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Social Media Marketing for Startups: Speed Up Growth Online

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: May 10, 2022

Your newly launched business has so much to achieve! So, how are you planning to start the publicity of your startup? Let's learn about social media marketing for startups.

You see, unlike established businesses, you need to go a few miles extra to do the publicity. Gladly, we have social media.

These online platforms made web-based marketing easier. However, you must do it properly. Otherwise, it is actually no use.

Importance of social media marketing for startups

Considering the dominance of social media, you must invest in social media marketing (SMM) strategy for startups.

Gladly, it's highly cost-effective! Besides, everyone is performing SMM these days. If you don't do it too, you will fall behind in fiercely competitive marketing. So, this is how it is now.

Let's learn more about why SMM is important for your startup.

1. Forming brand awareness

Around 470 billion people are there on social media websites. That includes your target customers too! Keeping that in mind, you can gradually leverage social sites to develop brand awareness.

How can you do that? Since you are here, I assume you use social media too. You must have noticed other businesses posting pictures and videos as you use social media.

That right there is content marketing. Seemingly, it's one of the popular and main marketing tips for business startups.

This particular plan will allow you to interact with your customers because there is the option for like, comment, and share. Additionally, you can gain more visibility by adding good graphics.

2. Increasing inbound traffic

Day by day, your recognition will increase on social media if you keep on sharing photos. Alongside that, if you are highly active on the social media platform, you will get more customers.

As a result, your customer base becomes wider.

Startups will plan big for outbound marketing, but what about inbound marketing. Sadly, inbound marketing goes unnoticed sometimes. Make sure you don't do that same!

Posting on social media is an excellent tactic for inbound marketing. Let's consider your offline customer base for a while. Generally, they are from outbound marketing.

If you are present on social media, people from varied demography will come across you sooner or later. Consequently, they will become your potential customers.

3. Obtaining a higher conversion rate

Currently, social media is a gold mine for generating leads. These days, digital marketers emphasize social media because getting leads is easier and faster.

When you can gain leads, you can attempt to turn them into potential customers. Finally, they want to give your service a try. Thereby, they become your customers!

Besides, suppose you can impress the lead once by utilizing social media. In that case, they will surely visit your website to check you out.

4. Gaining customer satisfaction

It won't be wrong if you assume that all of your customers are present on social media. As a consequence, you can communicate with them one-to-one.

You know, people don't really want to purchase exactly from a service! Instead, they love it more when they buy from people.

Social media is a fruitful place for showing your customers that you genuinely care about them. That way, your customer will see your business as more than just a service.

Thus, as much as you interact with your customers, the more they become contented with you. There is another benefit.

You already know that social media help to collect leads. In addition, social media is a repository for data as well!

Let's say you already have a list of customers from social media. You might have already researched and analyzed the list based on interest, age, and other factors.

Nowadays, you can find many other advanced digital marketing tools for analyzing data even further.

And that can help you to know your customer better. When you know more about the customers, you know how to make them happy.

5. Acquiring brand authority

As a rule, if you interact with your customer more, they are more likely to stick to your service. In other words, you receive more loyalty from customers.

For instance, authoritative brands will reply to their customers ASAP. This particular act implies that they are putting their customers first. Therefore, they have a loyal customer base.

Also, it indicates that these services are serving the customer well. Therefore, when you are actively responding to your customer, it says that you are sincere in the business.

And so, all these will lead you to acquire the most desired brand authority.

What should you do before starting social media marketing?

Creating an advertisement on Facebook and then BOOM! At the peak, you are. I wish it were that simple!

Before pursuing the marketing strategy, you must carefully consider a number of factors. Here are a few of those things you should think about.

1. Ideal customer profile

There are many different types of users on social media. There are many content preferences, just as there are numerous distribution categories. They won't all be interested in your startup if it only offers one kind of content.

As a result, checking multiple properties is important. Gaining knowledge about the customer's behavior will help you better understand:

  • What kind of content needs to be created?
  • Targeting a certain audience group
  • The particular place

And others, only you will be able to develop a social media marketing strategy.

Additionally, you must list the businesses and clients based on your ICP (Ideal customer profile), investigate the connections between the clients, and identify the key individuals you must target.

2. Key principles

The second thing you must be certain of before starting social media marketing is the campaign's key principles. This need to have all the information your SMM campaign requires.

Some businesses set up Facebook pages to seek customer reviews of their goods. They are better able to visualize their final result as a result of having a good understanding of the product's market and demand. They establish future objectives they must meet based on this.

After all, you will be able to organize your SMM campaign easily if you are clear about your expectations, whether they are increasing app installs, increasing user awareness, generating leads, etc.

3. Consider customer preferences for communities and groups

As was indicated at in the ICP section of the social media strategy for startups, this factor will help you much if you do your research. It's important to conduct research on specific users, local and global communities, and the demographics most likely to become clients while identifying the ICP for your SMM campaign.

These communities are simple to locate on websites like Growth Hackers, Indie Hacker, Hackernoon, Slack, and many other groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. These communities must be identified if you want to expand your brand because they are the key hubs of your company's prosperity.

The level of activity in the communities is one essential aspect that you must check. Targeting groups with little involvement and minimal response will not be beneficial.

Social media marketing for startups: 8 tips

Time to learn how to promote startups on social media. As you can see, it is indispensable these days. Note that all strategies won't work for your startup.

Once again, digital marketing tactics for startups are different from established businesses. Here, I will tell you about the best social media marketing practices for startups.

1. Proceed with a specific goal

It is one of the major startup marketing tips for social media. You must determine what you are aiming to achieve.

Imagine- you want more interaction with your customer. So, that is your goal. But, how are you going to do that?

Considering that, you should make the goal more specific. That could be you want people to comment on your post.

Compare it with the previous one, and you instantly recognize that the latter one is more specific. Why do you need to do that? This is the only way you know what to achieve.

Considering that, when you know what you want to achieve, you know how to do it as well. Regarding that, if you want people to comment on your post, you can develop some fun questions.

2. Select the right channel

It is another major important part of digital social media marketing strategy. Basically, it's saying that- you need to find out where actually your customers are.

Let's have a look at the popular channels/ social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

There are the most popular channels. Moreover, the number of social media platforms is expanding day by day. However, the main idea is that you need to know where you can get your target customers.

For instance, if you run grocery e-commerce, your target customers will be wide demography. In that case, you can make use of all the platforms.

Yet, Facebook and Instagram will help you to reach your customer more. On the other hand, you can sell some products.

So, LinkedIn will be the primary place to act on because you will find many business profiles along with decision-makers of all the available businesses.

Furthermore, it's an effective social media marketing for tech startups. Overall, if you can determine the right marketing channel, this particular plan will help you go a long way.

3. Creating user-friendly and engaging content

It's a powerful digital social media marketing strategy for startup businesses because you want to do it sincerely and in a better way.

That means you should create pictures and videos that are highly useful to your reader. In addition, you must ensure you are making some engaging content.

Perhaps, you run a gym. Since it's directly related to maintaining a healthy life, you can make an image with a diet chart with lesser carbs.

Just creating a list won't make the picture/post interesting enough. You can consider social media marketing for startups infographic to make an image.

You might already know that infographics are naturally more engaging. Also, it is easy to go over any information with an infographic.

Regardless, it doesn't have to be an infographic. You just need to develop a plan accordingly.

4. Post user-generated content

This is a mighty one among all marketing strategies for social media. This plan suggests that you ask your customer to post about you.

For intake, you are selling shoes online. Also, you have successfully sold some pairs. You can request your customers post a picture wearing the shoes as the case may be.

Are you running e-commerce? Then this is effective social media marketing for startup ecommerce businesses.

Anyway, this strategy will get you improved brand authority. Not only that, you will have more potential customers. Because the customer who posted it connected with other people on social media.

5. Create versatile content

This is one of the valuable marketing strategies for social media. You will see social media content mostly posting image content.

Even if it's helpful for some businesses, all businesses won't grow enough just by creating images daily. Let's consider content creation startups.

A content creation service will help businesses/ individuals create different kinds of content. The content can be both images and videos. Furthermore, there are different types of pictures and videos.

That being said, you must post different kinds of images and videos if you are aiming to grow a content creation service.

Because you need to show people that you can make different types of content. On the contrary, if you just post images, people won't be able to judge your true capability.

6. Cooperate with influencers

This is a solid marketing plan for startups. In fact, startups are putting a lot of focus on influencers these days.

Besides, new ventures are always launching in the market. As a startup business, this means you are in serious competition.

Keeping all that in mind, you need to hire some iconic influence to promote your startup on social media.

Actually, it will work like magic! The reason is already many people are following the influencers. When you recruit an influencer to promote your business, people following that influencer will definitely notice that.

As a result, you gain some testimonials. Following that, you receive more orders! So, you can say that it is one of the easy social media marketing tips.

But, you must do it wisely. That is to say, you need to know- which influencer will cater to you the desired result? That means you should select the right influencer.

In addition, you might not have a big budget as a startup. As a solution to that, you can reach micro-influencers. Are you thinking this actually isn't going to work?

Well, that's nothing surprising. Just know that micro-influence has a very specific fan base. You want to start with a small customer base as a startup, don't you?

And, there is a good possibility of conversion when you target small demography with the correct strategy.

7. Try to maintain a consistency

Consistency is vital in all lives. Interestingly, even if an individual doesn't go by the consistency rule, they would like when they detect some!

Keeping that in mind, as a startup, you must maintain consistency. So, how can you do that? It's simple, you follow a specific time.

For example, you can plan to post images in the morning. The next thing you need to do is follow at the same time.

I can go deeper with the plan. That is to say, you have analyzed the data to know when your customers are most active. Let's say you have found out that they are most active during the morning.

So, you will be posting at a specific time in the morning. If your customers see you posting at the same time, they will deem you reliable!

What is more, you will be active when your customers are active. As a result, you can see a peak in sales!

8. Tell them your story

Social media is the right place to tell stories. What will be your story? Your story means- the story of your brand.

Moreover, you are putting in the effort to nurture your brands. You can show people the story of your brand.

That will include how you started it, what you did to start it, who is working for you, how the customers respond, and many other aspects.

You will see many prominent brands doing it too! Nevertheless, this is a gem among social media marketing tips for the startup because it is an excellent way to connect with people.

Furthermore, this will let you tap into target customers' emotions. Finally, they will be empathetic with you, and you get to bond with them.

Time to start with the SMM for your startup

Social media marketing has made it easier for startups to grow. However, it is difficult too. Because you will be in stiffly competitive marketing. Still, you can win the race if you can plan for social media marketing effectively.


Now, I will answer queries relating to social media marketing for startups. These will help you gather further details on marketing tactics for startups. Also, you can check them in case you have any confusion. Go through them now.

How Do I Create a Social Media Strategy for My Startup?

There are essential steps to perform to form a killer social media strategy. First of all, you need to review your business model. As a result, you can identify which social media marketing goals match your business objectives. Then, you must research and know about your audience out and out. Otherwise, all the preparation for social media marketing will be of no use!

After that, you must analyze the marketing in order to learn about your competitors. In addition, you need to perform a social media audit to judge what things you are doing wrong and take effective measures to fix them.

Also, you need to develop an authentic profile for your business. Next, you should create a social media calendar to execute the plan on time. Furthermore, you must generate compelling, user-friendly content and copies.

Finally, you check the performance of the steps you have taken so far. As a result, you can adapt to develop effective strategies.

Why Should Startups Use Social Media?

Social media are not just about presenting your service. It has more to it. For instance, one of the significant reasons is that social media will help a great deal to build brand awareness. What is more, if you want to enlarge your customer base, social media is a viable platform. Most importantly, you get to connect with your customers on social media.

How Would You Maximize Use of Social Media for a Startup Business?

Social media is a great tool for kickstarting your new business. Additionally, you should put in the effort to get the best out of social media. Considering that, there are few things you can do. Such as - having adaptable strategies, knowing more about your audience, working on maintaining a consistent brand image, continuously monitoring the result, and analyzing them.

What Should be Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Startup?

First, you need to build a social media profile and work on it to get verified. Since social media marketing is content-centered, you need the right content marketing strategy. You must give your best to know your audience, go live often, and include every existing contact information.

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