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About Website Links Count Checker

Keep accurate track of your webpage links. Get to know how many external and internal links your site has by using our Website Links Counter Checker.

Just enter the URL or Domain name and find an overview of links. It's FREE yet as effective as any paid tool.

What is Website Links Count Checker?

The website links count checker lets you know how many links are in a given webpage or URL.

Some link counter tools like ours will help you check the number of internal and external links separately. Hence, you can check how many outbound and inbound links you have throughout your website with just one click.

How to use Website Links Count Checker?

So, how could you check all the internal and external links simultaneously? You may have the idea of counting the links one by one and checking if they are relevant or not. Well, VISERX has a better solution for you.

The website links count checker is one of the most accessible tools for SEO. You can trust the tool for authentic results even if VISER X offers the service for free.

  1. Go to Website Links Count Checker tool page.
  2. Copy-paste the website URL in the search bar and submit. Example,

And the tool will give you a detailed answer on the total number of external and internal links. 

  1. Click Try New URL to check another website.

What are External Links?

External links are often known as credibility votes from other well-ranked websites. If other websites link to your website, the link is known as an external link. Readers from other websites will be able to find your website when you get the external links.

Selecting external links is tricky as Google will crawl your website and discover why you have added the links.

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are the links to other pages of your site. It helps Google to find and crawl your site easier and faster way. Also, the visitors will be more interested in your website and read other related pages they might be looking for at other websites.

So, through your internal links, you are helping Google to easily index your website and appear when someone searches for a specific topic. If Google bots find the answer on your website content, your site will be at the snippet or the top of the search result.

Moreover, your visitors finding other related topics on your website makes them stay on your site for a more extended time.

Why Do You Need to Count Website Links?

Since you are looking for the tool already, you may have an idea of why or how a link count checker can help you. However, keep reading if you are new in this sector and wondering why and how links can affect your ranking.

Protect your site:

The links you add to your site as external or internal links are the easiest backdoor for hackers. If you do not follow up on the links of your site, there are chances that the hacker can include malware in one of the external links that backlinks to your profile.

Successfully planting a bug or virus in a website can eventually destroy a whole website. The attacker can steal your content, traffic, ads, sources, sensitive information, or the entire website you worked so hard on.

Therefore, counting the links every few weeks will allow you to monitor whether there is an unfamiliar link added to your database or not. If yes, you can remove the malware easily and take the necessary steps to strengthen the security of your website.

Analyze your competitor's site:

You can count the number of links to both your website and others. While researching a topic, try to figure out the link density of your competitor sites. Analyze the number of links in the content, the resources they are coming from, and the viewers' leading.

The knowledge you gain from counting links will help you understand the market and target audiences for the product or topic you are writing about. You will also get a breakdown of the audiences you are producing the material for.

Also, you will learn how many links you should add to your article.

Ensure quality of the links:

Using the website links count will allow you to get an overview of the quality of your links. Many articles fail to appear in the SERPs because of the poor quality of the links. There can be irrelevant or unnecessary links in your article, which can negatively impact the quality of your content.

The visitors leave a site as soon as they realize that an article is not providing the necessary information they are looking for. Usually, the links are there to help the visitors understand a topic or word already available on the internet.

However, you need to understand which links are helpful and which are dragging you down in the case of SEO optimization. Therefore, count the list of internal and external links and recheck if the links are appropriate to the context or not.

Set Future Goal:

You will be able to set future goals for your website with the help of this tool. As mentioned above, you can check your competitor's website's external links and compare them to your site.

For example, your site has 4 external links, but your competitor site has 6, and they are getting more link juice with the backlinking.

You should aim to get two or three more links by the end of a month and outrank your competitor in terms of traffic and user satisfaction.


Focusing on link building is a must while optimizing your content as it increases the trust of both Google and your users. After checking the link number using the website links count checker, you can decide whether you have to remove or add more links to your content.

Remember to add links that are related to your content. Inserting links that are good for your SEO but not relatable to your website content is not considered a good practice.

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