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Top 15 Freelancing Websites in Bangladesh

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: June 20, 2022

Freelancing has become one of Bangladeshis' most prominent and popular work opportunities over the last few years. It gives professionals the scope to work in their expert fields. Hence, freelancers can showcase their skills on different websites and bid for the tasks to earn money according to their timings.

According to ICT Division, Bangladesh, there are over 500,000 active freelancers in Bangladesh. So, if you want to be a full-time freelancer who works at your own pace, here are the top 15 freelancing websites in Bangladesh to get you started.

What is a Freelancer?

A person who works on their own as a freelancer is known as a freelancer. They are in charge of maintaining their work schedule and are not under anyone else's supervision or long-term commitment.

Freelancers can work and complete their tasks from any location. They can decide how much work and time they want to put into the job. They don't have to worry about the pressure your boss puts on you to start early or work late.

A Brief Overview of Freelancing History in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a short history of freelancing. In the last couple of years, the freelancing marketplace list in BD has skyrocketed in popularity.

It all started in 1998 when SOFTmoonlighter.com acquired "GURU," the first freelancing marketplace.

At a glance:

  • First Freelancing Platform in Bangladesh: Guru
  • Established in: 1998

Nowadays, some of the most used marketplaces are Fiverr, Upwork.com, Elance.com, RentAcoder.com, GetAFreelancer.com, Freelancer.com, and Limeexchange.com.

The reason behind this growth in popularity is broad online communication & skill services like SEO, Digital Marketing, Web development, etc.

Top 15 Freelancing Marketplace List

For those looking to work from home as freelancers in 2024, below is a list of the top marketplaces and websites to consider:

  1. Upwork - website design, programming, and brand marketing
  2. Fiverr - social media, web development, and digital marketing
  3. Freelancer - web development, social media marketing, and content translation
  4. Toptal - software development, financial advice, and interim management
  5. SEOClerks - social media, web development, and digital marketing
  6. SimplyHired - data entry, finance, and human resources
  7. Guru - marketing, administration, and programming
  8. PeoplePerHour - social media, web development, and digital marketing
  9. 99Designs - graphic, web, and logo design
  10. Designhill - website, brand, and merchandise designs
  11. Envato - graphic, web, and logo design
  12. DesignCrowd - graphic, web, and logo design
  13. Behance - photography, illustration, and web design
  14. Hireable - web development, social media marketing, and content marketing
  15. Nexxt - website design, programming, and brand marketing

Top 15 Freelancing Websites in Bangladesh By Popularity

Nowadays, there are several freelancing websites in Bangladesh where people can seek project works across different employers worldwide. These websites help freelancers and employers bring together where employers can hire freelancers for short-term tasks with lower costs.

Among the online outsourcing marketplaces, Upwork is one of the most well-known. And Bangladesh is one of the ten most Upwork users countries globally.

Along with them, there are plenty of freelancing websites for beginners in Bangladesh. Look at the top 15 freelancing websites on which anyone can start working.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing platforms in the whole world. Previously it was known as Elance oDesk, a freelancing platform based in the United States. Later, it rebranded as Upwork in 2015 and began operations. It's a communication tool for businesses and freelancers.

If someone wants to work in Upwork, they must fill out their freelancer profile, including their talents, portfolio, and certification.

Customers can choose between free and premium programs, ensuring they can obtain exactly what they require. There are also several skill tests available to prove the freelancers' abilities.

Website: https://www.upwork.com/

2. Fiverr

Another top-rated and global freelancing platform is Fiverr—an online marketplace for freelance services. It was founded in 2010, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They provide services in various languages, including English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and others.

Fiverr serves as a platform for individuals to provide the best service to consumers worldwide. Anyone who wishes to work here must first create a Gig.

After creating a Gig, a freelancer can tell potential customers worldwide precisely what sort of work they can supply. When a freelancer completes a project to the customer's satisfaction, s/he gets paid.

Website: https://www.fiverr.com/

3. Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com is a well-known and powerful freelancer platform that was founded in 2009.

Due to its easy-to-use and reliable services, many freelancers are using this. It has broadened its business in a lot of different destinations all around the world.

You can sign up, post a project, and receive bids from freelancers using this platform. However, before placing their jobs or orders, clients can also take a skills test on this platform.

Website: https://www.freelancer.com/

4. Toptal.com

Toptal—a global remote firm created in 2010—is a freelancing network that works as a linking platform. This platform links all types of organizations with designers, software engineers, and business consultants.

Customers can access the top 3% of freelancers globally through this platform. If you're a software developer, toptal.com is the greatest online platform for you to get opportunities and advance your career.

However, you will need prior experience and proper skillset to get projects on this platform. The screening process of the platform is fantastic, as it only accepts 3% of developers in a single round.

Website: https://www.toptal.com/

5. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is one of the largest marketplaces for SEO tasks. Employers can post jobs for free and hire a professional to help rank their website on this platform. There are a lot of Bangladeshi freelancers working on this platform.

If you are an expert in digital marketing, this is a great marketplace for making money online. You can find work here, such as content writing, link building, and various other jobs advertised here.

Website: https://www.seoclerk.com/

6. Simply Hired

SimplyHired.com offers both offline and online work for freelancers. You can submit work at no cost on this platform and search for freelancers around you as well.

SimplyHired.com is a perfect place to look for and apply for freelance jobs if you're a freelancer. However, you must submit a résumé with relevant experience to compete in this online marketplace.

Website: https://www.simplyhired.com/

7. Guru.com

Guru.com was started in 1998 in Pittsburgh as a private freelancing marketplace. There are more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

While others up to 10% of the freelancer's payment after work completion, this site does not. As a result, it is popular among new freelancers.

On this platform, freelancers can manage and perform their operations at their leisure. However, you have to submit your expertise and skills to find jobs.

Website: https://www.guru.com/

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is located in the United Kingdom—established in London in 2007. It allows freelancers to do business with the company.

This platform's benefit is that freelancers can even utilize the earned money to buy services, proposal credits, or withdraw it for personal use after receiving payment. On top of that, it has no membership fees for the users.

However, you have to publish the tasks for which they want to recruit freelancers.

Website: https://www.peopleperhour.com/

9. 99Designs.com

If any employer wants to hire a graphic designer or an individual wants to work as a graphic designer, 99design.com is the ideal platform.

You can showcase your portfolio and bid with clients for the desired task. However, anybody who wants to join this platform must pay a membership fee.

Website: https://99designs.com/

10. Designhill.com

It is another well-known online market for freelance designers. You can simply locate graphic and web designers through this marketplace for your small business or a huge long-term firm.

Website: https://www.designhill.com/

11. Envato

Envato is a digital asset marketplace where anyone may acquire various digital assets. With more than 8 million members and 5 million products for sale, there are over 1.5 million buyers and sellers here.

The regulations of royalty-free stock models apply to this market.

When someone sells anything, s/he allows the client permission to use it in specific ways. The object, however, remains the buyer's property. Envato is a risk-free and easy-to-use platform.

Website: https://www.envato.com/

12. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a cloud-based sourcing platform established in 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The major objective of our website is to help businesses locate the top designs at affordable prices worldwide.

This website also provides designers with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

You must first choose a design and create an account to find works on this website. After that, the designer can submit their work and be paid. This platform is also free to use.

However, freelancers must pay a minimum of 4% to 20% of their earnings to utilize it.

Website: https://www.designcrowd.com/

13. Behance

Behance is one of the most popular design portfolio websites in the world. This platform has evolved into a community of professional designers.

People show off the work they've finished or are currently working on. Hence, you will find many concept artists on Behance.

The Behance jobs board is where you may post the job roles employers seek for their startups, projects, or whatever else. Thus it has become a vast marketplace or community where you may rapidly discover a designer.

Website: https://www.behance.net/

14. Hireable.com

Hireable.com, based in Irvine, California, is one of the internet's most popular job search websites. This website aims to connect people with their dream employment while establishing a talent pool.

This website opens up many opportunities for businesses to connect with skilled and educated workers worldwide. Anyone who is looking for work can create an account.

Job searchers can use the job posting service's powerful search engine to find work—a single keyword yields many results.

Website: https://hireable.com/

15. Nexxt

Nexxt, based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is a unique network with many members that a corporation needs. Nexxt employs today's most influential market strategies so freelancers can provide outstanding service while receiving the best compensation.

Thanks to SmartMatch technology, which aids in the discovery of potential employment matches as well as career information such as news, articles, and other resources.

When a freelancer finds a project here and bids for it, Nexxt seeks another job that is similar to it so that he can quickly locate his preferred job.

Website: https://www.nexxt.com/

How does freelancing work?

If a company or individual seeks to outsource work, they go to a freelancing marketplace and invite professional freelancers to bid on the job. In this manner, the employer chooses one project out of several bids that are worthy and suitable.

After that, the employer contacts the freelancer and discusses the work in detail. The employer provides all the necessary information to the freelancer and sets a deadline. The two parties then negotiate the final pricing behind closed conversation as well.

OnVce the job is done, the employer makes the payment through different channels and leaves a satisfying review.

Importance of Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Data management and SEO/SEM/SMM tasks are some of the top freelancing jobs in Bangladesh. Web design, systems engineering, writing and content, designing, and architecture are also worthy of notice.

Bangladeshi freelancers can get more involved in this type of work. One Bangladeshi Search Engine Optimizer will usually charge less than a US freelancer. Thus, if the skillset matches and meets expectations, employers seek more Bangladeshi freelancers.

Let us now turn our attention to outsourcing in Bangladesh. In 2012, the freelancers from Bangladesh brought in BDT 365crore as earnings.

This amount skyrocketed to around 4443 billion in 2015 in the whole world. If our freelancers can take 10% of the jobs in the marketplace, they can earn at least 45 billion dollars in total.

In our country, women make up 50% of the population. A large percentage of them still do not contribute to the economy. Assume they can work freelancing for 3-4 hours per day and earn 3-4 dollars daily.

Also, there are 50 lacs of educated girls and women among them. The country can bring about 1.5 core US dollars daily if we build them as freelancers. It can amount to 500 US dollars per year.

Freelancing Earnings in Bangladesh

The income of freelancers in Bangladesh can vary widely depending on factors such as skill set, experience, type of projects, and the platform through which they operate.

The average monthly income for freelancers in Bangladesh ranged from $300 to $1,500 USD, with some experienced professionals earning even higher amounts.

It's important to note that these figures are general estimates, and individual earnings can be influenced by several factors.


If you are looking for freelancing websites for students in Bangladesh, you can consider any of the top 15 freelancing websites mentioned in the article.

The list of platforms enables beginners, students, and even professionals to find tasks or projects according to their skillset. And these days, the work is increasing at a very high rate.

Another positive aspect of freelancing in Bangladesh is that anyone can start freelancing from the comfort of their home or any other place. You get the option to connect with global companies.

And with the current exchange rate, this is the best time to be a freelancer in Bangladesh.

FAQ: Freelancing Websites in Bangladesh

How Can I Start Freelancing in Bangladesh?

The first thing you need is to determine the exact skillset that you have. Once you know what you are good at, you can use any of the 15 platforms mentioned above and start showcasing your talent. You will need to provide your work samples and persuade employers to get the projects you like.

How Can I Start Freelancing with No Experience?

The best way to start freelancing without experience is by showcasing your skills and advertising yourself. You will need to have the ability to persuade employers with your skills and provide them with the best possible pricing.

Is a Freelancer Available in Bangladesh?

Hiring a freelancer for a task is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee in Bangladesh. Looking into the opportunities and work culture, more and more professionals are getting into freelancing work in today's time.

How Much Can I Earn from Freelancing in Bangladesh?

Anyone with in-demand abilities and access to the internet can work as a freelancer. Many 9-to-5 corporate jobs pay between Tk 25,000 and Tk 30,000 per month. However, freelancers can easily earn above Tk 40,000 per month or even more.

Which Skill is Best for Freelancing in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, most freelancers are popular for their work in SEO, digital marketing, graphics design, and web development. You can shine in the freelancing world perfectly if you possess these skills.

Which Work is Best for Freelancing in Bangladesh?

The most prevalent and well-known job category is graphic design. As a result, there are websites dedicated solely to graphic designers. For graphic designers, renowned platforms include Fiverr, 99designs, Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, Guru, and PeoplePerHour.

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