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Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands: More Sales More Revenue

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: May 10, 2022

Before the Internet and online advertising, magazines were the only medium for promotions and marketing.

In recent years, the digital revolution has affected all sectors. Social Media have now become an indispensable tool for business owners. They help contact and interaction between the brand and the customer or potential customer.

That is why the use of Social Media Marketing strategies in the fashion, fashion and luxury sectors is now a fundamental requirement for entrepreneurs. It is an essential element in maintaining and strengthening the relationship between brand and customer.

The shift of the fashion industry to internet retail is not about to slow down. Online sales of fashion in the UK now make for 28.8% of all transactions, up from 20% in 2019. In 2021, the industry as a whole grew by 5.7% from the previous year.

Although it may not seem like much, the transition of the fashion industry to eCommerce isn't expected to stop anytime soon. According to experts, UK fashion firms' sales would drop just short of $40 billion by 2025.

How web users discover the website of your fashion company is greatly influenced by social media. You can successfully direct social media users to your website to make purchases of clothing by using a good strategy, which often includes paid advertisements.

Here is everything you need to know about social media marketing for fashion brands.

Strategy of Social Media Marketing For Luxury Fashion Brands

Here are 7 strategies of digital marketing for fashion brands:

Strengthen the awareness and credibility of the fashion brand:

Social Media are a great tool to show the public different aspects and values of your brand. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter, and Pinterest. They allow you to share new products or collections immediately.

In addition, they help inform followers of company profiles on the latest trends in the fashion sector.

But above all, they allow bringing out the unique and differentiating aspects of each brand.

Increase customer engagement and retention

Creating a social media strategy for fashion brands designed for your Buyer Personas is undoubtedly a winning strategy. The strategies can be-

  • Developing an Editorial Plan based on practical, interesting, fun content published and shared continuously
  • Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated discounts
  • Promotional codes
  • Coupons, etc.

Other incentives allow you to keep the customer's interest or potential customer high.

Social networks influence purchasing decisions.

Many people search for information on the latest fashion trends directly through Social Networks. Being present and active on these platforms allows you to influence customers' purchasing decisions.

A curated content strategy for fashion brands allows you to impact the person's decision-making process significantly. Not to mention it communicates your brand's values in the best possible way.

Besides, it acts as a word of mouth so that any matter can spread within seconds. The likes, shares, comments, and so on will influence and greatly impact customers' purchasing decisions.

Demographic targeting and retargeting

Almost all major Social Network platforms allow companies to customize the targeting of their promotional ads. You can message the audience you are targeting based on specific demographics. Targeting can be based on gender, age, geographic location, particular interests, online user behavior, etc.

You can also activate remarketing campaigns aimed at users who have already interacted with the brand. For example: by visiting the website or a section of it, or with comments, likes, and sharing of brand posts.

Maximize conversion rates

A well-structured social media plan for a fashion brand has an enormous impact. It can significantly contribute to increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce websites.

With Facebook, for example, it is possible to send promotional messages to a personalized audience. Or you can share a specifically created ad according to preferences. In addition, you can reach the users who already know the brand with Remarketing campaigns.

Instagram is beneficial for showcasing the latest products and collections with high-quality images. This is a predominantly visual platform. In addition, you can invite users to visit the website with targeted advertising campaigns.

Both on Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to integrate a product catalog. By this, you will be able to showcase the available products with images, characteristics, prices, etc. Furthermore, it will make the products visible to the user directly on the social platform and simplify purchasing.

As an inspirational social network, Pinterest is also a highly visual place. Here, people discover the latest fashions and trends. A good Pinterest social media strategy for clothing brands allows you to achieve excellent results.

Optimization of the invested budget

The creation and implementation of social media campaigns and strategies involve two things:

  • Definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and
  • The use of measurement tools.

The constant analysis of the results allows you to spend the budget effectively. And it will enable you to introduce any corrective strategies to optimize the return on the budget.

It is an effective marketing tool in the fashion industry

Social Networks are an effective marketing tool in the fashion and clothing sector. They allow you to achieve various objectives:

  • Make known the values of your brand
  • Create a relationship of trust and build customer loyalty
  • Provide better customer service
  • Simplify contact with the customer to less formal and more direct
  • Share the latest fashion trends
  • Present new collections or products
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase the volume of sales and so on.

Social Media Marketing Basics for Fashion Brands

Here are a few things that can help you create a successful fashion marketing strategy.

Focus on one or two social platforms at a time

One of the characteristics of luxury is to offer unique experiences. Therefore, to be consistent with what it represents, a luxury fashion brand should aim for excellence. To do so, deploy on a particular social network (or even two) rather than investing in several simultaneously.

As in life, on social networks, scarcity is indeed a value. Use this value to increase interest and desire among consumers. Favoring a single platform also allows a luxury brand not to reveal itself too much.

Prioritize quality over quantity

The luxury brands that succeed on social networks also do not offer an avalanche of products. So again, stay true to your values and think exclusive, premium, etc. By targeting a limited range of products, you will give depth and value to your social media presence.

Of course, this should not prevent you from creating a wide variety of content around the products. But always do it from a qualitative rather than quantitative perspective.

Be unequivocal: favor the visual.

In 2023, there will be more than 293 million users on Snapchat and roughly one billion on Instagram. As a result, fashion brands increasingly understand investing in these platforms. Indeed, on Instagram, more than 95 million photos are published every day. So, implementing the Instagram strategy for fashion brands can open many doors for the brand.

The Burberry brand is an excellent example since it is the first brand that has gone entirely digital. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat with a filter dedicated to the brand. Each of the visuals posted follows the editorial line of the brand. This emphasizes a simple and refined aesthetic.

Captivate your audience with Storytelling

Storytelling is the key to reaching your targets more. Indeed, the content determines the values that the brand wishes to convey. And Cartier understood this well by unveiling advertising films. These ads honor its link to cinema, values , and unique know-how. Cartier really knows how to use the opportunity to use social media to drive growth.

Work on your luxury brand image

The brand image of the world of fashion is often more marked. Because you have ideally identified yours, you have to work on it and highlight it with each publication.

This identity is represented by nature, the city, craftsmanship, or even color for some brands. There are no right or wrong choices. On the other hand, it is imperative to remain faithful because this will allow you to be recognized.

Use the aura of influencers.

Luxury fashion brands almost all use muses to promote their image or products. So why not do the same on social networks by using influencers? With the help of a social media agency, companies in the sector can thoroughly select the ideal influencer.

Using influencers is also an excellent way to develop social selling with highly targeted communities. For example, young people. Generation Z is very present in the online luxury market. Use the impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty.

Finally, like other consumer domains, let's not forget that today, fashion is a creator of communities. Therefore, brands in the sector are interested in shining well beyond their original clientele.

Fashion Branding Examples: Balenciaga and Social media

Balenciaga is one of the biggest names in fashion to have made headlines following its sudden breakout on social media. It is a different approach than Bottega Veneta, but it is just as functional to fuel the brand's exclusivity.

On the occasion of the great return to Parisian haute couture, Balenciaga deletes all the contents of its social profiles. After more than fifty years, they are trying to make way for a "Digital Journal Issue." They have decided to use social media marketing across multiple channels.

After the first blackout, Balenciaga returns with the same logic and makes a clean sweep again with its profiles. Everything is reset once again to introduce the brand's fan base to a new chapter of the fashion house.

This time on the stage is Justin Bieber. He is the new testimonial for the campaign dedicated to the new Runner Balenciaga sneakers.

What is behind Balenciaga's social strategy?

The strategy is a new way of approaching digital, a unique balance between being there and not being there.

It is as if Balenciaga had decided to use Instagram just like the space of a magazine. Here, communication is built collection after collection.

Each series of posts is like the digital version of the paper Issue. Each collection has its own space to maximize the engagement of the images. And, from the next release, you will not see them again.

Luxury Brands Must Remain On Social Media but Get Involved With Genuineness and Respect

The most evident from the considerations made above is that brands must not abandon social media. This is because they are now an integral part of users' search experience and purchases.

However, they must remain on these platforms by changing their approach. They must have the courage to strengthen their identity, sometimes even going against algorithms. You must design each piece of content to achieve high quality, but all in a genuine way.

Some Mistakes to Avoid On Social Networks

There are some common mistakes that brands often make on social networks. They risk compromising trust in the tool's validity if they go unnoticed.

Being self-referential:

Social pages cannot be a sales catalog. People would get bored and soon stop following us. Presenting products is one of the activities that tell the brand's exclusivity. If inserted in a balanced strategy, this activity responds to curiosity and builds the public's imagination.

Not paying attention to the comments and interactions of followers:

Answering questions quickly with care is essential to creating a lasting relationship. Continuously react to criticisms with class and keep the desire to improve the service. Take the values and sensitivity of people into account.

Being on all social networks and following the trends of the moment without a strategy behind it:

It is essential to evaluate which channels to stay on and focus your energy on to convey original content. Do not just follow the trend of another brand just because it is successful.

Ignoring the repercussions of communication on the reputation of the brand:

This is a mistake that also happens to the giants of luxury. Remember the case of Dolce & Gabbana? The stereotypical video irritated the Chinese market beyond everything.

As a result, it led to the cancellation of a fashion show in Shanghai. Also, the two designers had to post apology videos.

It proves that if your audience perceives that you don't know them, the online crisis is just around the corner. And it cannot be easy to manage.

Thinking that social networks go forward by themselves, without investments:

Many ingredients are needed to create a compelling presence: social media strategists, curated content, suitable texts, professional photos and videos, and paid advertisements. Without it, you risk appearing improvised.

Final Thought

The changes in the world of Social Media are constant and fast. Algorithms are continually updated, users change platforms, and new features emerge. In this context of constant change, it is increasingly challenging to reach potentially interested people and build a loyal community.

Despite this, social media marketing for fashion brands is an excellent opportunity for companies to open up a conversation with their customers.


How Does Social Media Marketing Work for Fashion Brands?

With time, the use of social media is increasing lightning fast. Its growing user makes it relatively easier to reach the target audience. Thus, social media marketing has a massive role in adapting and spreading the latest trends for clothing brands.

How Do You Market a Clothing Brand on Social Media?

The first step should have a personalized website. Then make yourself available on the social platforms. A fashion and luxury brand must be highly visual.

Create communication between brand and customer to increase brand loyalty on social media. Finally, start various campaigns and PR strategies. In short, relate to the target audience.

How Do You Market a Fashion Brand on Instagram?

As Instagram is a highly visual platform, you must need good image content. Post your latest looks and products. Use the influencers to reach maximum customers. Create trendy and viral hashtags. Make your timeline very appealing to the customers.

How Do I Promote My Clothing Brand on Facebook?

Facebook is almost like Instagram but with more age variety in the audience. Keep the posts interesting and share-worthy. Create live with products. Open the review section for future customers to know their worth. Hire influencers to promote your products. You can also have fan groups where your customers can communicate. In short, keep the audience engaged.

How does Social Media Affect Fashion Trends?

It creates higher engagement and reaches a vast audience for your business. Besides, social media is a great platform to create brand awareness for fashion brands and show the latest fashion trends.

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