Best Shopify SEO Tools: Drive Organic Traffic To Your Store [Top-Ranked List]

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: May 22, 2022

Are you looking for a Shopify SEO tools guide? Well, you just landed on the perfect destination. In this era of ecommerce, your online store should appear at the top of the search engine to get visitors. And to achieve the outcome, you have to improve SEO on Shopify.

And fortunately, implementing SEO on your website is more manageable now as several tools and apps are available to do all the hard work.

In this article, you will find some of the best Shopify SEO tools and apps that can assist you in making the best out of your planning. So without further ado, let’s learn about them.

Top 22 Shopify SEO Tools and Apps to Elevate Your Business

Nowadays, many tools and apps are available in the market for Shopify SEO optimization. And you can find both paid and free tools for this purpose.

But can you try all of them? Of course not, as it’s so time-consuming.

That’s why to make things easier for you here — we have specially picked the best ones that are easy to use and capable of increasing the efficiency of your website.

While making this list, we include both paid and free tools so you can choose any of them that matches your budget and requirements.

Check out our listed items below:

1. Ahrefs

Among many other tools that can do excellence in SEO for Shopify, Ahrefs is one of them. The backlink analysis tool is another powerful feature of Ahrefs. It lets you filter the broken link, so you may go for the link reclamation opportunities.

Special Features

  • Full suite of SEO tools
  • Provides the list of the most extensive index of live backlinks
  • Research the backlinks of any URL

Pricing plan

  • $99-$999 per month.
  • 7-day trial is $7.

What do people love most?

  • It’s one of the best platforms for keyword research, competitive research, backlink analysis, etc.
  • You can easily find which keywords are popular and come up with SEO friendly content ideas.

2. Plug In SEO

Plug in SEO is a free package that offers an all-in-one solution to all your SEO optimization. It guides you to track search rankings as well as gives you ideas about driving more relevant traffic to your website.

The app contains useful features like meta description and title tag templates, 404 error page notifications, keyword research tool, integration with Google Search Console, SEO health report, and many others.

With this tool, you can update thousands of products or pages within minutes.

Special Features

  • JSON-LD Structured Data
  • SEO Bulk Editor
  • Check and Fix SEO Issues
  • 404 Broken Link Redirects
  • Automatic SEO Audits
  • Monitor Organic Traffic
  • Target Focus Keywords

Pricing plan

  • Free
  • Plus plan is $29.99 per month
  • Pro Plan $39.99 per month

What do people love most?

  • Easy way to boost SEO ranking
  • Driving more traffic

3. AVADA SEO Suite

Friendly Google search, faster page loading, and easy-to-use & autopilot features make AVADA SEO Suite an excellent tool that you should try to set up SEO on Shopify.

The automated process makes sure that your website maintains all the advanced rules of search engines. And be at the top to get more visibility.

Special Features

  • Friendly Google search
  • Faster page loading
  • One-click & Auto Pilot

Pricing plan

  • Free
  • Premium Version 29$

What do people love most?

  • The customizing feature to edit the JSON‑LD graphic, alt tag, Meta tags, and Sitemap for almost pages.

4. SEO Booster

SEO Booster is another paid tool that provides a free plan for beginners. From finding out to SEO score to let you know your page rank, the app can handle everything. It automatically updates ALT texts fro redirect invalid links and new images daily.

Moreover, it can also structure your data by using full JSON-LD and lets you integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to your website easily.

Special Features

  • Automatically fix SEO issues with just one click
  • JSON-LD Structured Data
  • Regularly update the image Alt text
  • Redirect invalid links after detecting the broken links
  • Find trending keywords in certain geographical areas
  • Provide reports on SEO score, SEO checklist, and page rank of competitor’s websites

Pricing plan

  • FREE plan
  • $18.99 per month

What people love most

  • Any scaled business can be benefited from this solution

5. SEO Doctor

Like the name, the app is great for checking your website’s SEO health. It automatically fixes SEO issues after a thorough scan. It also provides a diagnosis report as well as suggestions for fixing the problems.

Because of the autopilot feature, you can find out the problems with on-page SEO, image alt text, 404 errors, and setting up the Google data structure with minimal effort.

Special Features

  • Scanning for SEO issues and solving them automatically
  • Diagnosis SEO health and provide reports

Pricing plan

  • From $10.00/month
  • 5 days free trial

What do people love most?

  • Beginner-friendly system and less time-consuming to maintain everything.

6. SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor provides a feature-packed dashboard that measures all the variables so that you can monitor all the things properly.

If you want to manage all the SEO tasks from one central dashboard for your online store, this is the app you can utilize.

Special Features

  • Find high-converting keywords
  • Advanced dashboard to monitor everything
  • Combined Google Analytics data

Pricing plan

  • 199 Euros/Month

What do people love most?

  • The simple but effective operation that benefits any kind of Shopify store

7. Reload SEO

This tool allows you to do competitor research more efficiently by providing information on the top 10 pages. You can find details about the specific keywords for which they are ranked. It also highlights what type of content your competitors published.

While setting up SEO for the Shopify store, the first target that every owner focuses on is to dominate their competitors on the search engine result page, and to achieve the goal; you have to use better SEO.

Special Features

  • Research up-to-date keywords
  • Real-time feedback
  • Check ranking status
  • Discover and resolve issues
  • Analyze high-performance content as well as competitors’ content

Pricing plan

  • $14.95 per month
  • 14-day free trial

What do people love most?

  • The ability to give a complete guideline to be one step ahead of your opponent.

8. Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer

It’s one of the best free SEO tools for Shopify that you can add to your toolbelt. Shopify stores are all about aesthetic pictures.

You should use eye-catching photos of your products to grab the attention of your viewers. But if you use unoptimized images, it will hamper the page loading speed, which ultimately impacts searchability and usability.

Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer can be a great asset to solve this problem. This will help you to reduce your image size without decreasing the quality of the images.

The app also lets you choose the resolution you want to convert your image as well as backup your data so that you can restore it at any time.

Special Features

  • Optimize photos and reduce the size
  • Offers multiple options to resize images
  • Provide backup options

Pricing plan

  • Free (Additional Charges will be needed for using some optional features)

What do people love most?

  • By utilizing the app, you can improve your site’s speed
  • Users can view image content clearly and quickly.

9. Schema Plus for SEO

For advanced SEO settings for Shopify, Schema Plus for SEO is a useful tool that you get with a little cost. The main task of the tool is to make your content index quicker and more efficiently by implementing the right markup code.

The algorithm of the app helps the search bots to scan your webpage efficiently. Because of the improved indexing, your website will come into the SERP quicker. And you will get more visitors in a short time.

This tool also includes rich content for your website. It makes all your reviews and descriptions display on the search page.

Special Features

  • Offers advanced markup code
  • Designed for more streamlined optimization
  • Add rich content to your site

Pricing plan

  • $14.99 per month.
  • 7-day free trial.

What do people love most?

The ability to make your content indexing faster and come into the rank.

10. SEO Images King

SEO Images King is one of the best Shopify SEO apps that help you optimize images as well as alt text, product meta titles, JSON LD optimization, and many other things.

The app comes in both paid and unpaid versions. It also offers four different packages, which allow you to do bulk optimization in minutes. Depending on which package you select, you can do your task quicker, involving more teammates.

Special Features

  • Optimize images, alt text, product meta titles, JSON LD optimization, etc.
  • Make your website load faster

Pricing plan

  • Free Edition
  • Small Shops Edition – $7.99 per month
  • Medium Shops Edition – $12.99 per month
  • Large Shops Edition – $18.99 per month

What do people love most?

As it offers several types of packages, people can choose one that matches their requirements and budget.

11. SEOMetriks Marketing Tools

Involving the SEO giants Majestic, MOZ, and Semrush, SEOMetriks can provide a perfect guideline to improve your keyword ranking. They make the recommendation based on more than three hundred global and local search engine data structures.

Special Features

  • An efficient SEO guide
  • Check site rankings, investigate backlinks, and maintain other basic SEO tasks

Pricing plan

  • $7.99 per month.
  • 7 days free trial.

What do people love most?

  • If you want to know how successful your opponent is in terms of traffic and keyword ranking, the analysis tool of SEOMetriks will let you do that.
  • It also helps you to track your performance on leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

12. Fire AMP

Using the AMP storing arrangement of Google, Fire AMP reduces site speed. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages technology work for speeding up websites so that the bounce rate will be less.

You know, speed is a crucial factor for all Shopify stores. The Fire AMP app especially works for this to improve the performance of this field.

In short, when you are about to optimize SEO on Shopify and want to increase conversion rate, Fire AMP is the app that can help you to the last.

Special Features

  • Work to reduce site speed
  • Uses AMP cache, AMP HTML, and AMP Javascript to improve the site performance.

Pricing plan

  • $7.99 per month

What do people love most?

  • To increase the speed of a website, this is one of the best tools available at a relatively lower price.

13. SEO HTML Sitemap

One of the important parts of setup SEO on Shopify is to create an HTML sitemap. This SEO HTML Sitemap tool handles this important job for you with perfection. It will update your products and contents in your HTML sitemap every hour.

An up-to-date sitemap contains all the changes and a full breakdown of all the links that are available in your online store.

You will be able to find out the broken pages too with this app. Moreover, it also guides the visitors as well as search engine bots to navigate your site easily.

Special Features

  • Utilize web crawlers, utilizing an auto-created HTML Sitemap page
  • Update HTML sitemap instantly
  • Flexible HTML sitemap layout

Pricing plan

  • $3 per month.

What people love most

  • Faster update

14. SEO JSON‑LD Boost by Verge

JSON-LD encodes your site’s data and presents it in the search engine in such a way that it can easily understand what your page is about.

While Google can understand the content of your site without much effort, it favors your site with a good ranking place. SEO JSON‑LD Boost by Verge is one of the best SEO apps for Shopify that you can use for free.

With this app, you can optimize your landing page, product pages, collection pages, and blog content.

Special Features

  • Website design enhancement tool
  • Automatic update

Pricing plan


What do people love most?

  • Very easy to utilize, but the outcome it generates is simply amazing.

15. Automizely Page Builder

Automizely Page Builder is another great app to do SEO on Shopify that you can use for free. The app is helpful for both beginner and advanced web developers.

We know a landing page is a place that creates the first impression among the viewers. And the first impression is always important. So, you should pay extra attention here to make sure positive feedback from your targeted customers.

This tool leads such an important task and optimizes the UX/UI of your organization, reduces page speeds, and develops mobile responsive landing pages.

Special Features

  • Develop landing pages
  • Implement the best SEO practices
  • UX/UI optimization
  • Reduce page speed
  • Create mobile responsive landing pages

Pricing plan


What do people love most?

The app helps to generate leads from mobile users. And as most ecommerce users search for a product by using their mobile phones, this is a great tool for every e-commerce shop.

16. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a renowned name in the world of WordPress. However, they specially develop a powerful search optimization app for Shopify users. It offers real-time SEO analysis to optimize the product pages and contents of your page.

The app is recommended for use for generating product pages and blog posts for the right keyword phrases and synonyms of keyword phrases.

Special Features

  • Real-time readability and SEO analysis
  • Optimize product pages and blog posts
  • Automatically add the appropriate structured data

Pricing plan

  • $29 per month
  • 14-day free trial

What do people love most?

This is a premium tool that generates the best outcome from a website. People who are used to WordPress will find it handier to use.

17. VidIQ

Some online stores need video presentations to give more detail about their products. For those store owners, Youtube is the perfect place to advertise their brand.

However, to make a strong YouTube presence, you have to make SEO-friendly videos. But is there any way to do that?

Well, of course, there is. VidIQ is specially developed for this purpose. It will assist you with video keyword research, analysis as well as optimization, and making sure you reach the right audience to get more views.

Special Features

  • Gives actionable trend alerts and competitive intelligence
  • Do video keyword research, analytics, and optimization

Pricing plan

  • From FREE to $39 per month (higher for enterprise accounts)

What do people love most?

For whom YouTube marketing is important, this is quite useful.


It’s another great app for image optimization that is best for image compression. You see, balancing the picture quality and site speed is the task that every Shopify store owner struggles with. is such a tool that automatically compresses all of your site’s images. Just install the app, and it will automatically start to compress all your site’s images that contain Shopify domains. And as soon as you upload a new image, it will optimize those too.

Special Features

  • Simple and automatic operation
  • Powerful as well as easy to customize
  • Backup and restore feature

Pricing plan

  • Micro $4.99 per month
  • Pro $9.99 per month
  • Advanced $19.99 per month

What do people love most?

The faster and easier photo handling operation.

19. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is such a great tool that lets you handle all the major SEO tasks with perfection. It can crawl a site to identify duplicate content like product pages. It also analyzes the internal links, checks page speed, analyzes anchor text, and so many tasks.

Special Features

  • Perform a site crawl to identify duplicate content
  • Internal links, anchor text analyzation
  • Crawl Shopify’s sitemap.xml file

Pricing plan

  • Free
  • £149.00 Per Year

What people love most

  • Easy migration features
  • Powerful analytical ability

20. STAT

Along with implementing all the SEO features for Shopify, you should track how your website is doing. And to help you in this job, STAT is always ready with its algorithm.

It’s a great tool too that collects ranking data and tracks your keyword daily. The updated data gives you insights into the latest trending. Moreover, the keyword segmentation feature specifically helps you differentiate your ranking for each group of keywords.

Special Features

  • Regular rank tracking
  • Endless site tracking
  • Allows creating keyword segments
  • Provides report about trend

Pricing plan

  • Starts at $720 per month

What do people love most?

  • The limitless opportunities to maintain keywords.

21. Plugin SEO

In order to organize all of your SEO optimizations, track search rankings, and implement the right recommendations to increase relevant traffic to your website, Plugin SEO offers an all-in-one solution.

Special Features

  • Templates for changing title tags and meta descriptions
  • 404 error page warnings
  • keyword research tool
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Rich snippets
  • Schema Markup
  • Health report for SEO

Pricing plan

  • Free Package
  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Advanced $20/Month Package

What do people love most?

  • One tool that significantly helps your business is Plugin SEO's special templates, which let you quickly update thousands of products or pages.

22. SEMRush

A comprehensive SEO tool with many capabilities, SEMrush. SEMrush provides the following free tools, although most of them require a paid account for access:

Special Features

  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Listing Management
  • SEO Content Template
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Keyword Magic Tool and Keyword Overview
  • Domain Overview

Pricing plan

  • $119.95 - $449.95 per month
  • 7-day free trial

What do people love most?

  • It's one of the popular platforms for backlink analysis, keyword research, content research and other types of analysis.

Why Should You Invest in Shopify SEO?

Well, our long list of best Shopify apps for SEO comes to an end. But before finishing the article, let us tell you why you should utilize these tools in your Shopify store briefly.

Have a look at the following points to get the idea.

Reach More Target Audiences

Like any other website, an ecommerce site is developed, focusing on a specific audience in mind. So, to make sure the best output of your investment, you should reach your target customers rather than random visitor.

And to get their attention, you should be on the top of the search engine result page. Otherwise, all your effort will go in vain.

perfect SEO implementation in your Shopify store allows your shop to pop up in front of a searcher when they search for similar products or services online.

Increase Your Brand Value

Appearing in the top positions not only has higher chances of getting visitors. But it also creates a trustworthy impression on their mind. People tend to believe the top pages more than the rest and usually get their product or service from the top pages.

Less Expensive Advertisement

Compared to any other advertising method, SEO is one of the cheaper strategies that increase your brand value. As SEO helps to reach your target audience more precisely, they can learn about you and can achieve their trust in the shortest possible time.

You even don’t have to spend much on advertising your brand to gain recognition.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the best Shopify SEO tools that you can utilize for your online store. Here you have seen both paid and unpaid tools to who can get their job done with perfection.

So, choose one that matches your business needs, and hopefully, you will get the best output for your investment.


Can I Do My Own SEO on Shopify?

Yes, you can do your own SEO in Shopify. Although Shopify contains several built-in SEO-friendly features, you have the chance to implement your idea on your website.

You can optimize the site structure, do link-building, try to improve user experience, utilize the perfect keywords, and do many more fundamental SEO tasks on your Shopify website.

Does Yoast Work with Shopify?

Yoast works with Shopify really well. In fact, it’s a great tool to optimize product pages on the Shopify website and generate SEO-friendly content. The tool provides excellent support for managing the overall business.

How Does Shopify Rank on Google?

Perfect SEO implementation is what gives the highest ranking on Google. While optimizing your website, make sure you pick up the right keywords that help the search engine to understand your content as well as capture the attention of your customers.

Use internal & external links and create backlinks as much as possible. The more SEO rules you follow, the higher the chance of getting the highest position.

Does Changing Shopify Theme Affect SEO?

Changing the Shopify theme might affect SEO in some cases. If things like loading speed, page structure, user experience, and the factors that influence SEO don’t work like the previous one, it will affect negatively. Or, if your new theme is better in those factors, it will positively impact your website.

How Do I Speed Up My Shopify Optimization?

There are several variables that affect the page speed of a website. You can optimize those things to achieve the fastest loading speed.

Choose a lightweight theme, then focus on the other stuff. Reduce the image size, try to use static images than GIFs, limit external apps, check your website’s performance on the Google PageSpeed Insights and follow their suggestion.

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