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About Article Rewriter

It has become increasingly difficult for many bloggers, SEO experts, writers, and even students to generate high-quality text consistently. For business people, hiring a writer may be too expensive for their purposes.

Hence, to properly address this issue, VISER X has created an Article Rewriter tool that can take any bit of text, be it a sentence or a whole article, and rework it to make fresh and unique content.

Read on to find out how you can make your content unique.

What is an Article Rewriter?

An article rewriter is a software that serves the same purpose as a writer rewriting content. However, it does the job much quicker and more efficiently. An article rewriter or spinner is used to bring new life to old content, simplify complex content, or streamline the content creation process.

Rewriting tools can make the job easier by using AI technology to read and understand the text and create a new version, which might have taken you days to do.

Article rewriters are most commonly used by content creators, website admins, bloggers and marketing agencies to utilize the success of an existing piece of content while also being original.

How Do you Use VISER X Article Rewriter Tool?

Using our article rewriter may be one of the simplest tasks to do. You have to collect or compile the content you want to rewrite, copy-paste or upload the text onto the tool, and click the rewrite button.

The tool will provide you with a rewritten version almost instantly. Some tools also allow you to rewrite or spin the article multiple times to get exactly what you want.

Examples of Our Article Rewriter being Used

Below are a few examples of an article rewriter in action to see how effective these tools can be. The bolded text is the rewritten parts by the tool.

The images below will illustrate how to do this:

Copy the paragraph, lines or sentences—> Paste it in the box—>Press Submit

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Features of VISER X Article Rewriter Tool

Our Article rewriter have various features that make it an incredibly useful tool for many. They are:

AI Article Rewriter

Advanced AI and algorithms deeply spin your content without losing its meaning and core concepts. It always provides a new version of the content every time.

No Limit to Number of Spins

With our article spinner, you can re-spin your text multiple times to get the best version of the text you can. Multiple re-spins mean numerous versions of the text using synonyms.

There are no limits to the number of times you can re-spin, which means you re-try multiple times to get the version that suits your needs.

Easy to Use

Our tool is extremely simple to use for your rewriting purposes. It has user-friendly interfaces. Users need to follow a few simple steps to get the reworked text in seconds.

Free to Use

The article rewriter is completely free to use. The only limit set is the word count per spin, which makes these tools quite useful. You can spin text endless times without worrying about your bottom line. Thus you will be saving money as you will be saving time.

Fast and Safe to Use

Our article rewriter tool is very fast and safe to use. It can produce correct and unique text every time and remove plagiarism while improving readability. This will lead to your content gaining more exposure and engagement due to its effectiveness and originality.

Highlights Rewritten Content

When you have uploaded a bit of text that you want to rewrite, the tool will quickly make a new version of the text and highlight the portions that it has redone. It also provides alternative synonyms and definitions so you can make minute changes as required.


The rewriter tool also has a plagiarism checker to see if the text you have rewritten contains content that seems copied from other sources. If it finds any discrepancies, you can use the tool to make changes and keep your content unique and free from plagiarism.

Free Downloads

After you are happy with the rewritten content, you can download the text in .docx format, making it easier for you to re-edit at your discretion.

Why Do you Need an Article Rewriter?

There are many practical applications of an article rewriter tool, but apart from them there are many reasons to use an article rewriter, as discussed below:

Improving Your Vocabulary

Article rewriters can provide synonyms for words you have used in a text. The tool can help you find the best choice of words considering the context. With continuous usage, your vocabulary can be significantly improved, and you can bring variety to your content.

Meet Deadlines

If you are involved in a writing job with short deadlines and tight schedules, an article writer can be invaluable as it can save you enormous amounts of time.

You have to compile and collect text from your sources and feed it into the tool. The tool will then create a new version for you in seconds.

Generating Quality Content

Creating high-quality content is difficult, especially if you're a non-native English speaker. An article rewriter can fix grammatical errors, improve these writers' sentence structures, and ensure you get quality content every time.

Since most rewriter tools nowadays use AI to generate, you can rest assured that your content will have improved quality.

Make Efficient Use of Resources

Writing content is not a simple task to do. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task for writers, and if you are not a writer, you will have to spend resources to hire a writer or freelancer for your purposes.

However, if you use an article rewriting tool, you can use existing content and repurpose it for yourself and that too for free!

Who Can Use Our Article Rewriter?

Our Article Rewriter tool is for anyone who needs to constantly create content or documents and has difficulty maintaining this consistency. The most common users of article rewriting tools are:


Although there is an ethical dilemma here as plagiarism is a big problem among students, students can use article rewriting tools to update old school work that can still be relevant. They can also use it to generate new content for scientific journals. It can also convert difficult-to-understand scientific jargon into more easily accessible language.

Many students work hard to write papers and assignments for their teachers, and if their results are not up to the mark, it can be not very encouraging for them. Using our article rewriter ensures that the text they are writing has a certain quality, leading to better grades.


If you run a blog, you must know how difficult it can be to generate new unique content every day. This is where our article rewriter can be extremely useful. It can rework whole texts so that they seem entirely original.

Since bloggers need to post regularly to maintain readership and keep up engagement, our article writer can rewrite whole passages while keeping the context intact in seconds. It can also be used to increase the readability of texts by changing words with more appropriate ones.


For freelancers, it is crucial to have high productivity levels as many of them are paid per article basis. Therefore, they are incentivized to write as many pieces as they can. Also, they can lose clients if they are late in submitting articles.

In this regard, our article rewriter can be extremely useful for freelancers as they can rework whole essays and articles in seconds. Even if they are assigned topics they have previously worked on, our rewriting tools can redo them even further and make more readable content.


Teachers can use this rewriting tool to spruce up their previous year's texts for the new year and save time and effort.

SEO Experts

Article rewriters can be crucial for SEO experts who aim to be number one in search engine results. The best way to achieve this is to create high-quality content on several topics.

SEO experts need to utilize article rewriter tools to rework passages and articles quickly, effectively and regularly.

What is Article Rewriting?

Article rewriting is a fairly common method used by authors to reword and restructure sentences, phrases, articles and sometimes full content by using synonyms of words. Also known as article spinning, it essentially changes content structure without affecting the context.

This is mainly done to avoid plagiarizing other text. You can use an online article spinner or use manual techniques to do so.

The most common styles of manual rewriting include:

Line by Line

This is the traditional way of rewriting. It is done by rewriting text and sentence at a time. This, however, is a very tricky method that is only recommended for experienced writers as a mistake can lead to plagiarism.


This method involves reading and understanding the whole text and then rewriting it in your own words. Summarizing may cause the length of the reader to differ from the original, but this also means there is a far less chance of plagiarism occurring.


Patchwork rewriting is when a writer uses different sources for the same topic and picks relevant topics or sentences from them, mixing and matching as they go and rewrite the text. This is the most popular method as this makes the text most unique and thus decreases the chances of plagiarism occurring.

Rewriting has become crucial for digital marketers nowadays due to the advent of inbound marketing and the increased demand for curated handwritten content daily.

However, manual rewriting can be a lengthy and tedious process. Thus many developers have created article spinners and rewriters to simplify the process and save time and money.

Why is Using an Article Rewriter Important?

In general, an article rewriter is important as you can use it to keep your website or page at the top of readers' minds.

You can also use rewriting to keep your content evergreen, as you can update a few passages here and there and use a rewriting tool to make the whole content seem brand new.

Why Users Choose Article Rewriters

Apart from the useful features that an article rewriter has, there are also a bunch of reasons why most users choose an article rewriter for their purposes:

  • Article Rewriters save a lot of time and generate high-quality text that is original and has correct grammar.
  • You can save a lot of money by using rewriter tools instead of hiring an expensive writer.
  • If you're a content writer who posts the same content in different places, it is more effective for you to use a rewriter tool to make variations to every text and then post them on your various blogs so that each gets the engagement they need instead.
  • In domains where the number of content matter more than the quality, you can use text spinners to greatly increase your productivity and create more articles in the shortest time possible.
  • Many writers rewrite their first draft manually multiple times before finding the best version. An article writer will save time and effort by doing the same task more quickly. You can also keep parts of your text as-is and only rewrite the details that you feel requires improvement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Article Rewriters

Although article rewriters come with many great benefits, there are also a few disadvantages to using them that you should be aware of:


  • You can generate a higher content volume by using an article rewriter to quickly create new and original content. This allows users to make as much content as they want.
  • All you have to do is copy and paste, which means you can save a lot of effort in getting the job done.
  • You can do the job that takes a writer, hours and maybe even days, within a few minutes or seconds.
  • Rewriters are very effective in creating unique content free of plagiarism, which you can use on your blog or website without worry.
  • Compared to the amount of money you would be spending if you hire a full-time writer, using a free or low-cost article rewriter can save you a lot of money.


  • Although a few complex rewriting tools can successfully recreate content and make it seem handwritten, most rewriting agencies fail to do so properly. Even if a search engine deems your content unique, it may be incoherent to people reading it.
  • Since most search engines aim to provide their user with unique and useful content, if your content is found to have been made using an article rewriter, it may not be shown to the audiences you are targeting. In the worst cases, it may result in your site being blacklisted.

Tips to Make the Most of an Article Rewriter

If you decide to use an article rewriter for your content generation purposes, here are a few tips you can use to make sure your content is up to your standards.

Begin with a High-Quality Article.

It would be best if you tried to use an article with a unique topic or perception of a specific subject. It would help if you tried to choose the information that will be useful to the reader.

With current technology, it is still not possible for rewriting tools to create engaging content; therefore, if you use low-quality content, you might get something even worse.

Proof-read the Rewritten Article

When reading through the article, you may find that some suggested words do not fit into the context. You can either try the rephrase option or manually change the original word to get different choices.

Make sure the article makes sense and is readable for users before using it for your purposes.

Check for Plagiarism

It is recommended to use a plagiarism checker such as Copyscape or Turnitin to see if any plagiarism can be detected. It would help if you made the necessary adjustments to the text to make the most unique version possible.

Avoid Spamming

It is best practice not to create too many versions of the same article and publish it in different places as it is frowned upon by search engines and provides no help to your target audience.


Article rewriting tools have made it easy for bloggers, businesses and writers to bring new life to their old text. It has allowed freelancers to quickly and easily generate content for their clients and also allowed SEO experts to create readable, high-quality content quickly.

The technology used in article rewriters has allowed professionals to save crucial time and money to invest in other important activities.

Hopefully, this article has informed you about the ins and outs of writing rewriting tools and helps you choose whether to use one for your purposes in the future.


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