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You will come across hundreds of tools online to optimize your content, web pages, or the complete site for any required search engine. However, not all of them will provide you with high-quality service with the auditing. It would help if you had a speedy and accurate solution for your auditing that only the professionals can offer you.

You might be thinking about the paid version of the tools, right? For beginners or small site owners, such investment often costs a fortune. For them, VISER X has launched A to Z SEO tools designed by the tech geniuses, and guess what! All of them are for FREE!

Let’s check out our Super-fast, accurate, and high-level SEO tools from VISER X without further ado.

VISER X SEO Tools: Know Your Website SEO Better [ 100% Free]

Our SEO tools list has included all the necessary tools to optimize your content, analyze your website and get essential SEO insights. These high-level SEO tools will give you an accurate overview of your site to decide where to modify the content to make it SEO-friendly.

Categories of tools are On-Page, Backlink, Technical, IP, Content, and Keyword. Let’s explore them.

On-Page SEO Tools: Get On-page SEO Insights

On-page matters the most in SEO optimization because it optimizes factors that help Google crawl your website, analyze the content and decide whether or not to keep you on the first page of the search result.

Also, you need to ensure that your website is functioning properly. With the help of VISER X tools made for on-page SEO optimization, you will get an authentic report on what you need to change to improve on-page performance.

Our on-page SEO tools include the following:

1. Meta Tag Generator:

Tired of generating meta tags with lots of brainstorming?

Well, not anymore! This meta tag generator can do that for you in less than a minute! You will get a ready-to-serve meta tag to add to your HRML Tag.

Benefits of using our Meta Tag Generator:

  1. Time-efficient
  2. Free-tool
  3. Efficient meta description
How to Operate the Tool?

The tool is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is insert the following information and hit the Generate MetaTags button.

  1. Site Title
  2. Site Description
  3. Site Keywords
  4. Allow robots to index your website?
  5. Allow robots to follow all links?
  6. What type of content will your site display?
  7. What is your site’s primary language?

2. Meta Tags Analyzer:

It is also feasible to evaluate whether your Meta Tags are SEO optimized if you wish to generate them yourself. And you may analyze that in a matter of seconds with our Meta tag Analyzer.

Our meta tag analyzer will assist you in keeping track of the 160-character limit and keyword placement. ‘Enter a URL’ and click on ‘Submit’ to know where you need to improve your meta tag.

3. Pagespeed Insights Checker:

You probably know how critical it is for your website to load as quickly as possible. When your page is slow, people may leave it before exploring the rest of the site.

So, use Pagespeed Insights Checker—a great tool to check the page speed. And guess what? The tool is incredibly easy to use. When you enter your website’s URL in the box, it will prepare a thorough report.

The thorough report includes loading experience, performance score, delay, time to interactive, speed index, and many more.

4. Page Speed Checker:

The Page Speed checker is a similar tool that can compile a thorough report on the page speed of your website. You can check whether your page has a user-friendly speed rate, standard load time, links related to the speed, and everything you need to be careful about.

And you are getting this simple yet important tool completely FREE!

5. Google Index Checker:

Our Google Index Checker will notify you how many of your website’s pages are indexed. If your Google Index score is low, you may need to improve your content material. Also, if your content’s indexing score is low, Google crawlers will not allow it to appear in the search results.

The Good news? It is a quick and cost-free process. Enter your domain or URL and click Submit to obtain an indexing score.

6. Search Engine Spider Simulator:

Now it is time to check the crawler-friendliness of your page or site. With the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool, you can audit your domain for optimization.

And the tool will general a detailed report on the Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta keyword, H1 to H4 tag, Indexable Links, Readable Text Content, and Source Code of the respective page. Revealing the insight on the whole page will assist you in optimizing the loopholes in On-Page SEO.

Backlink SEO Tools: Help in Off-page SEO

Backlinks indicate that your contents are legitimate because other well-known websites have recommended it. Make sure you give it maximum attention when optimizing your content for SEO.

You must establish to Google that your site authority is significant, that you are receiving organic traffic through backlinks, and that other credible website owners recognize you.

1. Backlink Maker:

Backlinks can be the only solution to speed up your organic traffic rate. Our Backlink Maker is a lightning-fast tool for getting backlink ideas. This tool will provide you with 40+ ideas when you offer any URL or domain name and submit it with just one click.

2. Backlink Checker:

If you want to discover the number of backlinks your site has till now, you can do that with Backlink Checker. This one-step process is SUPER easy to use and super helpful.

Just enter your site’s URL or domain name, and it will reveal the number of backlinks you got.

3. Link Analyzer:

As the name suggests, Link Analyzer will provide you with a massive list of the following insights:

  1. Total links
  2. Internal links
  3. External links
  4. NoFollow Links

After entering your URL in the box, you will get this list of links in your content. Now, it’s up to you to decide if the links are enough to bring you the target audience you want or not.

4. Link Price Calculator:

One of the ways to identify if you want to link with a page or site is by checking the net value of the site. The more worth a site hold, the stronger and more valuable your link building will be.

So, what tool do you need now? LINK Price Calculator!

With just one click, the tool can give you the approximate price in USD of up to 100 sites simultaneously. Only this feature sets it apart from other tools in the market as it provides you more results at the same time.

5. Website Links Count Checker:

You can say this is an ‘overview version’ of the Link Analyzer tool. Since you do not always need an in-depth analysis of your content, the Website Links Count Checker is a tool that will only give you the numbers of the links.

Website links count checker is a necessary tool when repeatedly auditing your site for SEO for a few days. Go to VISER X SEO Tools Tab and type the tool’s name in the search box. After that, insert the page URL you want to check. And the tool will present an overview of the link numbers.

6. Broken Links Finder:

Alright, it’s time to investigate whether your site contains any broken links. Finding broken links on your page can feel like a confusing nightmare.

We want you to take a deep breath and chill out as the Broken Links Finder tool will do the hard part.

The system will prepare an in-depth report on internal and external links you have on your site. It will crawl into your content’s web page and give you a status code and status list.

If the status code is ‘200’ and the status is ‘Okay,’ you are good to go. Otherwise, the tool will nitpick the broken links, and the status code will be ‘404’ and the status – ‘Broken Link.’

Technical SEO Tools: Find Your Website Issues Easily

Ranking higher on Google or any search engine will be a piece of cake for you since you have the VISER X SEO tools for technical search engine optimization.

Instead of watching tutorials and reading articles about technical SEO, it’s high time you get to work and perform auditing of your websites. And the tools below are designed by professionals to give you a full-length analysis report to figure out where you need to improve.

Let’s find out what’s preventing you from ranking higher on Google’s SERPs.

1. Blacklist Lookup:

Blacklist Lookup is a straightforward tool. With this tool, it’s SUPER easy to discover the list where your site is blocked.

You need to enter the URL in the box and click Submit to check. In the blink of an eye, the tool will search for your domain and domain IP and reveal your detailed status on the blacklist. The result will show the status Not Listed when your site is accepted all over the internet.

You can also save the report for future use.

2. Website Screenshot Generator:

Did you know there is a tool to check how the Google crawler sees your page? If not, you just have to use this tool for your site. The Website Screenshot Generator will take a high-resolution screenshot of different pages of your desired website.

Recently, Google has been downranking sites that are not mobile-friendly. You can log into the VISERX SEO tools and check if your site is optimized with the screenshot generator tool for the smartphone screen.

Entering the domain name and submitting it to the site will give you a screenshot of your page. You can also share it with your co-workers and clients and store it for future reference or presentation.

3. Alexa Rank Checker:

Want to know if you are doing the job right or not? To check that out, you need to know where you stand in the vast world of the web.

And to let you know that we have an incredibly comprehensive tool – Alexa Rank Checker. Using this tool will grade your site compared to the millions of other websites web-wide.

All you need to do is insert your page URL >Submit. The tool will show-

This chart will push you to work harder if the ranking is unsatisfactory.

4. Google Malware Checker:

Google always wants to ensure a safe browsing experience for visitors. Even if your content is legitimate, your website may contain a bug that could cause compromising the user’s data.

To protect your webpage, Google Malware checker comes into play. Use the Google Malware Checker before rolling in the site, and Google will let you know whether your content contains any unsafe content or not. How? Enter URL and Submit. Easy!

5. Whois Checker:

Suppose you want to buy an existing domain. How will you contact the admin? Search Google? You will find hundreds of search results, and you need to find out the authentic ones. We have a better solution for you. Go to our WHOIS Checker tool, enter the URL, and press Get WHOIS Data. The pro-tool will give you boatloads of information on the site’s architecture, registry, admin name, address, contact info, server, and every other data you will need.

6. Get Source Code of Webpage:

This tool is reliable, convenient, and must-needed for technical SEO audit performers. You may find numerous similar online systems in the market to get the source code of a different site or your own. But what makes the Source Code of Webpage tool exceptional is – Copy-paste the URL of the page and click on ‘Find Source Code.’ The tool will generate a thorough list of the code.

7. URL Encoder/ Decoder:

It is better to consider the URL Encoder/ Decoder tool as your helping hand. Instead of spending hours on your keyboard to encode or decode a URL from a text, copy-paste any text in the box, and this high-tech tool will create the URLs in just a snap. This tool is handy and perfect for content creators.

8. Server Status Checker:

Technical SEO experts often recommend checking the server status at two or three weeks intervals. Checking the status ensures that your site’s HTTP Code and Response Time are optimized and your website is ONLINE. And to check the status FREEE with zero effort, you can use the Server Status Checker. Follow the steps, and you are good to go: Enter up to 100 URLs Submit. Happy to see how easy it is to use the tool. Scroll Down to have more.

9. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator:

Similar to the Screenshot Generator, this tool specializes in overlooking your site. Now you got to see how your website looks in different resolutions. You can also find out the places where you can make improvements.
Enter the URL select Screen Resolution from a wide range of Pixel lists click Check.

10. Page Size Checker:

Optimizing the page size is important because it affects the website’s overall performance and ranking. Our speedy, precise, and FREE Page Size Checker will help you measure every website page. The tool provides the size in both Bytes and KB. Observe and decide if you need to remove any unnecessary resources, resize images, change fonts, or comprise the content to fit the webpage standard of Google.

11. Online Md5 Generator:

You need to save your website from any potential hacking or cyber-attack. But you may think you cannot do that without learning. That is not true at all. Now encrypting any text or your URL is easier than ever before. And there is no need to have any technical knowledge about coding and everything. You can copy and text and paste it, right? That would be enough because your Md5 hash is just one click away.

12. Code to Text Ratio Checker:

Do you know what the ideal code to text ratio is? 10% is the starting point for the code to text ratio. But you need first to evaluate the proportion of your content to fix it. How to do that? Use our robust code to text Ratio Checker that will show you not only the ratio but also the text content size as well as total HTML size. If your code to text ratio is less than 10%, you may need to add more elements to your content, optimize HTML, use CSS, JS, etc.

13. Find DNS Records:

The ‘Find DNS Records’ among the other tools of VISER X Tools could make finding the detailed report of your website relatively easy than any other tool you will find on the web. If you are up for tons of information at a time, just input the URL and ‘Submit’ it to the server. And the tool will reveal the host, IP, Class, Type, Txt, Ttl, and Entries. What more do you want to be an SEO expert?

14. What is my Browser:

Simply put, clicking on this tool will provide you with comprehensive information on Your Browser, Browser Version, OS, and User-Agent. If your client wants you to work in a specific browser version or user agent, you can check it with one click and let the client know that you are maintaining all the specifications.

15. Email Privacy:

Need the Email Address of a site/ page owner or the admin of an online business? You can surely find one on their website. But what if you do not have the time to look for it. Our super-fast, efficient, and reliable tool will help you get all the email addresses of a given domain or site owner in less than a minute. Typing your URL and submitting it is enough to find out the website. Nothing can stop you from communicating with the other site owners.

16. Google Cache Checker:

The rule of thumb for keeping your webpage status updated is to check if the site is cached by Google or not. With the FREE, easy, and efficient Google Cache Checker, you can now view when your site was cached and when. Yes, with the exact date with the second, minute, and hour. What you need to do is, enter your URL and click submit.

17. Robots.txt Generator:

How would you prefer to generate your Robots.txt? With the tool that needs less effort and time or with the one that requires tons of information and requires hours to produce a simple robots.txt? We know that you will choose the first one. And our hard-working team members have designed this interesting plugin that will help you with your Robots.txt in the least possible time. And guess what? All for FREE! You need to select the options from the tool’s filter first. They are: And click the option that suits your interest: Create Robot.txt/ Create and Save as Robots.txt/ Clear After you are done, the tool will create the Robots.txt file at your root directory, copy the above text, and paste it into the text file of your website.

18. XML Sitemap Generator:

XML Sitemap Generator is an excellent tool for producing the sitemap of your website. Enter your domain name, date, frequency, and the number of pages you want to create a sitemap – and the tool will start crawling your website. In a matter of seconds, you will have the sitemap created by the FREE tool that might have cost you hundreds of dollars if you hired a professional. You can produce this sitemap regardless of the search engine you are working for: Google, Bing, Yahoo, or anything else. After creating the file, you can save it as an XML file.

19. WWW Redirect Checker:

This application scans your site for any potential technical issues and delivers a quick update on the WWW Redirect Status. To get the free report, enter your URL in the search box, and you are set for the result with redirection status – Good or Bad.

IP SEO Tools: Analyze Your IP Address

If you optimize your content and think that your SEO Auditing is done, hold on. You still need to optimize the IP or Internet protocol. The auditing team often ignores the IP SEO, which causes technical issues, and visitors cannot visit the website. A valid IP address allows other computers with the internet to host a server. Although it doesn’t have any direct impact on content, we still cannot ignore the importance.

1. Reverse IP Domain Checker:

Coincidently, your site’s domain name can match another domain name as the broad market, and many people are selling the same products or services. However, after generating the IP domain, you can check it with our reliable tool – Reverse IP Domain Checker. After entering the domain address, the tool will let you know if you have any twin domains or not.

2. Class-C IP Checker:

Are you looking for a bulk class-C IP checker? Why look anywhere else when you can find the speedy tool that can scan and analyze around 40 domains at a time? Our Class-C IP checker will let you know the hostname, IP, and Class C organized away with just a few clicks? How? Type or copy-paste your URL >click submit and see the magic!

3. My IP Address:

If you want to modify or view your IP address or send the information to someone else, you can do that with the My IP Address. Just clicking on the tool will reveal your internet identity. This Free tool will give you a detailed list of:
  1. Your IP
  2. City
  3. Region
  4. Country
  5. Country Code
  6. ISP
  7. Latitude and
  8. Longitude

4. Online Ping Website Tool:

Last but not least, you need to ensure that the response time of your website is satisfactory. To figure out the time, connection, and redirection, you need to go to the Online Ping Website tool. And complete the following options:
  1. Enter your blog URL
  2. Enter Your Blog Name
  3. Enter Your Blog Updated URL
  4. Enter Your Blog RSS Feed URL
  5. Select Submit and your site is set to go.

Content SEO Tools: Make More Efficient Contents

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the core of the whole process lies in the content. Regardless of how much effort you have put into the On-page or technical SEO, your content will not rank if it doesn’t contain relevant resources. Also, the information a visitor is looking for and many other similar factors are equally important. These are the factors Google seems crucial for a site to rank. Let’s explore our range of tools that might help you optimize your content.

1. Article Rewriter:

This pro-tool will assist you in article rewriting when you need to repeatedly produce new essays on the same topic. Copy-paste the quote or portion of text you want to rewrite and let the expert do its job. You will be amazed at how this AI can produce such unique and polished texts at ZERO cost.

2. Plagiarism Checker:

The extremely helpful and quite simple-to-use plagiarism Checker Tool will determine the originality of your content. Since you write your content based on the available materials found on the internet, the chances of similar content are not small. With two simple steps, you can analyze if your content is unique or has already been published in another post on the internet. After a thorough check, the tool will show a percentage and give you recommendations on which lines already exist on another post on the internet and top change the words or phrases to make it unique.

3. Word Counter:

Now, counting words will be done with our Word Counter Tool in the blink of an eye. All you need to press on your keyboard is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy-paste a quote, your written document, an article you are reading, or the Meta Tag you just wrote. The tool will give you the word count, but it will also provide the total characters count.

4. URL Rewriting Tool:

Want to know another FREE yet handy tool you will need every day? Check our URL Rewrite Tool from VISER X SEO Tools. With the help of this application, turning a long dynamic URL of a website into a short static URL is just a matter of a few clicks. The tool is convenient when you decide to send your website’s URL to your client, but it turns out to be a long link. Again optimizing the URL is also necessary because it will assist Google in finding your site faster. So, make your site’s URL SEO-friendly and accessible with the FREE tool.

Keyword SEO Tools: Know Your KW’s Better

We want to congratulate you as you have progressed to the ultimate stage of your SEO workflow at this point of the article. Just another step, and nobody can stop you. Certainly, you do not wish to compromise your hard work on the technical, IP, and On-page SEO for poor performance in keyword research. When done right, the keywords will be a few factors that can aid you in outranking your competitors. So, what tools can you use to SEO optimize the keywords? Let’s find out.

1. Keyword Position Checker:

Isn’t it better to know your keyword’s position before writing content on it? The Keyword Position Checker is a great tool to help you with that. You will need to enter the Domain name and keyword and check position up to 500. This amazing tool will let you know the keyword position for Google and Yahoo. Fast and easy, right?

2. Keyword Density Checker:

You may want to find a word on the Word File you have written your article on by the Find and Replace tool. However, it does not show you the exact number of times you have used the word. Our Keyword Density Checker can help you with that. What makes this tool different than the other tools on the web is that it is designed most efficiently. And the program generates a word-by-word analysis report after crawling your content. Moreover, you get the percentage of the total word count to decide if you want to use the keyword more or optimize it. How? Copy-paste the URL and Submit. Done.

3. Keywords Suggestion Tool:

The purpose of the keywords suggestion tool is diverse. While writing an article, you should keep in mind that the keywords are the only thing that can connect you with your target audience.

With the help of our tool, you do not need to do any extensive research about keywords. The system will analyze the related keywords based on—

  1. What users type in the search box to look for the service?
  2. What terms did they use to search for the item you are writing about?
  3. How your competitor sites are implementing the keyword?

Regardless of the long or short-tailed keywords, the tool provides you with the 10 most related keywords. Using these keywords will make your content optimized for Google to find your content faster.

How to operate? You need to enter the keyword and wait for the tool to process the information. That’s it. You will get the 10 best keywords in less than 10 seconds.


The only way to thrive in the ever-competitive world of digital marketing is to be strategic and use smart technologies. We hope that with the help of VISER X SEO Tools, you will be able to grasp the overall picture of your content, thus facilitating your overall SEO process.

Know where you need to improve, from keyword research to site analysis. If you have a question or need a service, feel free to send us an email. We will be delighted to help you.

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