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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: June 1, 2022

Digital marketing is a prerequisite for a company's growth these days. As much as digital marketing is essential, opting for a professional digital marketing agency is equally crucial for your business.

VISER X is one of the best digital marketing agencies providing result-oriented services to companies ranging from small to big.

Let's know the list of digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh and why people trust VISER X as their growth partner.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh [The Ultimate List]

  1. VISER X - VISER X is the best digital marketing agency in the industry. They provide 360° digital marketing services worldwide and in Bangladesh. Get in touch for quality services. They provide result-oriented services to small and big companies.
  2. SmartSites - SmartSites is in the top 1% of digital marketing firms. Their PPC specialists are some of the best in the industry, combining performance with great customer service and a track record of creating profitable businesses.
  3. Manta - Manta provides customized organic SEO solutions to assist lead more customers to your business, such as local SEO, national SEO, and ecommerce SEO.
  4. BrainyZat - BrainyZat is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in digital heritage and analytics. From end-to-end digital marketing agency implementation to specialized consulting solutions for in-house professionals.
  5. TOP SEO Center - They have a 25-person experienced team with strong SEO knowledge. Local business listing, social bookmarking, backlinks, link building, social media campaign, social media landing page setup, blog commenting, and other similar activities.
  6. BrandViser - In Bangladesh, BrandViser is a full-service digital marketing agency. They provide a wide range of digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Paid Ads, and content marketing.
  7. DigitalVast - Since 2014, they have been a digital marketing agency. They founded their business after noticing a significant gap in digital marketing knowledge and a lack of transparency, resources, and experience among our industry colleagues.
  8. OnZ Solutions - OnZ Solutions is a full-service digital media firm. They provide brands with completely integrated digital media solutions. They enjoy what they do, have complete faith in their work, and are motivated by their clients' success.
  9. Dcastalia Limited - In Bangladesh, an honest, open, and result-driven digital agency. They provide a personal, passionate, and personalized service to all of their clients, whether they are located in Bangladesh or outside.
  10. WebAble Digital - WebAble Digital is a leading online marketing, branding, advertising, social media, content, design, web, SEO, and PPC agency in Bangladesh and Singapore.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

As a developing country, you see, Bangladesh has a wide variety of businesses emerging that contribute to the expansion of our economy. Maybe you have a business as well. And the success of your business no longer relies heavily on traditional marketing.

The reason for that is that— a whopping 66.44 million people in Bangladesh are using the internet. Not to mention, all these people are taking services from different companies, right? I believe you are no different. Thus, you will have a huge number of potential customers online.

If you fail to reach these people, you will be missing endless opportunities for your business. Certainly, you don't want that. In this regard, digital marketing in Bangladesh can be your ultimate key to reaching target audiences and growing your potential clients.

Evidently, companies of all sizes in Bangladesh are now shifting to digital marketing due to its extensive benefits. That means your competitors are also doing it. All things considered, you must plan for digital marketing too, if you want to compete in a particular industry.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Advertising has changed. Weeks have gone! The market is currently controlled by SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) companies. due to the fact that companies are not need to invest millions of dollars in traditional marketing efforts such costly television advertisements, print advertisements, billboards, etc. The use of a large marketing team is now significantly less necessary thanks to digital or online marketing. Utilize the benefits of your social media platforms and your website.

Using our inbound digital marketing strategies, we can help you in reaching the right clients regardless of whether your company specializes in eCommerce, real estate, manufacturing, or services.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, we are renowned for producing successful advertising campaigns that are led by research, design thinking, and communication. Nowadays, everyone uses the internet. They are your potential customers, and as such, they could become ones through various advertising campaigns! It doesn't matter how big your business is. Most of the time, they don't even come to your office. You will win the race if you successfully promote your goods or services via digital media platforms and advertising strategies. Because there is really little As a leading advertising agency in Bangladesh, we are renowned for producing successful advertising campaigns that are led by research, design thinking, and communication. 

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet. They are your online customers, and as such, they could become ones through various advertising campaigns! It doesn't matter how big your business is. Most of the time, they don't even come to your office. You will win the race if you successfully promote your goods or services via digital media platforms and advertising strategies. Because there is really little difference between large and small businesses on the digital marketplace. VISER X can be useful in this situation.

Let us develop the greatest digital strategy for your business, one that will increase earnings and drive it to the top of the market. Let's start from scratch and create a "living" brand.

Our Creative Digital Marketing Services

For more than decade, VISER X has offered digital marketing services and has established a strong reputation for customer retention. We have advanced knowledge of managing and marketing digital media platforms, and we have helped various businesses in generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Have a look at our creative digital marketing services

Why Select an Expert Digital Marketing Agency?

It should be noted – digital marketing is a highly complex task. Often, we might understand why digital marketing is important. But we don't entirely realize the necessity of skilled digital marketing.

Considering that fact, if you want to benefit from digital marketing, your company needs to be in good hands. Given that, you must select the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh that can facilitate you to generate revenue.

Look over the 7 reasons below and learn why you should select the top digital marketing agency in Bangladesh.

1. Ensuring Your Online Presence

Ensuring your online presence

Online presence includes several matrices. For example, you want to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). However, that's just a part of the digital marketing task. That means there are many things you need to grow your online presence. If you seek a digital marketing service, they can ensure people are finding out about you whenever they are searching online.

Moreover, there are basic steps that are critical for a business, such as— creating accounts and listing the service for search engines depending on the search intent of your target customers. Google my business, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the examples of digital platforms that your target customers frequently visit.

A fully equipped digital marketing service can do SEO tasks along with social media and pay-per-click ad campaigns. All of these will result in an improved online presence.

Not only that, a digital marketing service can aid you in expanding your brand by building social communities. For that, they will put in the effort to utilize the right keywords and create user-friendly content for a variety of platforms.

2. Creating a Realistic Budget Plan

Creating a realistic budget plan

Businesses often make a budgetary plan for all platforms. Also, I have seen enterprises targetting fewer platforms and ignoring effective platforms. They sometimes consider the wrong platforms as well. Maybe you are also processing like this. Well, this is not the way you do it. Besides, this approach will lead to the wrong budget plan.

The right way to create a realistic budget plan is to first research all the sorts of the platform. And digital marketing experts will be there to research the platforms. Thus, you can reveal which platforms will work best for your service. Also, you can know which platforms are not worth investing in.

After that, they can help you set a budget for the target platform. This way, both the target platforms and the budget will be correct for you. Also, you have already discarded the other platforms. So, there is no chance of investing in the wrong platform.

3. Generating Useful Content

Creating a realistic budget plan

Expert digital marketing services stay updated with the latest trends and news. Those are important for your business. Digital marketing agencies also research audiences or target customers.

For example, they would know what your target customers ask frequently. And, you might not have much clue about what's trending. Well, these are reasons they are experts. Anyway, digital marketing services can help you create content that will help your business.

Moreover, a digital marketing partner can give a real idea of how your target customers consume content on your service page and social media account. For example, you can discover if downloadable content gains desired clicks, the number of engagements in a social media post, etc. These types of insights are important to measure a success plan.

In connection with that, a skilled digital marketing agency can develop a useful content marketing strategy for all kinds of online platforms. Moreover, they will know what sort of content is suitable for a particular platform to maintain the message of your brand.

4. Adjusting to The Changes in Search Engine Algorithms

Adjusting to the changes in Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the important strategies for increasing your visibility online and driving more traffic to your website. Sadly, it's not a one-time task.

To make it clearer – Google frequently makes changes in its algorithm. These vastly affect your SEO strategy. In that case, you can hire a competent digital marketing company to keep an eye on these changes. As a result, you can adapt SEO strategies for your business. Also, this will prevent your ranked pages from getting under-ranked or deindexed.

Take Google's mobile-friendly update (algorithm change) as an example. It took place in 2016, and it affected a huge number of websites that weren't set for mobile users.

You will also see that businesses often do keyword setting and backlinks and create content as SEO tasks. But, they are not aware that responsive web design, site architecture, and page speed are also important for ranking factors. This is where a digital marketing agency can be of great help.

5. Reaching Short-term and Long-Term Goals

Reaching short-term and long-term goals

Companies have specific goals for all the campaigns. Meaning—there can be short-term and long-term goals, such as – lead generation, driving a certain amount of traffic to their website, making a certain number of conversions, etc.

You will have to plan this way as well. And you need to collaborate with a digital marketing agency because they can help you align your short-term goals with long-term goals. Also, you can perform monthly or quarterly evaluations by taking help from a digital marketing agency.

What is more, such a service can aid you in forming stronger campaigns and getting the desired result.

6. Monitoring and Evaluating Campaigns

Monitoring and evaluating campaigns

You will need to closely monitor the devised strategies or campaigns. Also, you need to evaluate them. In fact, campaigns need to be monitored and assessed regularly.

Wondering what you will be measuring through monitoring and evaluation? You need to see if the marketing strategy you developed is effective. You are supposed to do it while a specific campaign is ongoing. This will allow you to find the area for improvement. As a result, you get to adapt to the going campaigns.

You will need to evaluate one more time. That should be after a couple of months of a campaign. In this step, you need to inspect the impact of a particular online marketing technique. There will be data and insights after the evaluation. By checking the data, you can gather information for forming a better campaign next time.

Regarding that, an agency can help you closely monitor and evaluate all the campaigns. This way, you can ensure the aim is going to be achieved.

7. Utilizing Latest Technology

Utilizing latest technology

Digital marketing incorporates various fields of technology. And, you will need some particular set of digital marketing tools.

Considering that, a digital marketing agency that has been in the industry for a while now can provide all the necessary resources you need for your business. The resources or tools will help you reinforce social media marketing and lead collecting strategies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertisement, and content marketing are some examples.

There are many free tools already that people are using to strengthen the marketing game. Google Analytics and Hootsuite are two popular tools in terms of digital marketing. Since they are free, mostly small businesses with tight budgets utilize them.

Apparently, these tools work fine for keyword research, social listening, bench marketing competitor sites, and other tasks. However, you will still need experts to make use of the free tools.

Conversely, bigger businesses need to deploy advanced features. In that case, you will need premium tools. And in the premium version, there are options for automation, organized campaign, social media accounts management, better analytics, and more useful features.

If you cooperate with a digital marketing service, they will help you get the premium features. Because established agencies, in collaboration with other technical partners, can offer premium software at lower prices.

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh: How Can VISER X Help?


Digital marketing agency in Bangladesh: How can VISER X help?

You understand now—why you need a digital marketing agency and how they can help your business expand.

Now, let's find out how VISER X, as a digital marketing agency, can support you the best in establishing a business. Furthermore, throughout the discussion, you will discover how digital marketing can help your business.

High-Quality Digital Content

High-Quality Digital Content

Already, I have talked a lot about seeking digital marketing services for your business. Well, there is more I would like to point out to you. You know that digital marketing is needed for your online existence.

Now, digital marketing involves so many aspects of your online existence. The three common online existences are- a website, a blog on your website, and social media accounts.

Perhaps, you have a blog. And a blog can generate opportunities for sales. Needless to say that you need to post written content regularly on the blog. Other than that, a blog is no help for your online presence.

You can reach us because VISER X can help create top-notch content for your blog. Nevertheless, we can help you make use of your website and social media accounts to confirm the best online presence.



At this point, SEO is the most demandable task in digital marketing. SEO includes different kinds of activities to rank higher on potential search engines. Also, it is one of the effective ways to improve your online visibility and grow organic traffic without spending much like paid ads.

VISER X SEO service will open up new opportunities for your business. We focus on accomplishing strategic SEO that will render the result you are aiming for. Also, know that – SEO is a continuous task that must administer from time to time. We will be by your side all the way.



It's essential to make PPC ads for various platforms nowadays. That includes – Google ads, Bing ads, and Social media ads. This digital marketing strategy is most important for eCommerce businesses.

However, the Idea of PPC ads means you create ads, and you only pay when people are interacting with the ads. But the problem is – all platforms won't be suitable for your service. For that, our experts are here to identify which platform is going to work best for you. Finally, we can make ads analyzing useful keywords for the selected platform/s.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube marketing

Interestingly, Youtube is the second largest search engine. People are always trying to find out information on a product or service so that they can decide on a product. With Youtube marketing, you can reach those people so that you can sell your product/service. And VISER X can make video ads and run those ads effectively on Youtube.

Amazon Product Listing

Amazon product listing

Planning on selling products on Amazon? Or maybe you are already trading there. Just posting the products with their details is not enough for sale to take place!

Sadly, most sellers on Amazon are not aware that they need to do the product listing properly. And, we can help you with that. We will make sure that the product description is put together randomly. That way, you will be more noticeable in the stiff competition on Amazon.

Shopify Speed Optimization

Shopify Speed Optimization

Need to establish a Shopify store to sell your products? VISER X has you covered. From organizing to optimizing a Shopify store, we can do it all for you!

Besides, your shop on Shopify must be loading fast. Consider this—you have just found a link for a product to Shopify. You have decided to click on the link because you want to check the product out. Unfortunately, the shop is loading load. Will you wait? Perhaps not.

This way, that particular shop with a slow speed will lose a good deal of potential customers. Now think that the shops belong to you. Do you want the drive a potential away with a low-speed website? Certainly not.

We can work on the speed on your site. Thus, there will be a lower bounce rate. If you don't do so, you are actively jeopardizing gaining higher revenue.

Dropshipping Optimization

Dropshipping optimization

Dropping is easy to start as it requires a lesser amount of capital. However, if you don't perform dropshipping optimization, you won't be getting any orders. To help you with that, we can create long content and relevant images and optimize your store for a higher ranking on search engines.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO)

Reportedly, there are around 3.48 million apps on the Google Play Store, and the number is increasing every day.

Considering this, you must be a passionate app developer. But creating an app and then uploading the app to the app stores is not enough these days. You need to optimize the app in the app stores too, along with other search engine optimization.

We can do that for you so that your app stands more chance of getting noticed by the visitors in the app stores.

Freelancing Gig Optimization

Creating a gig on online marketplaces such as Fiverr or Upwork is easy. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you will start getting orders the moment you make a gig. In fact, you might not get a single order in a long time! Right there, you might need help from us!

We can confirm that when someone searches for a gig, your gig gets noticed among the countless gigs.

Reach Us for The Best Digital Marketing Service

I hope you have realized now how a digital marketing service can create more opportunities for the growth of your brand. Experts in our agency can provide you with the necessary resources and conduct necessary digital marketing tasks.

In the end, you can reach the customers you have been leaving out. Moreover, you can develop a meaningful relationship with customers utilizing our expertise.

On the whole, if you truly want your business to be successful, you need assistance from an experienced digital marketing agency in Bangladesh like VISER X. You can check out all our services and select the one you need.

If you are unsure which assistance you need, feel free to call us or email us today!


In case you have more queries, look at the questions below. They will provide you with extra information.

Which Agency is Best for Digital Marketing?

Among countless options for a digital agency in Bangladesh, you need to look for result-oriented services because they focus more on outcomes than just completing tasks.

Also, you need to look for a digital marketing agency that has years-long experience. Moreover, you need to check the client base. You can reach VISER X as a reliable digital marketing agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are result-oriented and have served in the industry for more than 10 years, securing an impressive client base.

Who is The Best Digital Marketing Strategist in Bangladesh?

An expert digital marketing agency has some particular characteristics. For instance, the best digital marketing company will first have a deep look at your business model. After that, they will provide suggestions for digital marketing for your business.

Moreover, they can find out the flaws in your current digital marketing strategies. Basically, their approach will be research bases, hence, data-driven. Fortunately, here at VISER X, we can do it all for you as one of the best digital marketing service providers in Bangladesh. We work to understand your business and finally decide what would be best for your business.

What are The Common Digital Marketing Services in Bangladesh?

Everything thing you do to promote your business online is Digital marketing. Bangladesh has numerous digital marketing agencies emerging and established, including VISER X. With our expertise, you can use digital marketing to perform effective social media marketing, create ads on various platforms, produce content for your service, and increase your visibility in search engines.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Lately, digital marketing has turned into a promising career path. That's because businesses all over the world are in need of online promotions and visibility. So, there is a high demand for digital marketing experts and services. Furthermore, the pay will be good.

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

Digital marketing might look easy. But it's highly technical and complicated, and there is a lot to be aware of. With regard to that, one must be up-to-date with technologies.

That includes- keeping up with changes in popular search engines and social media, understanding all the matrices to utilize search engines and social media, knowing the uses of various analytical and research tools, and being familiar with different types of online content.

Who is The Biggest Digital Marketing Company?

The biggest digital marketing agencies are those who can ensure the successful execution of digital marketing for your business. Also, big digital marketing companies will serve the other big companies. Besides, they will perform digital marketing considering various factors of your business.

According to many reviews, Accenture Interactive is the biggest digital marketing company headquartered in New York. However, in Bangladesh, several companies such as VISER X, Notionhive, and Riseup Labs h are among the best.

Check out VISER X – an established digital marketing company in Bangladesh.

How Can I Start Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a complex task but easy if you follow the right track. If you want it as a career, there are both online, and offline courses available as well as companies like VISER X offer internship opportunities.

In contrast, if you want to implement it for your business, it is always better to take help from an expert digital marketing agency if you are less knowledgeable. In that case, you can reach VISER X and develop a valuable digital marketing plan for your business.

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