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About Plagiarism Checker

Want to publish new content but unsure whether there's any plagiarism? This is the perfect tool that can help you. With our SEO plagiarism checker tool, you will get your results within a few seconds.

You can easily edit the phrases and sentences to make them unique when you get plagiarism. This blog is a complete guide to VISER X SEO plagiarism checker. Read till the end to know more….

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker works with your text and other texts to find similarities. When you search for plagiarism, the checker searches through web content to index them. This way, it finds similarities against other existing texts on the internet.

Plus, some plagiarism checkers can also find paraphrased similarities. Additionally, these tools provide a detailed report with plagiarism highlights, plagiarism percentages, and source lists.

Apart from web content writers or bloggers, students and teachers usually use them in universities to write unique content. You can find much commercial plagiarism checkers, such as VISER X plagiarism checker.

How Does VISER X Plagiarism Checker Work?

Using our tool is easy and simple, and it's completely FREE! You can search 1000 words every go.

The followings steps will help you use the tool:

Step 1: Open the Checker Website

First, start by opening the checker website (, which you will use to get results.

Step 2: Insert your Article

Then, you have to copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) to the blank space. Then, click on "Check for Plagiarism."

Step 3: Find the Similarities

The software will start processing the text with other writings. Finally, you will get a result in table form containing unique percentages and existing lines.

Here's a sample:

Step 4: Repeat the Steps

If you want to search again, you have to repeat the processes. You can simply click "Try new Document" or visit the website again.

The option looks like this:

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker

Search engines like Google prefer unique and original content. On the other hand, it can affect the ranking or might get penalized by potential search engines. Whether you are a viewer or content creator, it does affect everyone. Content creator involves professional writers, researchers, freelancers, social media moderators, authors, students, bloggers, etc.

It would be best to keep an eye on your texts because anyone can copy them without your permission. This might cause trouble for the authenticity of a text in the future. Also, make sure to check the plagiarism of your content because that might even have similarities with other text.

Plagiarism is an illegal act that shows academic dishonesty and goes against journalist ethics. So, you better avoid such issues. You might get a penalty when anyone finds plagiarism with your context.

It would be best to always try a good writing style for the blogs and articles when you write them. When your text is 100% unique, it will rank better in SEO. In case there's not 100% uniqueness, you should keep working until you get a complete difference.

Therefore, you can find Plagiarism Checker by VISER X. this is designed so that you can detect similarities fast and easily. Also, it's a free tool so you won't require any cost.

6 Benefits of Our Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checkers makes your work and assignments easier to complete. Now, you can find similar links within a few seconds. But you should know that directly using someone's work is stealing.

The above points state the 6 benefits of plagiarism checkers:

Useful Checker Tool

It is very important to create original and authentic content for any writer. Whether it's an assignment or a blog, you should always conduct a plagiarism check. Most of these people are in a rush with deadlines, so they often forget or avoid checking for plagiarism.

This is the last thing that you should do. Think about submitting content and finding that it's 80% plagiarized. The document will lose credibility, lowering your confidence level. If you use this tool, you will find your unique percentage within seconds and save a lot of time.

Fast & Accurate Tool

This plagiarism checker tool is very fast as it can provide results within a few seconds. This means that the document is compared to other documents, highlighting the plagiarized areas. The amount of work it does in such a short time is quite remarkable. Plus, you can create unique content by using this tool.

Free of Cost

This tool comes completely free of cost. Additionally, there's no hidden charge when you use this SEO plagiarism checker. You can check your documents thousands of times with zero money. This means that there's no restriction as well. Therefore, another benefit is this tool would save so much of your money.

Show Percentage

After writing a text, you should check it through the plagiarism checker. This tool provides you with a unique percentage. Therefore, you can find the authenticity and edit the document (if needed).

All universities go through the plagiarism checker to find similarities. They have a certain percentage that they accept in one document. So, if you use this tool, your work will turn much better.

Find Similarities

You will get specific phrases and words when you use our free tool. But you can put a little effort into making plagiarism-free content. Even if you're copying a text, you can figure out your paraphrasing skill through this tool. Therefore, you should always check for plagiarism before submitting a copy.

Maintain Ethics

As mentioned, a plagiarism checker is more important for academicians and writers. They need to maintain ethics while submitting any work. Most of their works would be penalized with a high plagiarism percentage. Therefore, this is another reason you should use a plagiarism checker.

Who Can Use This Plagiarism Checker?

As mentioned, any content creator can use this plagiarism checker tool. But let's look at the 4 important categories that use this tool free of cost.


If you are a student, you can use this tool to find similarities between your submissions and assignments. You can edit them and make a better version when you get plagiarism.


This tool is very helpful for teachers. They can check whether their students are just copying a text or putting some effort into doing better.

Content Writers

Creating original text helps to rank better in SEO. So, a blogger or writer should use a plagiarism checker to keep their writings original.


When you're a researcher, you must publish various research texts. Eventually, you should always avoid publishing plagiarized articles or texts using this tool.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

It is very easy to avoid plagiarism from your document. But you should know the foundational ideas of plagiarism.

Here are 5 steps through which you can avoid plagiarism:

Cite the Sources

When you add words or ideas that are someone else's, it would be best to cite the sources. You can add the source's full name, publish date, and other elements related to that source. But make sure to follow a specific style when you cite these contents, like MLA, APA, etc.

Add Quotations

Another way to avoid plagiarism is by adding quotations when using words from other sources. This is the simplest way you can use around your text. Also, a quote ensures readers understand that those words aren't your own as you're citing them.

Paraphrase Properly

In simple words, paraphrasing takes someone's information or idea and rewrites them in your words. You need to keep the meanings the same when you paraphrase a text. It's essential to translate carefully as minor mistakes can turn into plagiarism.

You may find paraphrasing similar to formatting and rewording as you use similar phrases or words related to the original text. You should change the idea by keeping the meaning the same.

Note: You have to include citations as another idea is being used.

Express your Views and Ideas

When you write on a similar topic, you can explore their writing to express your views and ideas. You can question yourself to find new points or perspectives related to the content. If you're using someone's idea as your own, you should frame the ideas properly, so they don't look plagiarized.

Sometimes, you might write on the same topic for different assignments. In such cases, recycling your work is tough; this is "Self-Plagiarism." This might also be plagiarism if your teacher or publisher doesn't allow you to use your previous work.

Use a Good Plagiarism Checker

When you do research, in some cases, some phrases are compulsory to use. Also, you have to include them without citation. Therefore, you can use a good plagiarism checker for these situations.

Our plagiarism checker will come in handy for your research. This tool will scan your document properly free of cost. Also, you can find the plagiarized terms through this tool as they're highlighted in the table.

Final Verdict

Whether a writer or academician, you should always run your document through an SEO plagiarism checker. This will help you find the uniqueness percentage and make your text original.

In our tool, you will clearly get the plagiarized phrases or terms. If you know the phrases or terms that are plagiarized, you'll be able to change them. So, eventually, your text would turn 100% unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of a few questions that will help you:

Does Google check for plagiarism?

Yes, Google checks for plagiarism through the " Originality Reports option." Teachers usually, can check different issues and citations through this. Also, this feature helps to run text against different web pages and books.

Does plagiarism affect SEO?

Plagiarism can affect SEO in two ways. You will have to face a penalty when there's plagiarism in content. On the other hand, other creators can also copy your content. Another worst situation is that people can steal your work and outrank you in search engines.

Do plagiarism checkers steal your work?

No, plagiarism checkers don't steal your work. But it would be best to use trusted checkers. However, they would keep a copy to themselves to reuse them for better results in the future.

How can we avoid plagiarism in SEO?

There are different ways you can follow to avoid plagiarism in SEO. The top 3 important ones are correctly paraphrasing, avoiding duplicate writings, and checking plagiarism for SEO properly.

Is it illegal to use a plagiarism checker?

No, it is legal to use a professional plagiarism checker. They are very trusted and store to work. Eventually, your work will be safe and fewer chances of losing content to third parties.

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