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About Link Price Calculator

Whether it's a website or a webpage you want to link up with – know the value of any given link right away using this link price calculator right away. You are just a click away from knowing the exact worth of a website.

It's super easy to use!

Just enter the links on the text box and click on the submit button. You will be good to go!

And what's the best part is you can give the input of up to 100 links all at a time and find out about the links worth millions or more using this tool.

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What is Meant by the Link Price Calculator?

Link price calculator is a tool that helps you to determine the approximate amount you must be paying or charging a month for a text link (ad) from each page URL.

Such as, if you are a website owner planning to rent link spaces on your site, this tool can be pretty useful for determining the estimated market worth for a link.

They basically work based on a unique algorithm and thus determine the reputation of the site, depending on the ranking and age, including the backlinks also.

In short, they are a tool that helps you get a rough calculation about the estimated value for adding any links to other websites. Here, you can enter numerous URLs at the same time to detect the link price. Instead of searching for one at a time – ultimately saving us a lot of time and labor in doing the work.

Just enter the website URL you want to check and wait for the tool to display the link prices in dollars. Besides getting an estimate of how much to charge for a month, you can also get an estimation of how much you have to pay for the text link ads.

This is extremely crucial, and you must know about it in case you want to enhance your site and promote it on another website. After all, when you know the value, then it becomes much easier for you to deal and negotiate with the prices.

How Do Our VISER X Link Price Calculator Tools Work (Step-By-Step Guide)?

Using this tool is super easy and simple. You just have to follow some of the steps, and that's it. You will be all set to do the calculation of any link or domain online.

Let's know about the steps to follow for checking your personal or any other URLs available on the internet:

  1. Open the Link price calculator tool
  2. Next up, you will see a text box that states to enter URLs. Just simply give the inputs of all the links you want to check on the box. Here, you can give the input of up to 100 links at a time. However, make sure to give the inputs on a separate line. Otherwise, it will not work.

  1. Once you have entered all the inputs, you just have to click on the "Submit" button for letting the tool to began its scan and processing.

  1. In response to your query, the tool will give you the result of the sites in dollars you would like to see. For each of the input URLs, you will get a different result in the sequence you give it.

  1. After your checking is done, you can try several other new sites as many times as you want, all for free. Just repeat the above steps in the similar way.

When Do I Need a Link Price Calculator?

Do you know the exact worth of each and every link to your site? If not, you must know it right away if you want to crack a good deal. After all, without not knowing the price, people will try to certainly pay you less.

This is where a price calculator for links comes into play. And thus helps you get a fast and reliable estimation of how much you must charge per month for any kind of link.

They display the amounts in dollars and calculate depending on the site's ranking, popularity, traffic rate, etc. The higher the site ranks on the search engine results, the higher the price of that link should be.

Hence, having a good piece of knowledge regarding the price certainly makes your bargaining position much stronger while talking to any website owners who want to either purchase or sell these links.

Additionally, much care and consideration must be taken while doing the negotiation of the link sale. For instance, you have agreed to sell the link for a year. But within a few months' passages, the price has drastically increased. So, do a bit of analysis before putting it right on sale.

Link prices tend to fluctuate based on the traffic rate to your site. The more popular and visitors it gets, the higher the price gets. Similarly, if there is a drop in the visitors, the link prices also start to decrease with time.

What Factors are Considered for Link Price Calculation?

Every price calculator for links works based on a unique algorithm. Based on the requested query, this tool gives you a rough estimation of the amount that you must charge or pay for the given URL.

It usually determines the reputation and popularity of a website considering some factors. They are:

  • Website's current rank
  • Number of backlinks
  • Domain age
  • Traffic rate and rank

These are the main factors that this web tool tends to follow while doing the estimation. One crucial point to note, link prices are never constant. Instead, they change every time there is a change in the traffic to that website.

Such as, if you gain much popularity and have audiences coming to your site every day, then without any doubt, the selling price will go up. On the other hand, if visitors stop coming to your website, then with time, the link's prices will also drop.

How to Use This Link Price Calculator?

This free online tool is extremely easy to use, and anyone without any programming skills can compute the worth of any links within a few seconds using this tool.

All you have to do is enter the URL. Thus, based on your requested query, it will display the results right away after processing. This calculator's job is to calculate the link price of any URL available on the internet.

While doing the calculation, it takes into account the website age, number of backlinks, Alexa traffic rank, and several other variables. Hence, these factors play a significant role and are extremely important if you want to get the accurate price of the links for your website.

When Do I Need to Utilize this Link Price Calculator Tool?

There are two scenarios where you need to use the price calculator for links. One while buying and another while selling a link to a website. In both the cases, you have to take the help of a link price calculator.

So, you can get a complete idea about the link price. And when you know the market value, you will certainly be able to pull up a great deal.

The internet is not limited to an area only; instead, it is located all over the world. And obviously, you will not know who is viewing your website from where at which time.

Additionally, you will know nothing about the current price range of your site or its links. As a result, it is quite challenging for the website owners and the advertisers to receive an accurate price estimate on the links or ads.

This is where this price calculator for links comes into the role play. Here, with the help of them, you can precisely do a calculation of your link value and linked websites.

Such as, if you are planning to buy a link to the website, in that case, do the calculation. And if the website owner represents a higher price, you can tell them that you know the current market price. Similarly, if you are being approached the link sale, then you can offer a bargain rate.

Selling a website to the internet through a link can get very complex as everyone wants to crack the best deals. And using this calculator is like taking the first step in assembling the market prices.

Therefore, both the purchase and seller can use this handy tool to keep track of the link prices for negotiating with the price.

Why Do You Have to Buy Backlinks?

Most famous and reputed websites earn a lot of money by letting others create a link to their website. That's why website owners want to purchase backlinks in order to improve their page rank on the search engine result pages.

After all, using the traffic to an authority website or popular website is one of the most efficient methods to bring positive results. And once your webpage gets the attention of the search engines, you will certainly get a better ranking. It's just a matter of time!

It is the goal of every website owner to get their web pages at the top rank in the search engine result pages, like Google.

We all know what that top page gets more visitors. Right from increasing the traffic rate to the overall sales rate – everything gets drastically improved once you get the top position.

Therefore, if you want your website to achieve this rank, make sure that it has the following things:

  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Relevance

Always keep reliable facts on your website. In fact, the key to becoming a business leader is to make sure that your site is a dependable source of information in front of people's eyes.

And the more links you have on your site, the more traffic it will get. Apart from the human being, all the search engines, including Google, tends to believe that the more you are linked up to, the more reliable your source is.

Also, you must make your content relevant to your audience. It is another key fact that can increase your traffic rate and help you earn authority in any kind of market and business.

When is the Optimum Time to Use This Price Calculator for Links?

The perfect time to use this price calculator for links is whenever you plan on selling or buying backlinks with another site. This tool will give you a proper estimation of the link prices that too within just a click.

The internet is a vast world that is connected to millions of devices from different people living around the globe. Hence, it will be pretty difficult for anyone to gain and determine the popularity they are getting from the people at any given period of time.

However, with the help of this tool, you have nothing to worry about! You can compute the prices of any links from any part of the world in only a few seconds. No wonder many website owners and webmasters compared it to a masterpiece.

Besides, both the buyer and the seller of the link can use this tool for checking the backlink costs. As a result, the negotiation on the actual or bargain rate becomes much easier and smoother for them.

Using this tool, both the parties can develop a better relationship with their partner sites by avoiding the overcharging or under-pricing of the links. Here, it is a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller, as no one can trick anyone.

What Our Link Price Calculator Has to Offer?

When it comes to getting a clear-cut and fast estimation of how much you need to charge a month for a particular URL or text link, then certainly VISER X link price calculator tool is the way to go for.

Besides, with the help of this tool, you get to know how much you have to pay for a text link ad you desire to advertise on a website.

Super fast, easy, and reliable to use!

Any person of any background can use this tool without having any sort of programming or technical knowledge. That much and convenient they are

Simply just copy/paste the link on the interface and click on the submit button. While checking the link price, you may also consider some crucial factors, for instance, Alexa's traffic rank, age, no. of backlinks, etc. These are some of the essential things to consider when determining a URL or link price.

With the help of our tool, you can generate the link or URL price within a few seconds. What's the most noteworthy feature of this tool is you can check up to 100 link prices all at a time instead of checking one by one.

Advantages of Using Our Link Price Calculator Tool

Our Link price calculator tools come with a lot of perks to offer. It is a tool that makes things much easier and more profitable, especially for website owners and webmasters.

Let's find out in detail what facilities you will enjoy while using our tool:

Negotiation couldn't have got any easier

Both the seller and buyer can know the exact explicit price of any hyperlinks using this tool. After all, knowing the accurate estimation makes it much easier to handle things.

Totally Free

Get an accurate estimation of any link's price that too free of any costs! Anyone from any part of the world can use this tool completely free as many as times they want to.

Several similar paid version tools are giving the same service while we are offering it totally free.

Builds a stronger bond

When you sell and buy things at the legal price, without any chance of being overcharged or underpriced, then ultimately, the bond will get stronger. A certain sense of trust and reliability will work in that instant.

Always stay updated about the price

The internet world is vast. Thanks to this tool as you can always stay updated about the price. Using this, you can sell or purchase the backlinks based on the current estimation, cracking the best deals.

Besides, while selling or buying anything, it is much smarter to know the updated price and go ahead with any kind of deal.

Can check up to 100 domains at a time

This is undoubtedly one of the great advantages as instead of evaluating one link at a time. You can give the input of up to 100 links and check them all at once in the sequence you give the inputs in the textbox.

To Wrap Up

The link price calculator is certainly one of the most useful SEO tools, especially for the website owners. Thanks to this tool, anyone can get a quick estimation of a particular URL whenever they need to.

All you have to do is copy/paste the URL and wait for the tool to compute a price for you within a few seconds.

With the proper use of this tool, several website owners are earning a pretty good amount. After all, the more advertiser is linked to your website, the more you can earn. And if any advertiser agrees to pay you more than the market prices, it will be due to the high popularity.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this tool to get an idea of the updated link price. Be it selling or buying the backlinks, knowing about the price range beforehand always has the upper hand in cracking the best deals by making the negotiations much easier.

Frequently Asked Question: SEO Price Calculator

Check out the below most asked queries in case you have any confusions in your mind to clarify regarding the tool:

Can bad backlinks hurt your website?
Of course, they can hurt. In fact, right from affecting your rank on the search engine page results to leading you penalties – toxic and bad backlinks have the full power to negatively impact your website.

How are backlinks created?

One of the basic strategies of getting your backlinks to your website is certainly creating top-rated content that is relevant and full of reliable information. In fact, it must be the goal of every blogger. After all, when your content is good, then only linking them can take you to the desired result you aim at getting.

How long do backlinks take to show up?

Frankly speaking, it depends on your website. As search engine crawlers tend to work at a different pace for every site, and each website has its own crawling rate and budget that determines how quickly a backline will get indexed.

However, it usually can take as little as 4 days to a maximum of 6 months or more, depending on several other factors.

Is link building still effective?

Absolutely! In fact, they are considered one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization tactics for improving the online presence of any website.

Well, it is because Google is programmed in this way that they determine a site's credibility based on their hyperlinks. The higher a website contains high-quality backlinks, the more reliable they are thought to be.

How many links is too many?

Using links is good for your website. However, using more than needed can negatively impact your website. Hence, make sure to keep a note of how many hyperlinks you are going to use on any given webpage.

There are no specific criteria. However, to give you a rough estimation, you should always try to avoid using more than 100 hyperlinks, no matter what. Otherwise, instead of making it stronger and more reliable, you will end up ruining it.

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