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What is IT company & What Does an IT Company Do?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: September 11, 2022

Think about your business where you cannot properly manage your storage or data security. That sounds like a nightmare!! You have to do the needful and save your business. But how will you do it?

Well, here, IT companies come to your rescue. That's not the end. They have a perfectly skilled team and expert tools to rescue you from this mishap. But before getting this kind of help, you must know what the IT company has for you.

In the following section, you will find detailed information on it.

What is an IT Company?

Simply put, an IT company supervises the use of sending, storing, and retrieving information. Computers, storage, networking, and other tangible tools, systems, and processes are some of the examples that IT companies use to store or utilize information.

In a broader concept, the term IT describes the production, processing, storage, protection, and exchange of all forms of electronic information.

All these things are handled by an IT company, along with several additional duties, including offering professional guidance on your IT system and resolving issues. Simply, an IT company monitors data storage, recovery, and sending through various mediums.

An IT company that offers Windows VPS hosting aims to provide reliable and robust virtualized environments running Windows Server, allowing clients to host websites, applications, databases, or other services on their isolated virtual machines.

This type of hosting is often favored by businesses or individuals who need more control, customization, and resources compared to shared hosting solutions.

What is a Software Company?

software company is in charge of creating different products that take the form of various types of software. They mainly focus on utilizing modern technology, distribution, and product development.

Difference Between IT Company and Software Company


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IT is a wide terminology, and it discusses how to use computers, software, and technology to increase the effectiveness of your task. IT companies handle these issues, whereas software companies only do that for one specific task.

Since both businesses serve the same sectors, the main misconceptions begin here. Even though these businesses are in the same industry, software and IT firms play separate roles.

The following discussion will clear this confusion:

Functions of an IT Company

The success of a corporation is highly influenced by the IT department, which has some main responsibilities. They are:

1. Governance

It refers to how working units implement working limits and how everyone uses engineering, companies, and IT frameworks.

You will be provided their approval of the guidelines governing how and why you and your group may use the company's creations. Similar to information verification, which the IT office is also capable of, this is vital for typical IT protection.

2. Infrastructure

It implies any tangible elements required for an IT system. Depending on the necessities and size of the business, it comprises hardware, network, and equipment circuits.

3. Functionality

It is possibly the most significant and practical work an IT department does, and for this reason, other departments within a company take notice of and remember an IT department.

It refers to producing, protecting, and storing electronic data belonging to the company and designing and managing operational applications. Besides, they support all organizational and functional areas using software and managing data.

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Functions of a Software Company

We can classify their functions from one of the many services they provide into four parts:

1. Recognizing the Necessity

A software development business will first make an effort to recognize the consequence of the program they will design. Its significance, specifications, and user engagement are all determined beforehand.

2. Software Development

The business then proceeds to design and create the software according to the criteria they choose and the demands of the users. They can work on desktop programs, mobile apps, SaaS services, and other things.

3. Testing and Quality Control

A software business may include tests and revisions into the development phase if they stick to the agile method. Some companies don't use this process and execute their testing later.

In any scenario, the software business will test it when development is finished to ensure it performs as expected and consumers find the desired outcomes. During this period, they will also take every feedback and fix any faults they may have found.

4. Release and Maintenance

They can employ their unique software after the firm delivers its goods. A software development business will supply ongoing maintenance or support to guarantee that the product is functioning properly.

Most software development firms will stick to this core method. Yet, some businesses improve their approach and make it easy for every client by putting what they've learned after working on several projects into practice.

Types of IT Business According to Services Provided


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Technology is so universal and used in various settings outside of enterprises, showing how important it is to society as a whole. Let's take a closer look at how technology and the function of IT are being used in various sectors of the economy.

1. Teaching

Teachers can help the children prepare for the future filled with electronic gadgets such as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, and much more as technology advances. Information technology also helps prevent people from dropping out of high school and college.

2. Finance

You would not be able to transact Online without information technology. Also, the banks couldn't possibly protect these purchases from hackers. Information technology allows sending or receiving money online faster and ensures it remains safe.

3. Security

Keeping all the data private is vital because online payment gateways make much information available. Thanks to information technology, your online information may remain safe as long as the proper ways are used to access it.

Information technology hides your expert evidence using passwords and security, and only businesses with your consent can access it.

4. Healthcare

The advancements in information technology have catered the remarkable developments in medical treatment. The majority of medical centers can communicate and receive electronic data from doctors at present.

Additionally, changes like these allow for a decrease in costs and an increase in time experts can spend with patients instead of administrative tasks.

5. Employment

New professional opportunities are always led by information technology. Data innovation is responsible for the roles played by website designers, software engineers, data analysts, and equipment and programming designers. These roles wouldn't exist without such developments.

6. Communication

Globalization has progressed with information technology advancements. The world is getting closer, and the structure of the universe's economy is evolving into one. It is solely dependent on this advancement.

When people exchange ideas and data with one another, linguistic and geographic barriers may be overlooked as data can be transferred quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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What Does an IT Company Do to a Business?


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Every employee in the IT department contributes in a significant way to the organization. Some are in charge of multiple IT department divisions, mainly small businesses. In other cases, one company might have one IT specialist.

Here is what IT companies do:


IT managers are essential members of the IT department and the organization. They are your go-to resource if you need help with a technological problem or have joined the organization recently using new technology.

An administrator's tasks rarely overlap with those of other team members. Although their responsibilities may be identical, system administrators and network administrators may have different focuses.

The following are a few typical administrative tasks:

  • Licenses and other legal docs renewal.
  • Tracking ongoing agreements with clients.
  • Verification of fulfillment to quality standards.
  • Possible threats assessment.
  • Completion of all paperwork.
  • Computer infrastructure management.
  • Assistance with software and computer issues.
  • Training on the new system.
  • Update software.
  • Control data archiving.

Technical Help

Usually, people are sent to the technical support staff when they need access to computer systems or need help troubleshooting. Experts in tech support are exceptionally skilled at resolving hardware- and software-related problems.

But it is not the end of their contribution to the business. It also involves educating people and answering questions about the utilized technology.

The following is a list of possible tasks for them:

  • Support for backing up and recovering digital assets.
  • Addressing network problems.
  • Installation of new hardware or software.
  • Focus on IT supplies and equipment, and purchase accordingly
  • Participation in IT managing inventory.
  • Actions as a resource for escalated issues.
  • Installation of video and audio-conferencing system.
  • Work record creation.
  • Processing records.
  • Phone systems configuration.


There are various situations where the IT team supports effective communication amongst all stakeholders in a corporate context. Businesses may need to use various technology forms to connect with current and future customers.

With the development of technology, meetings and interviews conducted online are growing in popularity. If those crucial links break, the IT crew is prepared to help.

The following is a more thorough list of communication-related IT duties:

  • Arrangement of conference calls
  • Preparation for video and web sessions.
  • Update email systems and resolve issues.
  • Consultation services to department leaders and personnel.
  • System coordination for security.
  • Support for computer programs from end users
  • Keeping backup copies of information sources
  • Addition of fresh data to the database.


A company's programming department makes proper use of the abilities of a web developer, programmer, and maybe other IT specialists so that they can design new programs. It may help your business to achieve the ultimate goal.

They frequently collaborate with engineers and software developers to convert the concepts into usable code.

The following are some specific tasks for this area:

  • Business app development and enhancement
  • Establishment of new databases using productivity software.
  • Conversion of printed and electronic docs to other formats.
  • Usage of graphic editing applications.
  • Application of app development languages.

Website of the Company

A successful website requires several actions so that it becomes user-friendly. The IT team works with many departments to set the goal for the website's design and functionality into practice.

Generally, the IT team implements the copy and design material that the marketing team has provided for the website. IT employees build the code, verify the functioning of the webpages, and help with any user experience problems in the background.

The following is a list of tasks carried out by IT staff on websites:

  • Sites usability testing.
  • Company's internal network maintenance.
  • Site layout configuration.
  • Website code-writing and implementation.

App development

The IT team work to develop software applications or computer systems that improve the company's operations. ERP software, staff communication, customer relationship management, and content management are the areas where business apps are particularly helpful.

The developers put the apps through several tests, creating practical solutions that business owners and staff may apply. The following are some of the key tasks involved in developing apps:

  • Conversion of software ideas into functional programming code.
  • Meeting clients to go through the features and requirements of new programs.
  • Writing computer code to carry out a task.
  • Creating instructions for new apps.

Network Solution

A network failure can result in serious consequences, not just within the business but also for the external companies who use the company's services.

Additionally, it may impact external parties in that it may give them the impression that the company cannot meet their needs, which might lead to a loss of trust.

  • Strategies of a different system as a backup
  • Establishment of effective relationships with external clients
  • Staying well-informed on recent technologies

List of IT Companies in Bangladesh


The IT company has played a major factor in development. It has a significant impact on society and the economy. Innovation and information technology simplify life and save time and money. We currently creating a list of Bangladesh's top IT firms.

  1. VISER X Limited
  2. Brain Station 23 Limited
  3. BJIT Limited
  4. Tiger IT Bangladesh LTD
  5. Datasoft Systems BD LTD
  6. REVE Systems
  7. Dream 71 Bangladesh Limited
  8. Kaz Software Limited
  9. Magnito Digital
  10. Divine IT Limited

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To Wrap Up

From the previous discussion, you can realize how vital an IT company's role is to if you want to grow your childlike business and keep it safe, you must take support from a trusted IT company and get on the peak.



Read the most frequently asked questions to clear up your confusion.

What is Meant by an IT Company?

A business that focuses on development and production and employs cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge consistently and methodically to generate new products or services with high added value is sometimes referred to as an "IT company."

What is the IT Industry?

Computer hardware, software, telecommunications, and essentially everything involved in the transmission of information or the systems that enable communication are all included in the field of information technology (IT), which is a commercial area.

What are the Works in IT Company?

IT businesses are in charge of ensuring that business activities go as planned. They guarantee appropriate gadget operation and data security. The installation of new software, hardware, and technical assistance are additional IT responsibilities.

How to Start an IT Company?

Provide a practical 7-step method for launching a successful IT company.

  • Create an MVP that the market will buy.
  • Test the application with early adopters.
  • To achieve product-market fit, iterate.
  • Create a talented and disciplined founding team.
  • Get the money you require to expand.
  • Create and use a versatile technique
  • Fundraising and expanding the team

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