Using this tool is easy and comes with lots of benefits. Let's check the method of using our broken links finder tool.

  1. Open the broken link finder tool, and input the website URL you want to check.

Remember that adding multiple websites simultaneously links will not work in this tool.

  1. Click the submit button. And wait for a couple of seconds.
  2. After buffering for a while, the tool will generate results serially. At a time, you can check the status of those links.
  3. Click Try New Url for another new search (if needed)

Result interpretation:

All your website links will come up with a status code. If you find the status code is 200, then the link status is okay. In case of broken links, the status code will be 400 or not okay.

Why Use Our Broken Links Finder Tool

Non-working links are annoying and reflect poor SEO for the web admins. They deter visitors from staying on and returning to your site, impacting your search engine rankings.

To fix those issues, you need to identify the broken links first.

Let's know more significant reasons for using our broken link finder tool.

Easy to use

Anyone can use this tool easily. Accessing this broken link finder tool is relatively easy, unlike some other tools. Just input the website URL on the tool. And then, press the submit button and wait a while to complete the action.

Free of cost

Using this tool doesn't require any charges. Again zero sign in required. To check with this tool, find the tool on the online webpage. That's enough.

Saves time

Finding broken links one by one is time-consuming. Using our tool only takes a couple of seconds to show the complete result. With just one click on the submit button, broken links will appear.

No third-party Integrations

You don't need to install any third-party app to use the tool. The tool will be freely accessible. So it's safe and secure to use. We save no data from your search.

Why is It Necessary to Find the Broken Links?

Broken links can affect a website in many ways. Especially, broken links destroy the visitor's impression. When someone clicks your website and doesn't find the result, it irritates them. Eventually, it affects the overall SEO and ranking factors, resulting in a bad user experience.

Thereby, websites may lose tons of visitors due to broken links. Moreover, most visitors take a negative impression from the broken links. When your website's potential crowd is going to another website, it causes an initial loss to your company.

In contrast, good links also help in SEO. Most visitors consider search-engine-optimized websites as good sites. So, when you have broken links, you can't be a favorite to your audiences.

That's why you need to identify issues relating to broken links as soon as possible. Then you can take the initiatives to fix the problems. A broken links finder can help you in this regard by finding your website's broken or dead links.


Broken links are irritating and frustrating for the users. Therefore, you need to fix the broken links immediately.

To complete the action, you can use our broken links finder tool. The tool is easy to use. It only takes a couple of seconds to complete the action. Thus you can identify the broken links and take immediate actions to fix the issues.


Find necessary queries and answers regarding the broken link finder below:

How do I find broken links?

A Google search console account is the most authentic way to find broken links. But it may seem complex if you are new. In this regard, you can use our broken links finder tool.

Is the broken link checker free?

Yes, our broken links checker tool is FREE. You can check the link status with our recommended tool for an unlimited time.

How do I check broken links automatically?

If you want to check all the links of a website simultaneously, just put the URL on the tool and press the submit button of the shown tool. That will be enough to show the status of all the links automatically. You can find the number of broken links from that list.

Can I check broken links in Google chrome?

You can complete the process by using the broken link checker extension. Go to the link here and click Add to Chrome to activate it as an extension.

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