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About Word Counter

As most web pages have limited space, you always write with a specific word limit in your mind. And you need to count as well to confirm you have not written less or over than the limit. Now, imagine counting words by hand!

Though Microsoft Office and Google work suites can instantly show you the word count, what do you do about an online text already posted? That's time consuming and erroneous as well. Gladly, our web word counter can do this for you.

Using that tool, you can get the total count in a snap. Let's know how to use this tool. Here, you will also learn about the technical benefits of a word counter during performing SEO.

What is a Website Word Counter Tool?

It's a tool that denotes how many words are on a webpage. Well, not necessarily it has to be a webpage. You can count words from any written text.

Considering that, SEO practitioners use SEO counter/word counter in order to identify how many words a content has. That way, they can determine if a content is search engine friendly.

How to Use Our Website Word Counter Tool?

Now, let's show you can use our tool to confirm the accurate word count.

Step 1: Go to the tool page and scroll down

First, you need to visit our tool page to use our word counter tool. You can just click here to get to the tool page. Once you are on the page, scroll down a little until you find the following section.

Step 2: Copy and paste a text into the box

Step 3: Hit 'Count words'

Next, the tool will show the result in the below marked in the image below.

Advantages of Using Our Word Counting Tool

  • You can check for grammatical errors.
  • It shows the total words with total characters.

Why Do You Need to Count Words?

You are already aware that—the word count is vital for any written text. And it's no different for digital marketing or search engine friendly content. One reason is that it can affect the ranking if the content doesn't contain adequate length.

Considering that, it's not possible for an SEO content writer to cover everything in a topic in just 500 words.

In addition, Google liked long content. Overall, word count is a critical factor in SEO.

Let's find out how our webpage counter tool can help in the SEO of a website.

1. Investigating competitors

You will need a word counter tool while checking some competitor sites. That will allow you to know how long the content is on the top-ranking sites. By that, you can make the content of the same length. This will increase the strength of your website.

Therefore, you can ensure the search engine friendly word count factor. It will be helpful for the writer too. They can also check the word count of a particular article from different blogs. And they get an idea for writing an article within the ideal length.

2. Creating a webpage worth sharing

SEO content writers have this aim in their mind to write to grow audience. Also, know that—it's not about merely promoting 500 words from a content writer. Also, it's not good content if the writer doesn't dig deeper into a topic. And as a result, the content won't satisfy the need of a reader/searcher.

That means you need to write by giving all the relevant explanations. Well, that doesn't mean—you make it as big as possible. The idea is to write as much as you need to write according to the topic. This way, you will be making quality content. Because if you have quality content on a webpage, it becomes reliable.

Naturally, when you find something useful, you potentially want to share the content or a webpage, right? To ensure you post an article with the necessary word count, you can take the help of our webpage word counter.

3. Increase the authority of your content

Google priorities lengthy content. That means shorter content is inferior in SEO. Usually, shorter content can't contain all the details of a certain topic. Additionally, short content can be partly adequate. If you want to make it entirely adequate, you need to explain the topic more.

Besides, if you don't write in detail, someone else in your niche will do that because it is about making quality content.

You need to ensure that you are writing thoroughly to serve a searcher's needs. And to accomplish that, you will need to keep track of the word count. And that is when you need to make use of an SEO word counter.

Therefore, when you have good content, people will use the content as a reference. As a result, you get more traffic to your website. In the end, you appear higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

4. Keep your reader engaged

A good piece of writing will make visitors read an article till the last words. If you post long and thoroughly written content, it's considered quality content. That means—readers will be on your site longer for the detailed and quality content.

You must be thinking now—short content can be good too. Surely! But here we are writing for search engines. And there is this factor in SEO called—bounce rate.

If you post something short, the reader will visit, take a quick look at the answer and leave faster. This will result in a higher bounce rate. As a solution to that, you write long and quality content to hold visitors to your website for a long time.

Moreover, even if a short content might help readers find the answer they are looking for, they won't know about it completely. That's why you need to describe a topic well. That way, you satisfy the reader, keep them on your website for longer, and have a lower bounce rate.

Consequently, the search engine will consider you have a good website. And all these are possible if you keep the written word count. So, that's just another reason to use a reliable word counting tool.

5. Avoid unnecessarily long content

We have been suggesting you write long content. There is an important suggestion regarding that. Indeed, long content—in other words, long quality content is useful for both readers and SEO. But you are not supposed to write only targeting to make content long. Well, this is what sometimes people do. They just focus on making content long.

As a result, they include irrelevant or useless details in the content. Considering that scenario, you should not post too lengthy content either. The reason for that is—the reader will lose interest in the topic.

Some of us think that you should not answer directly. So that you can trick the reader into being on the website for longer, but don't forget readers are like humans like us. They will get frustrated with the content eventually.

Another factor—maybe you have answered a question at the end. But the reader won't be going that far. Instead, you answer directly to make the reader happy. And as a good writer, you are supposed to make them keep reading to get more details on a particular topic.

In such a case, you need to check the word count of the content you are posting. That way, you can ascertain that an article is essentially long.

Use VISER X Word Counter and Create Quality Content

You now understand the necessity of using a word counter tool. We've also explained why word count matters for SEO content. You can determine the precise number of words in a webpage or piece of content with the aid of our effective tool. In the end, you create a valuable blog.

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