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Want to know about your competitors' experience? Or information about a domain that you want to purchase?

Check your domain age instantly. Reveal domain age, expiry date, and other small details using this Domain Age Checker. Just copy-paste your domain name and click to find a detailed result. It's FREE and efficient.

This article is a guide to using our domain age checker. So, let's start with learning what a domain age refers to.

What is Domain Age?

Domain age refers to the time of a domain name's existence on the web. It is a rough estimation of how old a webpage is. For instance, think about a domain name created in 2019. Now, you will get a domain age of 3 years in 2022.

It is the time length a site has been registered and maintained on the web. Apart from many other factors contributing to ranking, such as backlinks, on-page SEO, keyword density, etc., domain age is also crucial.

What is a Domain Age Checker?

To be specific, a domain age checker is an online tool through which you can check the domain or website age. This age range is from the registration date to the date you are calculating the age.

As domain age is important for search engines, you should keep track of your website's age. Also, this can help to know your opponent's domain age.

Therefore, you can use this domain age checker for your opponents and yourself. You can find the exact age of a website through different tools, making your work more convenient. In most cases, you will get results that are accurate and reliable.

Many high-ranked businesses take the help of a domain age checker to find a reference for advertising. When there's an established domain, they tend to be more successful and viable. Compared to the new domains, they would indeed have better internet hits.

About VISER X Domain Age Checker

You can check any domain name through our domain age checker tool. This comes with the best checking feature that gives you accurate results.

The details include domain name, age, created date, updated date, and expiry date.

Also, the service is entirely FREE—no monthly fees or hidden charges. Plus, this tool requires no prior registration.

How to Use Our Domain Age Checker [Step by step process]

People usually find analyzing their domain very easy and fun. However, you need to check one domain in each search. This helps you to get an accurate and mistake-free result.

Here's how you can use the checker tool:

Step 1: Open the Checker Website

First, you need to open the website of the tool (, through which you can get your results.

Step 2: Insert your Website

Then, you need to enter your website and click on the "Get Domain Age" option.

Step 3: Analyze your Results

Automatically, the software will start working to provide you with accurate results. The result would include domain name, age, created date, updated date, and expiry date.

Here's a sample:

Step 4: Repeat the Process

If you want a new search, re-do the processes. You can revisit the website or click the "Try New Domain" option.

The option would look something like this:

Why Do You Need to Check Domain Age?

You might have several reasons to check domain age. However, here are some of them that you might search for:

  • A domain that you want to purchase but is already taken
  • Your opponent's domain age
  • Your domain age.

The main aim of domain age checker tools is to check how and when the domain is created. You might think, why would you check your domain age. But that's not the main thing you're searching for.

Instead, you're searching for the domain you're willing to purchase or your opponent's domain age. If your opponent's domain age is long enough, you can now easily guess what your opponent might work like.

When you check domain age, you might have an idea of what your future would turn into.

Here are some reasons that will help you understand the importance of domain age:

Get an Idea of Backlink Profile

The higher the domain age, the better the link profile. A website will start getting link-ups over the years when it has existed for a long time. In most cases, the owners emphasize quality backlinks for the best results.

Additionally, SEO works together to have a ranking website. An aged domain with quality backlinks eventually provides an advantage for the upcoming owner.

Get an Idea of Search Engine Rankings

Obviously, the older the domain, the better it will rank in search engines. However, these domains need to have a good backlinking profile.

Some even believe that google might rank a website based on age. When your website has a good ranking, you will require less money, effort, and time. So, checking the domain age ensures how well the website is performing.

Get an Idea of the Traffic

An established domain would have more traffic than a new one. Hence buying an older domain will gain traffic organically compared to a new one.

Get an Idea of Domain Reputation

Established domains already own a positive reputation in the field. So, knowing a domain age would give you an idea about their reputation. Whether your business will grow or fail, depends on the domain's reputation. Hence, getting an established domain name is always a privilege.

Importance of DAC in Google Ranking and SEO

It's debatable whether domain age affects ranking. However, in SEOs, there are many visible proofs that domain age can help a website rank better. Additionally, Google even showed notable importance to the domain authority.

DAC works like qualitative backlinking for SEO. In most cases, SEO pays attention to backlinking to find whether a website is reliable or trusted.

You will realize that search engines usually focus on good content to rank on the internet. This means that they can avoid low-quality content very easily. So, if you want to last in the market, you should always keep your site growing with the best content.

However, you should know that the best lesson you would get is through investing your time. You get more chances to learn from your mistakes when you publish content regularly. So, search engines think that a higher domain age might be better and rank them accordingly.

Note that: The duration of domain age is from the Google first index or Google recognizing your website for the first time.

For example, if you created a domain for 6 years, Google won't recognize that time range. Search engines need to index the website, and then they will start ranking higher.

Here are some important facts for you:

  • Domain age is crucial for Google ranking, which is also SEO's part.
  • Google needs to discover a website to promote. As the domain age is less, a new website faces challenges in ranking compared to its opponents.
  • Google barely differs between a 6- or 12-month domain age.

Key Takeaways

  • New domains struggle to get on top. As established domains have better backlinking and longer age, they would quickly rank high.
  • Domain age also plays a vital role in SEO. However, you need to publish good content. This would help you get into a better position while keeping the website active.

Where or How to Get Aged Domains?

You can get aged domains through domain age checker tools. When you check online, you can simply choose websites that have been used for about 10 years. Additionally, better SEO and authority also work as a plus here.

Once a domain expires, you can purchase them. So, it's essential to keep an eye on your desired domains. Also, ensure a good reputation by not staying on the block or spam lists.

You can find many online websites or marketplace that sell domains through auctions. You can get the domain in the best deals in most cases.

Final Verdict

Domain age is vital, from influencing your SEO to building credibility. Along with mentioning the age, our domain age checker also gives additional information. Plus, you will get your domain history. Knowing the expiration date makes it easier to wait to purchase them.

So use our domain age checker to find your desired domain name today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that might help you know more about a domain age checker.

Can You Own a Domain Under 18?

Yes, you can own a domain if you're under 18. However, you can find some TLDs that restrict buyers below 18. In most cases, you don't require age verification. Also, as a starter, you can check out the cheap domain registrars.

Can You Buy a Domain Without Paying Yearly?

You can get a free domain from different web hosting agencies. But, more often, the domain costs around $15. Some famous hosting companies are HostGator, Green Geeks, and Bluehost, which provide free domain packages.

Is Google Domains Safe?

Google Domain is very safe. They usually come with reliable and safe infrastructure for website domains for your business. You don't have to pay an extra penny for better security and domain protection. But you have to set up proper verification like 2-step verification.

What Age Should the Domain Have?

You should target buying a domain that is 10+ years as they have better SEO and authority. However, you can purchase domains once they expire. So, you can decide whether the date properly aligns with your desires. Plus, you must give a reputation check before getting a domain.

Are Older Domains Worth More?

Yes, older domains are worth more than new domains. They would carry better value as they already have enough traffic on the website.

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