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Facebook Boost in BD: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Boost in BD: The Ultimate Guide

According to Statista, there are around 44.7 million Facebook users in Bangladesh as of January 2022, ranking 10th among countries with the highest number of Facebook users.

Essentially Facebook ads can be a great way for any business to reach a large number of customers. And Facebook boosting is one of the paid methods marketers trust for their business.

So if you are willing to do Facebook boost in BD, this article is for you. Here we’ll show you how to boost a page on Facebook and what benefits you might expect from it.

What is Facebook boosting?

Facebook boosting is one of the paid services that help reach a post or a whole business page to other users of Facebook.

Simply put – you may have seen so many ads on your Facebook wall. It might be an image, video, or banner to a product or service from a specific company. The most probable reason behind this is Facebook ads or boosting.

It helps get more audience other than the people who follow your page. Here, there is a difference between boost and Facebook ads which we come by regularly.

Typically, a Facebook ad exists for a longer time. However, a boost is for a certain limited time that will exist as long as you pay for it. Another thing to mention- boosted posts don’t have the same customized features as Facebook ads do.

Why is Facebook boosting?

Facebook boosting is for none other than reaching more audiences so that they see your content. More view means more chances to like, comment and share. And that brings more ‘conversion’ for a marketer. It has a plus point for the new marketers as it’s easy to generate.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

So, there are some benefits you’ll get from boosting as follows:

  • More outreach is possible and to the right people
  • More leads, means more chances of a sale
  • Improved revenue for the business
  • Access to analytics to know your customers
  • Give insights on creating a fruitful marketing strategy

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VISER X: Leading Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh

One of Bangladesh’s most reputable Facebook advertising agencies is VISER X. If you’re looking for a powerful way to interact with and reach the customer, we’re a good solution. More than hundreds of small-scale business owners have received our support on their journey to success. Social media marketing is a specialty area of our professionals’ training.

We are the leading Facebook advertising agency that can offer your organization a cost-effective option to build and maintain a strong online presence.

    Establish the approach and the necessary objectives for a successful Facebook campaign.
    Create content with a call to action that is crystal clear and stays true to the brand.

Key points of Facebook advertising in Bangladesh

We are one of the best Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh that can offer your company a budget friendly service to build and maintain a strong online presence.

Specify Targets:

Establish the strategy and the necessary goals for a successful Facebook campaign.

Build Your Advertisements

Create content with a call to action that is obvious and remained faithful to the brand.

Closely Monitoring with Reporting

With monthly reporting, evaluate the success and monitor the advertising data.

Market Analysis

Identify the audience overview so you can effectively communicate with them.

Build a Strategy

Choose the best advertising campaign to promote the brand.

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How can you boost your Facebook page or post?

Let’s see how to boost a page or post on Facebook.

  • Enter into your Facebook Page. Having none isn’t a big worry. There are only a few steps, and that’s easy. You can create one either by the Facebook app or the web interface.
  • If you have a page and the particular content is ready you want to boost, scroll down the interface. Click on the blue Boost Page
  • Now, you have to select the goal of your post. Being new to this or having no idea about choosing the goal isn’t a big deal. Facebook can help you choose one according to your settings.

Facebook boost

  • After that, select a call-to-action button. There will be several available options based on the goal you have selected in the previous step.

Boost Page button

  • Then select the audience for your post. There are options for choosing your audience. It can be the people who liked your page or/ and their friends or a new audience. It’s possible via the targeting options of Facebook.

Edit audience

Facebook then will show you the anticipation of the results of your boosting.

Edit audience

  • Select the duration and time for how many days and when you want the operation to run. If your guess about the audience’s presence online is correct, that could be a good result. The content would be available on their newsfeed at the right time. Along with that, you might be available to respond to them.

audience’s presence online

  • You can now set your budget using the slider. That will indicate how much money you’ll have to pay for the boost. The minimum charge is $1, and that’s for one day.


  • Pick the ad placement, and then choose your payment method. Use the toggle switch if you have your Facebook pixel set up. For more detailed analytics, you can connect that to your ad.


  • There’ll be a button, Boost Post Now, at the bottom of the screen. Click on it after checking the estimated results and ad preview.

Boost post now

Finally, you have started the process of boosting your post.

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Thinks to apply/remember while boosting your post

  • Choose the post for boosting which’s performance is good.
  • Understand and analyze the limitations and available options on Facebook.
  • Experiment with posts.
  • Choose relevant posts and work with them at the right time.
  • Check the outcome of your boosted post.
  • Post more links.
  • Partner with different Facebook pages.

Final Words

There is no possibility of diverting to a new social network from Facebook shortly. The media has been carrying a big portion of marketing and promotional activities for a long time.

Since the number of active Facebook users is increasing, there would be hardly an ideal substitute. Thus, it’s time to think in a new way about Facebook boost. And there is no exception for Facebook boosting in Bangladesh.

Yet if you are skeptical, contact a good Facebook advertising agency today to have your business page covered well.


How much is the cost to boost a post on Facebook in Bangladesh?

Usually, the boosting cost in Bangladesh (per day) on Facebook is $1 or the equivalent amount of that in Bangladeshi currency. But, that’s not the ultimate cost because VAT (Value Added Tax- 15%), SC (Service charge- 20%), and TC (Transaction Cost- 2%) add up with that.

Thus, the final cost for boosting would be = 85+12.75 (VT) + 19.55 (SC) + 2.346 (TC) = 119.65 Taka in total.

How much does Facebook boost cost?

For a day, the Facebook boosting cost is a minimum of $1. The amount increases as you want your post or ad to reach more people.

Can I pay for Facebook Ads with bKash?

Yes. You can pay for Facebook Ads with bKash, and it is reliable.

How can I pay for Facebook Ads in Bangladesh?

There are multiple ways for Bangladesh to pay for Facebook Ads in Bangladesh. Except for Bank transactions or card payments, there are also the options to pay via Nagad, bKash, DBBL, Upay, etc.facebook advertising agency in bangladesh

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