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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

Trying to find the best keyword suggestion tool that's also free for your business? Then, you should know that this tool by VISER X is exactly what you need. Using this tool, you can easily find the top 10 keywords within seconds.

This blog is a proper guide for keyword suggestions. So, read along to learn more about keyword suggestions.

What is a Keyword Suggestion Tool?

A keyword suggestion tools help find keywords from potential search engine results. Users search on the internet to find what they need, which you call "keyword search." Such as anyone searching for a restaurant by typing "best places to eat" or best restaurant near me.

As keywords are what users use, businesses need to do keyword research. This means you need to find what your customers want. In this regard, you can use our tool to find your keywords. The easy guide will increase leads and sales for the business.

How to Use Our Keyword Suggestion Tool?

Our keyword suggestion tool is a completely free tool to search for keywords. The following steps will help you to find your keyword:

Step 1: Open Our Tool Website

At first, you have to open our keyword suggestion tool (, where you will work.

Step 2: Insert your Keyword

Now, you have to put the keyword that you are searching for. Next, click on the "enter" key or "submit" option.

Step 3: Find your Results

You will get your result within a few seconds as this tool is very fast. The result includes a serial number and 10 suggested queries.

Step Four: Repeat (If Needed)

You can try for another step by repeating these steps if you need. So, you can visit the website again or click on the option "Try New Document."

The option would look like this:

What are the Types of Keywords?

Optimizing a website's pictures, pages, and tactics is necessary to get more customers by finding the phrases and words. Eventually, your page will rank in search engines.

Here are two different types of keywords that you need to know:

Short Tail Keywords

You may call short tail keywords "head terms" because they are only one word. You can reach huge customers when you use short-tail keywords. This refers to short tails being useful for bringing more traffic to a business. But all users don't need to take action or buy anything from a website.

When you want to rank based on short-tail keywords, you should remember a few aspects, like:

In the case of search volume, you will get more popularity when you use short keywords. Therefore, you'll get more visitors when you use short-tail keywords for ranking.

As the search volume is broad, most business uses short-tail keywords to rank. However, there's more competition when you use short-tail keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

For searches that consist of three or more words, you can count them as long-tail keywords. These keywords are more specific. You can get limited traffic with long-tail keywords. Moreover, this traffic will turn more relevant with the specified keywords.

Remember that:

In terms of search volumes, you will get less traffic in long-tail keywords compared to short-tail keywords. However, the traffic you get will take action on the online site.

Additionally, the search phrases get more specific when customers search for unique keywords. Hence, you get less competition as the search gets more precise.

Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for search engine optimization. Here are a few reasons to help you out:

Use high search keywords

You can easily assess the number of people searching for a keyword. This is one aspect of using a good keyword. A good keyword can be measured through AMV (average monthly volume).

Think about a website that sells food for pets. The website can rank well with 300 searches per month for the keyword "food for the pet." But the keyword "pet foods" would get around 5000 searches per month as the keyword is easy. While doing keyword research, it is important to focus on which would be easier to rank.

When a keyword is more in content, that content has more chance to rank. Eventually, your traffic will increase as the search volume gets higher. Using our keyword suggestion tool, you can see your content's top 10 keyword. Therefore, you can use this free tool to find the related topic for doing SEO.

Search Low Competition Keywords

You should also see whether these words have high competition when you research keywords. It's very easy to measure competition. The ad quantity on a keyword is compared to other keywords on a search engine.

When you do research, the metric usually combines search network and location. Then, the competition is ranked based on low, medium, and high. You can understand that the competition level depends on the number of advertisers bidding for a keyword. It would be best to get keywords that have medium or low competition.

Find Reasons for Ranking Low

You can get a quick idea of your competition through good keyword research. So, you should focus on getting impactful keywords for your website.

Plus, you can measure the backlinks and the quality of the top 10 search engine pages for a keyword. This means that you can find whether a page is competitive based on its backlinking. You may also call it "SEO difficulty or keyword difficulty."

Most keyword suggestion tool works with keyword difficulty. However, many SEO factors help keywords to rank in search engines:

  • Trust and Authority: You can determine search engine rankings through the trust and authority of pages and domains. This is one of the important factors in SEO.
  • Facebook shares: There can be different URLs shared with the same keyword. This increases the keyword intensity.
  • Backlinks: You can find many external links that websites use to pass link juice to another site. This is backlinking, which helps to rank in search engines.

You can find difficulty in rating the keywords. When it's 0-9, it's an effortless keyword; when it's 50+, the keyword tends to be impossible and hard. Additionally, you should target less competitive keywords which have less traffic. In most cases, you should avoid keywords with amazon or Wiki ranking.

Know your Competitors

When you assess keywords, you can examine the websites which rank in SERPs. Some keyword suggestion tool shows external reports, including page, domain rank, backlinks, and URL ranks.

You can take the keyword "house train your dog." You're getting the snipet at the top in the organic searches. Plus, you will also get some related questions.

You can find whether you're targeting the right word when you do keyword research. If your website is at the midpoint of the top 10 searches, you should know that the content lacks information.

High Conversion Rates on Keywords

Using this tool, you can find whether your keyword is too broad through keyword difficulty. If your keywords are short, they tend to be more difficult to rank as there's more competition.

As mentioned, you will get two types of keywords, which are:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Short tail keywords

You can rank easily if you use long-tail keywords. There are many benefits of using long-tail keywords, like:

  • Better target: Most long-tail keywords are to the point, making it better for a target audience. The more meaning a keyword has, the more chance it will rank.
  • Less competition: You should use long-tail keywords related to your products and services. Eventually, you will face less competition compared to the short-tail keywords.
  • Search intent: You will get a more relevant audience using long-tail keywords. Therefore, these have more chances in search intents.

Competitive Scope

When you search for keywords, you should look out for your competitors. Spying isn't the best thing, but it would help you understand what type of keywords they focus on. Hence, you will get an idea about what your competitor is offering and who they're targetting.

You can also get insights into your competitors' approaches using the keywords. Eventually, you will have an idea about their contents.

So, this will, obviously, help to create your content strategy. You should avoid copying their contents because this could result in plagiarism. But you can always edit and add information to what they have published.

Create a Content Strategy

When you do keyword research, you can bring new ideas to your content. You should use all the keywords even when they're irrelevant if you want to optimize your website. If you find any suitable keywords, you can keep them to create your content strategy.

Search for New Keywords

Searching for keywords might seem easy, but this is very tough to search for the words your traffic looks for. Think about working in a field where you have no experience or idea. In such cases, you can generate new ideas through the keyword suggestion tool.

There are a few ways through which you can search for new keywords:

  • Use your website: Start with the services and products you provide, to search for seed keywords. Then, list all keywords you think will easily rank in search engines. Through our tool, you will surely get new ideas for content.
  • Use your competitor's website: Similarly, you can visit your competitor's website to look for new terms and ideas. You can easily use any good keywords for your content strategy if you get any good keywords.

After you get a few keyword ideas, you can start to lower them based on the high competition and search volumes.

Stay on Trend

Focusing on when the traffic is searching for content is also important. You should update a website or publish your content based on that time. Many apps can help you to find the peak times of different search engines.

Additionally, you should always stay on trend for your content. So, you can post targeting different festivals. For instance, people would search for gift ideas during the wedding season. Therefore, you can use a content strategy to post or bring changes in these times.

Keyword Research Benefits

Before using semantics, keywords were the primary way to get through the ranking. If you use more keywords in your search, there's more chance of your content being more relevant in search engines.

Here's a list of some keyword research benefits:

  • You will know more about your company, brand, and target audience if you know the proper keywords. Additionally, you will know about your products and what you want to focus on. It's very important to know what you're providing to your customers. To get a successful business, you have to know your targeted audience. Therefore, keyword research will help you to figure them out.
  • Knowing different aspects of keywords is very important, like where you might rank, simple keywords, and your competitor's keywords. Your main aim should be to get a successful website or business. Therefore, keywords will help you choose the perfect topic for your content.

You can also find your competitors very easily when you have your keywords. Then focus on their content to make better content. This is a very easy way to rank faster in search engines.

  • Instead of assuming keywords, you can find what your audience wants through keyword research. Therefore, you will require to do keyword research to find a proper background study. Surely, you will get to know surprising facts about the.

You may also visit different forums or conduct searches through different search engines to get help. When your business starts advancing, these insights will help you in many ways. Hence, you should focus on knowing your customer trends and needs to publish better content.

  • Your ranking will get better when search engines know about your business. However, Google will rank you when you have the keywords on different pages of the website. Eventually, you will get more audience when you use the keywords properly in outreach and blogs.
  • Keywords can make your social shares better. If you have proper keywords, you can give your audience what they want. Most people love sharing the content they like. So, you might include a way so that audience shares the contents.

Why Use Our Tool?

You will get the best free keyword suggestion tool by VISER X. This tool is very easy to use and finds the keywords within seconds. We provide the keywords in a table so you can easily understand them. The table includes serial numbers and keyword phrases for the businesses.

Final Verdict

When you use our keyword suggestion tool, you will easily find the keywords that your traffic searches and needs. Additionally, you can decide to choose your desired content for the website. It would be best to rely on tools that provide accurate keywords that the customer searches. Also, our tool is completely free, so you can save a lot of time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Google keyword tool?

You can use the Google keyword tool through the "planning" option. All you need to do is upload a file, review templates and click on 'submit.'

Is Google keyword tool free?

Google keyword tool is for completely free advertisers. You can find keywords for your business. But you have to work with one document in every search.

How do I find new keywords?

You can use the VISER X Keyword Suggestion tool to find new keywords. You just need to type your topic, and the keywords will be right in front.

Can I do my own SEO?

Yes, you can do SEO by yourself. But this requires research and experience, as everyone can learn to do SEO for businesses. However, our tool requires no experience, just type your topic, and you're good to go!

Does SEO Cost money?

SEO is free to some extent. There is no need to pay for SERP placement. However, Google will rank your content based on Authority, Trust, and Expertise. Therefore, content with important resources will get the top positions.

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