Local SEO Citations for Local Business Owners [Expert Guide]

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  • Published: August 4, 2021

Local presence is crucial in today’s business world. We do not live in an era where business cards or leaflets can bring more visibility. This generation is more inclined towards online presence. This makes local SEO citations for local business owners is an essential tool. This allows your business to show up on local search results.

Local citations make much sense for new local companies. So, you need to know everything relevant to this topic. This article will focus on providing a complete expert guide on local SEO citations.

What are Local SEO Citations?

Your business must show up in local searches. This makes local SEO citations very important for local companies. But what are SEO citations?

Local SEO citations are online listings of your business. Brick and mortar will have a set of information to find its physical location easily. Online businesses also need such information for search engines to find them.

Local search citations include the NAP information. This means the Name, Address, Phone number of the business. Even though you can also include other information about your local company, it is enough to include the NAP information for Google to find your business.

What matters is the consistency of your information. You cannot list different addresses in different citations. Google will not be able to figure out the correct address of your business this way. You can use the NAP consistency tool to maintain citations consistency.

How to Build Local Citations for SEO?

Now you understand what local business citations are. It is time you know about local citation buildings. The process of building local citations SEO has two steps. First, you need to develop your citations through the Google citation generator. And then, you need to optimize the citations.

Building Your Local Citations

Building your local citations needs time and effort. The work is not rocket science. You can do it very quickly. But it would be best if you were very careful in including correct business information.

The first step to this is building a list of places. These places are where you can create listings. You can check them in local citation software. These local SEO tools will allow you to see competitor’s listings and extra information.

After this, you can start creating local citations in those directories. But it is a must that you ensure correct information flow. This means that you need to input consistent information across different guides.

Local Citation Optimization

After building local citations, you now need to optimize them. You can use the service of a local citation for this. They will outsource the citation tasks.

Using these services will allow you to maintain accurate citations. You can also get access to premium directories. You can also build targeted listings and update them later. Some examples of citation optimization services are RankPay Local Citation Builder, Yext, and BrightLocal.

How to Check My Citations?

It is normal to worry about the correctness of your citations. We understand that you are new in the market. You are running your own business. And now you have built your citations. So, checking them is very important. This will help you to maintain flawless citations.

You can use an SEO citation checker to check your citations. These citation checkers allow you to check whether the information is correct or not. You can also input extra information correctly later.

These business citation management services also can help you to correct any inconsistency. Any inconsistent information will be cleaned up automatically. Thus, you can ensure high-quality citations.

Do Local SEO Citations Still Work?

Your local business needs to pop up on customer radar. Suppose a customer searches about a product or service related to your business. The Google map citations will make the NAP information come up in the search results. Local SEO citations will give you permanent support.

But prioritizing NAP features is not the only thing you should do. The only reason this matters is for the local SEO plugin to show your business on local searches. Other SEO optimization tools like Google My Business can carry more value.

Yet, local SEO citations allow your business to appear in the local SEO audit. This is the essential thing that most new businesses forget to maintain. So, this can still give you fruitful outcomes.

What are the Elements of Local Citations?

Local citations can include several elements. We can divide them into 2 different types of elements. They are as follows:

Basic Elements

The basic elements of local citations are the NAP information. We already know about them. They are the Name, Address, and Phone number of your business. These pieces of information ensure Google that there is physical existence of the business. So, these elements are essential to optimize SERP features.

Other Extra Elements

Some businesses can include company website links with citations. This can prove helpful for the business. But it is not necessary. You can also have videos to optimize local video SEO features. Some other elements involve business categories, reviews, and alternate contact information.

Different Types of Local Citations?

There can be 4 types of local citations. Here is a brief discussion on them.

Structured Citations

The structured citations consist of the NAP information. This type of citation can also include several other pieces of information. They can be different webpage links. Some of them are Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, Acxiom, Apple maps, Bing, or Yahoo page links. All these together allow the business to appear on industry-specific sites as well.

Unstructured Citations

Businesses can sometimes cite their information on non-directory platforms. These can include blog websites, magazines, or Wikipedia. When businesses carry on this type of citation, it is called unstructured citations.

Partial Citations

Partial citations include a part of the NAP information. This can be the Name and Address of the business. Also, this can be the Name and Phone number of the business. This type of citation is not very practical for local companies.

Complete Citations

As the name suggests, including full NAP information is complete citations. You can put the NAP information vertically or horizontally. This type of citation is much more effective than partial citations.

Why Are Local Citations Important for Local Businesses?

Local citations allow your business to appear on local searches. You would want your company to be on top of customer search results. This is the essential SEO feature you can implement. Here are 3 fundamental importance of local citations.

Get a High Rank on Your Company

Google uses citations to rank businesses. It is far more logical to use local citations. This ensures that a business is mentioned more online than other businesses. Thus, the company is much more relevant to customer searches.

Get Accurate and Verified on Search Engines

It is always great to have a verified tagline beside your company. Google uses citations to verify the authenticity of your company. Thus, having correct and consistent NAP information is very important. It gives Google more confidence in showing your company information on search results.

It Gives People Ways to Find Your Business

Local citations give people more chances to find your business online. It increases business visibility and awareness. So, you should include NAP information of your business across different directories.

Data Management for Local SEO Citations

Managing the data of the local SEO citations can be very beneficial. It means that you are constantly improving business visibility, ranking, reputation, and conversion rate. You can manage the data you put in local citations in two ways.

Active Data Management

Active data management can include many things. You can apply it to ensure correct information flow across different platforms. This can increase the discoverability of your company. After this, you can use active data management in strategizing future citations. You can use the reviews and manage them to improve citation correctness.

Passive Data Management

Passive data management uses data aggregation to improve online presence. This approach includes some risks for the owners. For example, the citations may be of low quality. It may also show inaccurate or duplicate information. And this process may allow third parties to edit your information.

Expert Tips for Building and Managing Citations for Local Businesses

Building citations is a simple task. But simple tasks often involve mistakes. Thus, here are some expert tips to help you build and manage citations.

  • The first thing you should do is create pages across different platforms. They can include Facebook, Instagram, or other websites. Having different web accounts will allow you to include further information for citations. You can input photos, logos, and other valuable details.
  • It is a great thing to include alternate contact details. So, you can include an email address to the citations. It is even better if you have a company domain-based email address.
  • It would be best if you paid extra attention to verifying the citations. It can build more credibility for your company.
  • Finally, create citations strategies before inputting information. Most businesses do not provide enough focus on this. This will enable you to organize information and manage them afterward.


Local businesses need to pay more attention to SEO tools. This can generate traffic on the website and increase sales. Local citations are one of those optimization opportunities.

Local SEO citations for local business owners can bring instant success. You can expect your company to appear on maximum search results. Thus, customers will enlist your business as authentic and relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions: Local SEO Citations

  • What Are Local SEO Citations?

Local SEO citations mean including your company information on local directories. Some of the information could include the Name, Address, and Phone numbers of the business.

  • How Do Local SEO Citations Help Me Get Ranked on Maps?

Local SEO citations can significantly benefit from appearing on maps. Suppose you own a pastry shop. Imagine a customer searching “pastry shops near me.” Google maps will show local pastry shops on the search results. Local SEO citations will enable your company information to appear on maps.

  • How Do I Get Local Citations?

There are many local citations generators to find the local citations. They will enable you to find the local directories. You can include company NAP information there.

  • How Many Local Citations Do I Need to Rank on The Maps?

This can vary from industry to industry. The average number of local citations you should have is 81. This can enable you to be on the top ranks of maps.

  • Can I Copy & Paste the Business Information?

Yes, it is a good practice to copy and paste business information. This ensures information consistency in local citations.

  • My Business Information is Incorrect on Some Citations What Do I Do?

You must fix the incorrect information on local citations as soon as possible. You can do this in three ways. You can either use an available tool or manually go into the directory and fix the issue. Also, you can outsource the work to another company and correct the incorrect information.

  • Are you looking for Local SEO Services?

Local SEO services are the best way to increase company awareness and visibility. In turn, you will experience a higher conversion rate. If you are looking for local SEO services, this is the place to be.

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