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About Online Ping Website Tool

Maybe you are frustrated that search engines are not finding all the pages of your new website. Or maybe you are uploading new content every week, but Google is not indexing it. As a solution to these SEO issues, you need to ping the website.

So, how do you do that? We have this ping tool online that you can use effortlessly and get yourself ranked in the search engines. Of course, we will provide you with an easy guide to using our ping tool. Also, let you know about the features of our tool so that you know how our tool can benefit you.

What is Pinging in SEO?

Pinging a website means notifying search engines of its presence. That's why you want search engines to index it so that it appears in search results.

Furthermore, you may have a newly launched website that is ready to view online. Or maybe there are some changes to your website. Also, you can have a new blog post or content that you have just updated. All these instances need indexing in Google that you need to ping.

Basically, pinging is making search engines alert when you upload something new and you want to index it. For example, you have fresh content to upload. That's one kind of change or update for your website.

So, in laymen's terms—pinging your website is like waving to a search engine to catch its attention and say—"Hey! I have an update here. Please index it."

Overall, pinging is considered one of the easiest and simplest of driving traffic to your website. And online ping website tools are frequently used by webmasters to submit specific sites to search engines.

Viser X Online Ping Tool

Our website pinging service will notify search engines that it has undergone some updates. The update can be minor. But you can make it noticeable by utilizing our ping tool.

When you use this tool, it assists you in getting indexed soon. That way, you will see an increase in traffic to your site.

Moreover, it will improve your recognition across the web. Once again, it will happen by receiving a load of visitors after you ping and get indexed.

How to Use the VISER X Ping Tool?

In order to use our ping tool, you can visit the tool page. There you will find many more useful tools. However, we will make it easier for you. You can go here— VISER X Ping tool.

Once you are on the pinging webpage, follow the steps below to use the tool correctly.

Step 1: Scroll down to the tool section

First, you need to scroll down a bit to get to this section shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Include the necessary input

In the tool sections, you will find 4 different boxes to provide input for pinging.

In the first box, put the URL of your blog post.

In the second box, provide the name of your blog. And in the third box, you need to put the updated URL of the blog post.

Finally, you need to include the RSS feed of your blog. You can find the RSS feed on the Page source of the webpage.

 Step 3: Click submit and let the tool analyze

Once you put all the links, you need to hit 'Submit' next.

After that, the tool will start pinging. There will be a table containing two sections – Ping server list and Status. One by one, the servers will appear along with their ping statuses.

Check the picture below to understand it better.

Ping Website SEO: 4 Significant Benefits

Pinging is important for website owners who are striving to drive traffic and get noticed. In fact, it is essential in many cases.

Novice users might not understand the importance of pinging and how it influences the traffic they obtain on their website. However, there are things you need to know about the benefits and purpose of pinging.

Check the following list and learn how pinging can improve your page ranking.

Faster indexing in search engines

If you don't ping your website, it will take a long time for a search engine to index it. As a result, there will be fewer number of traffic to your website. Through pinging, you get to submit your site to search engines quickly.

In that case, you need to know that it takes a long time for Google to index. With the help of pinging, you can get the attention of search engines in the highly competitive market.


You already know that your website gets acknowledged by search engines through pinging, which helps faster indexing. This can help you to a great extent in terms of backlinking.

In order words, when you index your website on other sites to make it a backlink, you ping google bots to crawl those sites as they need to be indexed faster.

In the end, Google makes your website a backlink. For example, digital marketers create various web content these days, and they often link one webpage to another—which is backlinking. With the help of pinging, they can connect web pages as early as possible.

Driving traffic

Without pinging, a webpage may not be noticed by searchers. And that will be like owning a gas station in the middle of a jungle without any customers. It's the same for articles.

You see—you will be submitting the article on various websites. If you don't ping, the readers won't notice your article.

Higher ranking

By pinging, you invite search engines to crawl your site for new updates. Therefore, you get a better chance to rank higher in SERPs.

How Do You Ping a Website?

You can perform pinging in various ways. One of the ways is to use the ping tool online. But all of them won't help your webpage get indexed as soon as possible.

If you want an effective tool, you need to give our online ping tool a try. And it will allow you to ask google bots to crawl and index the new article you just published.

Final Notes

The website ping tool will index your blog or website as quickly as possible to leading search engines like Google. Also, you can index the blogs with incoming links. And all these will increase the traffic to your website.

In addition, you can generate backlinks. Nonetheless, pinging doesn't confirm that the google bot will crawl links, and the outcome will always vary. But it's a good practice to reach visitors online with your content.

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