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About Page Speed Checker

Google page speed checker tool helps to determine the actual duration of your web page loading. The speed checker tool also tracks the website's user interaction.

The website owner or webmaster needs to check google page speed. Otherwise, you will not understand your website's user experience and performance.

Let's know more about google page speed checker and website loading speed optimization in detail.

What is a Page Speed Checker?

Usually, page speed checker tools show user interactions on a website. The web speed checker shows loading duration and overall page performance.

You can check website speed with several tools. But the most reliable checker tool is google page insights.

Most of the regular speed checker tools are completely paid for. However, some offer free access, where you can at least gain limited ideas about website loading duration.

Let's know about the google page speed checker, an online tool provided by google only accessible by signing in to the google search console platform. The Google speed checker tool is reliable and gives a detailed overview of traffic interaction on the website.

How Google Page Speed Checker Tool Works

Websites need to establish connections with google accounts to get insights into the website. However, to know the reports, you need to put the URL on google analytics.

By putting the URL of particular webpages in google speed checker, you will find the status of specific webpages. Usually, tools analyze webpage performance to show real-time data and information. From a regular user's experience, checker tools take data.

On the other hand, those websites don't have enough traffic engagement tools to focus on performance. If you enter the URL of such webpages on the web speed checker tool, it will show you the traffics number, staying time, leaving time, loading duration, and more factors.

Truly, a web page speed checker provides accurate information about the whole page. After checking the tool's matrices and parameters, you can also improve sites lacking.    

Importance of Page Speed Checker

The page speed checker shows the speed of pages and offers the reasons behind slowness. Therefore, the importance of a page speed checker is huge.

Let's look at the benefits of the page speed checker tool.

Increase User Experience

Page speed checker tools come in handy for the site owners. Especially, those struggling to control the bounce rate get lots of help from a page speed checker.

The web's bounce rate increases due to visitors' bed experience. Usually, slow loading website sees a high bounce rate.

Showing Potential Improving Sectors

The speed checker shows the loading duration on different devices. Moreover, it identifies the area for improvement. Hence, you can take the initiative to create an overall impression of your website.

Increases the Ranking Factor

Search engines have real insights into signed-in websites and qualified websites. Search engines generally provide high value to well-optimized websites.

And to be a high speedy website, it must be well optimized. Consequently, websites need a page speed checker's assistance for good optimization.

Identifies individual page Problems

Google speed checker tool shows the true report of the website. Where most paid tools are not reliable, Google offers them for free. Moreover, you will get a complete overview of each webpage.

Thus you can identify the lackings and reasons for slowing down. It determines each webpage separately—a great opportunity to improve the whole website's performance step by step.

Why Use Our Google Page Speed Checker?

There is a correlation between page speed checker and webpage optimization. Using speed checking tools helps increase the website speed by a big margin.

Hence, you will understand the insights of your website and approach for necessary improvement steps.

Plus, page speed checker tools are easy to use. Hence, any non-technical person can identify the drawbacks of the website.

Let's see the necessity of using a page speed checker to increase website speed.

Webpage Insights

Speed checker tools usually collect data from real-time traffic overviews. It counts total time spent on a page, web page loading duration on multiple devices, and detailed bounce rate.

As a result, the owner can take the initiatives to lower the bounce rate. Overall, the page speed checker finds the lack of web pages on various metrics and helps to take the initiative for improvement.

Easy to Use

Google page speed tools accessing will be easy for technical and non-technical people. It only needs the web page URL to show all the insights. Also, it's simple to understand and use. Therefore, website speed checker tools will be a plus point for everyone.

Free of Cost

If you have a legal domain and hosting or a website, you can create an account on the google search console to know the website analytics.

By accessing the account information, you can check the exact website speed. From account creation to accessing all those reports is free of cost.

What is Website Speed?

While browsing a website, viewing the content page and uploading existing files takes a little time. The duration of loading time of a website is known as the website speed. Web page loading duration is known as website speed.

A website is formulated with many web pages with different media file types. Written content, video content, audio content, picture, and animations are part of a webpage. When someone tries to enter a new page by clicking on a link, uploading will take a little time.

This duration is a website loading speed or website performance speed.

What is an Ideal Loading Speed for Website

To identify the lackings of loading, you need to know the ideal speed of your website. The ideal speed of loading duration of the website is 2 seconds. But it mostly depends on your website and the depth ratio of content pages.

The performance of website loading speed should be quick. Web server plays a big role in delivering an efficient performance of websites. For those using cloud servers, the performance will naturally slow down.

On the other hand, dedicated servers minimize the loading duration of associate websites. But getting dedicating server is also costly. So, most of the websites lack speed for server issues.

Therefore, it is considered that a 99% performance score is the ideal number for a website. In some cases, a 98% performance score is enough for owners.

Furthermore, obtaining proper website design, compressing the file, and proper linking will give you more efficiency. Maintaining a good loading speed of web pages on different devices is also vital.

Sometimes, uploading speed on mobile devices tends to be a little slow. You need to check the performance score of websites on multiple devices. Also, try to achieve better performance on all devices simultaneously.

What is the Standard Loading Time for Mobile?

Mobile phone devices are the main traffic source to optimize your website based on mobile phone performance. It is better to have a mobile phone performance score over 98%.

The highest loading speed on a mobile device is 3 seconds. But the ideal duration of web page loading should be 2 seconds. Carrying, 2-3 seconds of loading speed is comparability good enough for webpages.

How Do You Check Website Speed on Google?

To check website speed, you need to create an account on google analytics. Then sign in your Website domain name with the google search console platform.

After signing in, go to the website behavior menu to know the report's overview. Now directly click the OPEN REPORT OF A SITE SPEED option.

After completing the steps, various reports will appear on different factors. Plus, other reports will show information on different matrices.

You can also find the performance option for different devices. Now you can check the speed, page issues, and link performance of that particular web URL.

Visit the loading speed report on different devices to know webpages speed on google. You will find exact information on loading time on mobile, tablet, and computer devices from google analytics overview.

Why Does Website Speed Matter?

Website speed matters for so many reasons. The website loses authority, ranking, and visitor engagement with a slow loading speed.

Let's see what happens to various websites due to low speed.

Affiliate Site

In the case of an affiliate site, web speed site is so vital. As affiliate sites work with real-time customers, surely you don't want to earn a negative impression from your customer's experience.

Therefore, the basic web speed for affiliate sites is a real concern, and the loading time shouldn't be more than 2 seconds.

Blog Sites

In general blog sites, the loading speed can be a little long as blog webpages have a combination of data, files, and information that usually takes a little longer to load. Therefore, 3 second loading time is quite acceptable for blog websites.

If a website runs smoother, the user experience will rise higher. Especially for the product purchaser, high speed is a must. Without high speedy websites, you can not increase the conversion rate of customers.

Moreover, the visitor's bounce rate will increase alarmingly on blog sites. Therefore, both affiliate and blog sites need to carry high speed.

How to Optimize Website Loading Speed

If you properly optimize your website, your loading speed will be high. And for ranking, it is important to increase google page speed.

As Google is the most popular search engine globally, you need good positioning on google. By achieving the top position on google, your web pages will get more traffic and popularity.

However, increasing google page speed is a challenging task. Google page speed depends on many technical issues. It would be best to fix all those technical matters first to improve google page speed.

Solving those issues helps increase website loading speed and makes a website well-optimized.

Let's see the ways of growing google page speed.

Use of the Compressing file

Generally, blog webpages carry large content with lots of media files. Those files have an original large size. However, uploading large file sizes makes web pages too heavy. Therefore, you need to minimize the file size before uploading it to your website.

Just use software to compress large files before uploading them to your website. Surely, that will increase the speed of your website on google.

Avoid redirection to Landing Page

When you link different web pages on a particular page to redirect traffic to another page is known as redirection. Heavy numbers of traffic redirections on a landing page create the ultimate jam on a link. So, avoid redirection for and well-optimized design.

Speed up the Server Loading Time

Webpage loading speed mostly depends on server capacity. If you use a strong server, you will get a fast-loading website. Usually, small websites use a shared server. Therefore, small websites take a bit longer than top websites.

So, speed up the server loading time by obtaining a good package from the hosting company. Taking good web hosting helps initially. A good web hosting has dedicated server services too.

Optimize images

Most of the web pages have content and related image. However, uploading raw images on websites surely slows down the loading speed.

Heavy images take more time than well-optimized images. Therefore, optimize images before uploading to websites to fast loading speed.

Use Browser Caching Tools

Browser-caching tools save visitors' movements on a website. As a result, visitors can start browsing from the existing footprint. But if you don't leverage browser-catching tools, users have to begin from the browser.

Proper Web Design

Make sure you are using a clean design for your visitors. As most visitors have less technical knowledge, make the front end of the website easily accessible. A proper website design has a positive impact on the loading speeding speed.

Why Website Loading Speed Extended?

Do you know which reasons make a website loading speed extended? It's essential to know the main reasons behind the slow loading of the website.

Let's identify those reasons in the following section.

Content on Your Pages

On a content page, there are multiple files along with large content. The uncompressed videos, pictures, and large files on content pages make it heavy. As a result, heavy content pages take a long duration to load.

Browser Impact

Previously saved data will slow the browser if you do too much browsing on a single browser. Also, the development issues could be another reason for the less performance of a website. Overall, the impact can make website performance a little slow.

Geographic Location of Access

Based on location, the server speed varies. Also, some websites are specifically targeted at a specific region of people.

Entering those websites from the non-targeted areas may take more time than usual. So, accessing from non-targeted geophysical areas could be another reason for slowness on the website.

Poor Bandwidth

The maximum data transferring rate is known as the bandwidth of the internet. It will take time to load if you are browsing with a lower bandwidth speed. So, slow bandwidth speed can be another big issue in increasing the loading speed.

Un-optimized Webpages

If the website pages are not properly optimized, they will take longer to load. Moreover, an un-optimized website doesn't get the potential ranking.

With so much content, an un-optimized website daily loses its authority. Such a website will take more time to load, show errors, and not support issues to the visitors. Overall, un-optimized web pages are the reason for taking higher loading of any website.


Google page speed checker helps to identify the duration of loading webpages. It is the only tool that provides information. By analyzing actual data, you can improve the speed of loading.

Moreover, the speedy loading results come from the well-optimization of the website. So, use google speed checker to improve the performance of a website.


In this following section, you will get answers to the most relevant questions on the google page speed checker.

How accurate is Google Page Speed Test?

Unlike some other tools, the google page speed test is considered the most accurate. As the Google page speed test tool takes real website insights, you can rely on its accuracy.

What is a good website page load speed?

It will be good for visitors and owners as much faster a website loads. Generally, under 2 seconds of the loading time is considered a good loading duration.

But in the case of blog websites, due to large files and content, extending the good loading time is considered under 3 seconds. If you can make your website load faster, that will be good. 

Is it possible to get a 100% Performance Score?

Achieving 100% performance results is quite challenging. As tools don't have any scope of errors, you must do everything perfectly to achieve this better result. In reality, your website will work better with a 99%-98% performance score.

How does Google Measure Page Speed?

Google page speed insight is the main source of knowing page conditions. Measures the page speed with the google chrome browser. It usually determines the user experience and loading duration of particular web pages. That's how it measures the page speed of websites.

Does Google Analytics Slow Website?

Google Analytics is a tool that helps to know the user interaction of a website. Google collects those data from real-time visitor experiences and shows the reports to the website owners.

As a result, webmasters take initiatives to improve the website from determined to accurate data analysis. So, there is no way that google analytics slows down the website speed.

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