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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Want to customize your website's software installations? So you need the source code? Well, you will be pleased to know that you can easily get the source code of the webpage by using our tool.

Whether your official website or an e-commerce site, you will get your details with this fast and reliable tool. Just enter your URL and get the source code within a few seconds.

Let's get started by knowing about the tool—SOURCE CODE OF A WEBPAGE.

About Source Code of a Webpage

A source code is a computer program that is converted into a machine language and thus read by the machine and compiled in an image and function.

Every programmer finds source code as the backbone of the computer program. Similarly, it's important for online businesses, even when users don't see them. You may also need source code to fix SEO errors.

Additionally, through a source code, you can also find which CMS is being used, metadata (meta description and meta title), and markup. This means you can find website content, tracking codes, and canonical tags through source code.

You can read a website's source code through web analysis programs, browsers, and compilers. In many browsers, like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome, a simple function helps find the page source.

How to Use Get Source Code of Webpage?

If you are trying this tool for the first time, you should know that you will have the best experience.

You can take the necessary steps to find the desired outcomes when you get the results.

So, how to use this tool?

Here are the steps to Get the Source Code of a Webpage:

Step 1: Visit the Tool

First, visit the tool website to help you find the page source code.

The tool will look like this:

Step 2: Enter the URL

Then, enter the URL you're willing to search. This can be your website link or a page link. Now, click on the "get source code" option.

Step 3: Analyze the results

This tool is very smooth and fast to use. Therefore, you will get the results within a few seconds.

Here's a sample to help you find the results:

Step 4: Repeat the steps

After you get the results, you can try searching for another URL by repeating the steps. You should refresh the tool or click "try new URL" to start the process.

The "try new URL" option looks like this:

Why Use Our Tool?

When you search for a tool to get the source code of a webpage, you will get several other options that offer similar facilities and services. So, it's obvious to think about which would be best for you.

Different categories make our tool stand out from the other tools. Here's a list of a few benefits that you will get when you use our tool:

Fast results

It is very important to get fast results when using a tool. And our tool definitely provides you with fast results. In our tool, you will get the source code of any website within seconds.

In particular, you will barely wait for 5 seconds after entering your URL and clicking on the get source code button.

When you speak about time-efficient tools, this is the main reason you can outcast the other source code tools. Also, we continuously update the tool based the customer reviews, so you will rarely face waiting issues.

Free tool

Our tool is completely free. This means you can use this tool as often as you want without spending a penny. You get to use most of the features that the paid version offers you.

Proper results

One aspect that customers strive for is to get proper results. And surely, our tool provides the most accurate results. There is no possibility of getting the wrong source codes when you check through our source code tool.

We are sure about the reliable and precise results we provide through the tool. Therefore, you can trust them without any doubt. Also, you can compare these results with Google to get a proper clarification.

Checks on features

Throughout the years, our tool has helped thousands worldwide generate the source code of any website or HTML page. Therefore, you can check the features of different URLs to bring changes. This means you can find how different sites work and eventually edit according to the requirements.

No installation

Our tool Get Source Code of Webpage requires no installation. So, this is a very efficient tool to get the proper results within a few seconds. If you're a website owner, SEO specialist, or online marketer, you can use this tool to find the source code hassle-free.

As this requires installation in a device, it gets easier for everyone to use it. Also, this is an online tool, so you can access it wherever you go. So, if you have internet, you can access it.

Types of Source Code

There are 5 different types of source code, which are:

  1. Interpreted
  2. Compiled
  3. Software feature
  4. Software program
  5. Operating system and computer

You should learn about two concepts to understand the types of source code, implementation hierarchy, and translation types.

Translation Types

Every source code requires to get translated into a machine code of 1, 0, and binary. To translate, you require interpretation and compilation. Therefore, you can define the source codes.

Interpreted vs. Compiled

You can directly translate to machine code from a text in compiled source code. However, in interpreted code, you require to analyze a code separately and then give it to a machine.

Additionally, an interpreted source code is a secondary program that you can also know as an "interpreter."

Which is more efficient: Interpreted vs. Compiled?

A compiled source code analyzes the code to binary in most cases much faster than interpreted source code. As the compiler works with the whole program, the interpreter works with one statement at once.

So, the complete process of the compiler tends to be faster than the interpreter. Also, working with one statement at once will make the process slower.

Implementation hierarchy

When you use source code, you require to have a few aspects for outputs, like:

  • High level: Computer Structure
  • Mid-level: Software program
  • Low level: Software feature.

Operating system and computer

The highest level in the hierarchy to implementation is the operating system. However, with the least detail level, you require the most effort for the smallest outputs.

Software Program

The medium level in the hierarchy to implementation is the software program. However, this is very simple compared to the operating system. Eventually, most people face issues because the simple feature creates the most complexities.

Software Feature

The easiest source code is the software features. Being the most common, almost all programmers works with it in their daily lives.

Benefits of Source Code

With a lot of advantages, a source code can help benefit you in many ways. So, you can easily make changes to a website when you're using this tool.

Here are a few benefits that you can get:

Flexible for different requirements

When a manufacturer or distributor has access to a source code, they will get flexibility for different requirements. You know there are no packages to manage the finance and accounts that will meet your needs.

In a modifiable source code system, you may need to change a system that your customers value. This is because the software system can affect it.

Also, you can choose the process manually with different excel spreadsheets. When you have many spreadsheets, there's a high chance of causing an error, and some may fail to input high transactions.

Provides competitive business advantage

Sometimes, you might not have unique requirements but have similarities with a competitor. However, you can get better by focusing on customer service as the customers often prefer low prices. in most cases, you can find it tough to bloom in the sector if you don't have a unique value proposition.

You can accommodate business differentiators with a source code financial and accounting management system. In this way, you can add new options for your customers and better processes to serve the customers. Eventually, this would help the business to grow.

Adaptable throughout the time

You can do a task that's impossible to do in other ways through source code. So, with huge effort, you can also change the accounting system. The accounting system usually includes the important aspects of a business website.

Therefore, you can take the help of source code to bring adaptable changes to new requirements of a website. In such cases, replacing the software and starting from scratch is unnecessary.

At the start, you might start with a non-source code system. But eventually, your requirements would change and cause trouble. Using such tools, you can immediately find the source codes and fix them wherever necessary.

Importance of Source Code in SEO (Search engine optimization)

In many search engines, like Google, a source code helps proper ranking.

Similarly, when you have a defective source code, it can cause a downgrading of the website's functionality. Additionally, it will degrade ranking in the search engines. You should know that the text-to-code ratio is also important when you start on-page optimization.

Source code optimization is very important to reduce your website's loading time. Obviously, you need to focus on loading time when you want a website to rank better. Therefore, optimizing the source code would help in a huge factor.

Additionally, you can quickly index content and enable crawlers through a lean source code. So, you will get less time to crawl on a page and get better crawl depth. The simpler your website's source code gets, the faster bots can crawl into a page.

What is Source Code Licensing?

With proper licensing agreements, a source code can be open or proprietary. If you install the software suite, the source code will be proprietary.

However, the source code will open when you have software code. In such cases, you can download and modify the open-source software code.


Popular software vendors usually disagree with sharing source code with their customers. The main reasons are:

  1. Save the intellectual property
  2. Stop customers from changing the source code: When there are changes, there's a possibility that customers can break into a program and turn it into a disaster.

The company prohibits modifying or discovering a source code in most proprietary software licenses.


In open-source software, the source code is available for all users, especially developers. When different developers put collaborative effort into software, it is highly likely to become secure and robust.

Eventually, the website will be enhanced. Therefore, you can get an open-source code through public licenses.

Source Code Organization

There are various programs for creating source code. For example:

/* VISER X program */


printf("VISER X");


Anyone can understand the above source code.

In this source code, you can guess that it has printed words "VISER X." According to the instructions, this source code translates to the machine language and helps a computer processor to understand it. This work is done by a compiler, the interpreter program, or a C compiler.

Then, you get the object code, a resulting output of the compiled source code. The object code contains numbers 1 and 0, which are tough for a human to understand.

Eventually, this is linked with executable files to create better functions. Additionally, you can create better source code through the source code management system.

Does the Source Code Contain a Virus?

Usually, the source code isn't affected by a virus. A virus requires to be executed with some special command. However, this needs in-depth knowledge about a source code. Additionally, the source code stays in a target file.

Different programmers design the source codes in their way with their specific execution. Therefore, another programmer would find it difficult to assess.

On the other hand, a virus targets the integrated macros attack. These are very common and standardized and include simple inputs, like mouse clicks or keys stroke.

Final Verdict

VISER X Get Source Code of Webpage tool is very important for your website if you want to bring impactful changes. Around the world, more and more people are accessing our tool to find their page source and helping us grow for the better.

Therefore, you can rely on this tool for better SEO. You will surely see the difference in your business very soon. So, go and check your page source right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions that can help you:

How can I get the website source code for free?

You can get website source code for free using this VISER X Get Source Code of Webpage tool. You simply need to enter the URL and click on "get source code." Within a few seconds, your results will be on the screen!

What is page source code?

A page source code is a website's HTML code. This is very important for search engine optimization (SEO) as it helps to execute a website properly. Additionally, you can get data about different optimization potentials.

How do I view hidden code?

There are shortcuts to view hidden code in mac, Linux, and windows. For Linux, you can press Ctrl + F; for mac, you need Cmd + Opt + F; for windows, you need Ctrl + shift + F. then, on the search option, you should type "display:none" or "hidden."

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