Affordable SEO Services for Small Business (Pro Tips)

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: July 26, 2020

Well, affordable SEO services for small business is one of the most asked and desired services from small business owners.  If you are one of those SMB (small business) owners then be with us, we are going to discuss an in-depth analysis of how you can get low cost SEO services for small business that will not break your wallet.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core of the digital marketing industry that can make your online business profitable.  Achieving the best ROI from the investment you made in your business is not a thing that you will get overnight.

It needs lots of time and effort, including the strategic implementation of many SEO factors. Let’s get into the topic by understanding SEO practices at an affordable cost.

Affordable SEO services for small business


An excellent platform for business reviews, Clutch made a statement on March 14, 2019, that only 36% of small businesses have at least an SEO strategy. That means 64% of small businesses do not have an SEO strategy. If you can start SEO practices on your website, then you are ahead of that 64% of other small businesses.

Possibility to rank on the first position will be easy if you start SEO right now. You need to start right now because many other people are also providing the same service as yours. If you want to beat them on the search engine, then you need to act now, find an affordable SEO service provider, and discuss your business with them.

VISER X is one of the best SEO companies for small businesses. We have the ultimate expertise that is exactly what you need to grow your small business online.

As a small business owner, your responsibility is to develop and improve your product and services that can satisfy your customers. If you want to rank your business on the search engine that brings hundreds of potential customers to your business site, then SEO is the only way you should focus.

Most of the businesses are investing in paid ads to bring sales leads. However, the primary disadvantage of paid ads is that when you stop paying for ads, your sales will end.

As a business owner, you cannot let that happen in any chance. There is the only way that can keep bringing new customers to your business is organic sales and organic customers.

Get an affordable SEO service that suits you, and start investing that will automate the sales generation after a certain time. Here is why small businesses should care about SEO.

Why Small Businesses Should Care About SEO

Small businesses need affordable SEO service because, initially, they do not have much investment. In addition to that, they need to concentrate on the products or services improvement, including sourcing, procuring, purchasing, etc. Usually, SEO affordable when you can do it correctly. Let’s breakdown why you should care about SEO for your small business.

The relation between the search engine and the searcher is fascinating because the search engine business is running based on their users (searchers). Let’s talk about you to know how it works.

If you need something such as information, products, services, images, or anything that you do not know, then what do you do? Most probably, you take your phone and type it on Google app then hit enter.

Now, after hitting enter, you see a list of results that matches your query that you typed, right? Well, if yes, then we are going in the right direction.

An affordable SEO services for small business is suitable for any entrepreneurs who's just starting their business with a small investment.


On every page, you will see ten (10) results, and you will click on the first link. If you do not find your answer there, then you will hit the back button and click on the second result. That is the story, how searches on search engine work.

Now, if someone searches a query that matches one of your products or service, then you probably want to be on the first position of a search engine like Google. Only doing SEO can take you up there in the first position on the SERP.

Now, you need to get expert assistance for implementing SEO optimization on your business site. VISER X is offering the most affordable SEO service for hundreds of clients from all over the world. Check our Complete SEO service Packages.

We are going to discuss some of those SEO practices, and you can do it at a cheap cost. It will help you to understand how things are working, and when you are buying any service, what should you look carefully. Without further due, we will move on to our list of those topics we will discuss below.

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Chapters We will Cover in this Article

Here are the key factors that will improve the visibility, brand impression, authority of your business website. Practice them on your website to be a trustworthy source for the service or product you are selling.

If search engines find your authoritative website, you will get higher ranking and send highly potential customers, visitors to your website.

  1. On-page SEO
  • URL Optimization
  • Keywords in Title Tags
  • Properly Format Web Copy
  • Add Quality Images and Alt Tags
  • Interlinking Strategy Development & Implementation
  1. Off-page SEO
  • Link Building Strategy: Development & Implementation
  • Social Media Integration: Mediation & Promotion
  • Community Outreach: Approach & Acquire
  • Reviews and Ratings: Approach & Acquire
  • Reach out to influencers: Approach & Acquire
  1. Local SEO
  • Local Communication: Make it Work
  • Structured Location Data: Identify & Implementation
  • Local Identification: Implement Local Listing
  • Mobile Optimization: Make it User-Friendly
  • Audit Monthly to Measure Improvement.
  1. Ecommerce SEO
  • User-Friendly Structure: Develop & Implementation
  • Blog Content: Article To Help Audience
  • Product Pages Optimization: Description & Meta Content Writing
  • eCommerce Listing: Make It Work
  1. Technical SEO
  • Speed Optimization: Check Issues & Solve
  • URL Structure: Make it SEO Optimized
  • Navigation Structure: Make it Fast
  • Structured Data: Identify & Implement
  • Canonical URLs: Check & Solve (if any)
  • ERROR 404: Build a Custom Page
  • Website Security: Add SSL & Secure
  • Google Search Console: Integrate & Analyze
  1. Video SEO
  • Video Optimization: Add tags and descriptions
  • Thumbnail Image: Use Custom Attractive Image
  • YouTube Optimization: Decorate & Optimize Channel

Well, those are the breakdown of the topic we will be discussing here. We have included each part of the SEO that small business owners from any niche can use. However, SEO is not an overnight strategy that you can do anytime.

You need to be patient enough to wait for the result. SEO is the best online marketing strategy because the result is worthy enough against the effort. Once you rank after all hard work, now you will be getting hundreds, even thousands of visitors who are reading information before they buy any product or services.

You do not need to be fast, but be steady and consistent, you will gain your success through proper SEO. Do take help from SEO experts like VISER X. Let’s not wait and start with on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is one of those crucial factors that can boost your organic reach and you must consider it while choosing affordable SEO Services for Small Business.


Chapter 01: On-page SEO

The term on-page SEO means, optimizations that we SEO experts at our platform do within our website or to be more specific on the particular webpage. That includes optimization on the title, URL, body content, metadata, etc. Let’s try to understand them by reading the below section.

URL Optimization

URL is one of the core terms in on-page SEO, as experts are recommending a user-friendly URL that readers can understand the topic at a glance. Your URL should be descriptive or use breadcrumbs that show how nicely your navigation structure is designed.

Keep it short and straightforward, but not too short that the URL does not exactly cover your topic. Put your keyword in the URL, and it’s a must.

Title Tag Optimization

Well, the title of your web page can be a winning factor that will let the searcher decide whether to click or not to click your on it even if you are on the first position in SERP. Make your title eye-catchy and provoking that it influences the searcher to click on it.

Include the targeting keyword in the title (at the beginning). Several other things that you can include such as number, years, emotional words, strong words, influencing terms, etc.

Properly Format & Optimize Web Copy

A well-designed and correctly formatted content attracts the user and makes the reading process easy, stressless. And what more do you want?

If a reader can read your content without any difficulties, then he or she is going to revisit your website. Include the call-to-action button on each of your web pages that they can subscribe and you can get their contact details to approach them.

Optimize your content with the targeted keyword and other relevant LSI keywords that you can find on google search. Several platforms are there providing relevant keyword suggestions like LSIGRAPH, UBERSUGGEST, Google auto suggestions, etc. Populate your content with those most relevant terms.

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Add Quality Images and Alt Tags

Graphical contents are now more attractive than text; however, for more explanatory understandings, people read text content. The best thing to do with your web content is to include some informative images, infographics, statistical charts, analysis report snaps, etc.

Remember, people are not going to happy as they would in the past if you are putting lots of irrelevant images in your content.

Make sure your image is well designed and have some relevance with the topic you are discussing in the post—another thing to remember while adding images that resizing them at the highest resolution of your website.

Reduce the file size of those images so it can be loaded fast enough. Optimize your images with proper title and alt tags, as well as the description for each of your pictures. Include keywords in both titles, alt tags, and descriptions.

Interlinking Strategy Development & Implementation

Interlinks are those links that refer to other pages from a specific webpage of your website. It helps users to reach potential webpages that they probably want to know.

Suppose you have an article about dog foods, now if you can interlink another page, let’s say “best dog food experts,” then the user may get interested to know about those experts.

It will help them to understand that you are helpful, and they might sign up on your website or buy products and services form you.

Remember, on the internet, and you only can write or present some resourceful content but not to have face to face conversation. So, interlink each page with each of those pages you want your visitor to read.

Meta Data Optimization

Metadata includes the meta title, meta description. They are both are as important as when you are in the first position of the search engine. We have discussed the title previously.

Now, the description is a short summary of 160 characters that represent your content and influence them to read the webpage. You must include the targeted keyword in the meta description and add some LSI (if possible).

Google sometimes picks any relevant text of the mentioned length for a keyword that page is ranked for. The best practice to include a 160 characters description at the beginning of the web page, then add another meta description as the meta description.

It will help your ranking because whenever google picks, the data will be structured in the right length.

Regardless of your investment size, affordable SEO services for small business must have a proven link building strategy which will improve the overall authority of your website.


Chapter 02: Off-page SEO

After on-page optimization, you need to look at off-page that certainly necessary to reach a targeted audience within your community or outside of it. Let’s go deeper into the topic.

Link Building Strategy: Development & Implementation

Link building is another stringent implementation you can do with your website. It is nothing but creation or getting references for your website from other webpages for being relevant to them.

Guest blogging, organic links, promotional links, brand profile creations, commenting to let others know that you have an in-depth resource on a particular topic, all these are different kinds of link building strategies that people are doing for so long.

However, the whole story of link building should work like this, and if you have a winning product and people are purchasing it, then if anyone asks them about that kind of product, they will suggest your product. It is because your existing customers find your product worth mentioning with others.

On internet marketing, people are also mentioning other webpages that are resourceful, and those mentions are known as backlinks. Try to create game-changing content on your website so that people feel proud to refer your resource with their visitors.

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Social Media Integration: Mediation & Promotion

Be as your brand on major social media platforms, and share resources that help your fans. Share your content as well to let them know that you also have many articles on several topics that they must read to understand.

Try to participate in their discussion in the comment and greet them to be with you. Invite them to visit your website to know more about your products or services.

Community Outreach: Approach & Acquire

If you have a list of email subscribers, then let them know when there is any update or new products. Besides these, communicate with them regularly with some free stuff that they need to know.

Upcoming products, services, podcasts, seminars, all you are going to do shortly, then let your subscribers know. Invite them so that they can join.

Reviews and Ratings: Approach & Acquire

Customer reviews are those reliable reference different platforms like Google, and yelp showing, and it can make you reputable for the particular products or services.

If you search for any product on the search engine, then you will see a few pages with user ratings. People are likely to click on rich results where reviews are visible.

Reach out your customers are ask them if they are willing to give a review for the product they purchased from you. It will make your business more authentic and qualified for those potential customers who are finding the same kind of products or services.

Reach out to influencers: Approach & Acquire

Reaching out influencers who are also renowned as industry experts for using your products and services is a useful strategy to build the authority of your business.

Influencers are often recommending different products and services that people are trying to find. If an expert suggests any products and services, then people are likely to buy that particular products or services.

Search engines also picking up those reviews and show them in search engine. Many experts are stating that those reviews may impact the ranking because those reviews are showing how satisfied the customers after they use it.

Chapter 03: Local SEO

Local SEO is essential for every eCommerce business because most of them are doing business locally. Millions of searches are happening using local keywords, and if your website is not optimized for local keywords, then you are not going to do well locally.

Here is those deeper meaning of local SEO that most of the business owners are missing while doing it.

Local Communication: Make it Work

Well, we are starting with an example of a local search. Suppose someone searches “best hot dog” in New York and the search result he or she will see is entirely different when another search happens with the query of “hot dog” in Washington.

The search engine developed their algorithm to classify searches for local queries. Search engine like Google shows results based on geographical location because their goal is to provide the most relevant and helpful result in SERP.

So, make sure that you have optimized your website with local keywords, and your site does have an individual page that includes, the embedded map to your business location and other contact details. It will help users to find your shop or business to reach and buy your service or product.

Local SEO is the most crucial strategy for local businesses. Most of the time local business owners optimize their website internationally. Whether your budget is low or high, you need to focus on the locality where your consumers are living. Whenever you are trying affordable SEO services for small business, make sure the provider is optimizing your website for the specific locality you are providing services.


Structured Location Data: Identify & Implementation

Using structured data is a vital fact for local businesses. Sometimes it can change the entire game if you miss the optimization. Google has some parameters to maintain so that when the robot crawl your website, then it can identify each page and classify them by category.

Another thing is location data; yes, Google does show different result based on the place where the searches happened. We have discussed it in the previous section.

If you have a restaurant and you have structured your data for Googlebot, then your restaurant will be categorized as a restaurant. It will also show your restaurant website on the SERP when anyone searches a keyword and you are ranked for it as a restaurant.

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Local Identification: Implement Local Listing

Google My Business, Yelp, different directories, location-based directories, and categorized lists are the best example of local identification. You know that google pulls data from everywhere from the internet.

If your business is listed on major directories and has reviews on it including some activities, then google is going to pull those data. He will store it and try to define what is it and how is it working.

 It will use its local guide, asking them about the business. If from everywhere, GMB gets the same result, then the search engine starts giving rank to the website.

The best way to do it is to make visible on most of those directories available. You will see the changes happening in the performance of your website.

Properly list your site on those directories, make sure that you have given them the location, opening hours, recipes if possible, contact details, email, etc. They are vital for every kind of businesses.

Mobile Optimization: Make it User-Friendly

Mobile internet users are increasing a dramatic speed, and most of the searches on google are happening on the mobile phone. Google has announced the mobile-first index a little while ago to make the website owner understand the importance of optimizing the website for mobile users.

If your site is not user-friendly on a mobile screen, then your business is not going to get enough sales. It is not just an alarming fact but warning for those who are not yet understanding it.

Audit Monthly to Measure Improvement

Without knowing how your business is performing, you can take the next best step to improve your business. When you implement anything for your business development, then it will take some time to be effective.

Auditing the performance to see how it worked is the best way to identify what are those lacking you have on your website that holds it back.

If you can run an audit each month, then you will see the complete picture of how your business is growing or lowering the profit. Make sure you audit your website frequently.

Use analytics and google search console to see the performances. However, several paid tools are there to see. Take an affordable SEO audit service that will do fine for you initially.

Chapter 04: eCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce is a bit different from tradition webpage SEO. Several things must be appropriately maintained in small business SEO where products or services are being sold. Let’s get into it a bit deeper,

User-Friendly Structure: Develop & Implementation

eCommerce shops have more pages compared to any other type of online shops. The user-friendly structure is essential for this type of business website. Make it easy for users so that they do not get lost in hundreds of pages and do not return to the homepage.

Try to make the navigation simple that a visitor will not need more than three clicks to visit any page and return. Make the colour choice, clear call to action buttons, categories everything easily accessible for visitors that they comfortably visit your shop.

Your homepage must be very attractive, and all the product pages must be well designed that visitors can read product descriptions easily.

Blog Content: Article to Help Audience

Blog posts are the most useful way to bring visitors to any website, including eCommerce business website. Create a blog section within your website and publish helpful content there.

Pick keywords that are relevant to your products or services. Remember that the goal of distributing informative content is to help visitors so that they find you reliable.

Place call to action on every blog posts with different offers running on your eCommerce shop.

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Product Pages Optimization: Description & Meta Content Writing

Optimize each product page, including an attractive and engaging product title. Including a keyword in the title. Ensure that URL, meta title, the meta description is optimized with right keywords that people are searching to get your product. Keep your URL short and descriptive that people understand the topic at a glance.

eCommerce Listing: Make It Work

eCommerce product listing is an effective way to generate sales. Most of the buyers tend to shop from either Google or Amazon because they are the most reliable online shopping destination. List your products on Google and Amazon and do product SEO for them. Use high-quality, optimized images that attract visitors.

Chapter 05: Technical SEO

Now, this part of the SEO, you must take expert assistance because, without them, you cannot solve technical issues. Due to technical problems, your website can be slower, and nobody wants to visit a slow loading website. However, you must know them to check if your provider doing it correctly or not, Let’s start,

Speed Optimization: Check Issues & Solve

The loading speed of your website is very important to rank on search engines. If your site is not loading within three (03) seconds from the click, then most of the visitors are going to hit back button. Enable caching on your website to keep the loading speed faster than your competitor.

URL Structure: Make it SEO Optimized

URL of the specific webpage is important because long URL can hurt user emotions and lead them to see your page as a bad page. Include keywords in your URL and avoid any unnatural URL structure because search engine robot loves short and specific URL.

Navigation Structure: Make it Fast

Do not make your visitor uncomfortable while they are visiting your website. Keep your navigation system user-friendly and easy, so that they can visit any page within three (03) clicks.

Structured Data: Identify & Implement

Structured data will help robots to understand your page better; without structured data, you are not going to get enough visitor. Google is providing ranking through an analysis done by the algorithm, which is an AI-enabled robot.

If you want to get higher rankings, then you need to make Googlebot and your visitors happy. Only then you can get what you are dreaming of getting from your business.

Canonical URLs: Check & Solve (if any)

If your site has two pages with similar types of content, then it may lead you to a penalty from Google. To avoid that you must use canonical URL tag because the canonical tag will tell Google not to penalize the page. Properly utilize canonical tag it will improve overall link issues in your website.

ERROR 404: Build a Custom Page

Make sure that your website does not have any page that returns with Error 404. However, several times you will see that people are facing error 404 problems. Now if you have a custom designed error 404 page that has options to bring the visitor to other pages, then that is the best.

You do not know which visitor is visiting your website to buy so if a visitor faces 404 error and hit back, then it is your loss. That is why experts are always suggesting to use custom pages for your error 404.

Website Security: Add SSL & Secure

Most of the small businesses, including eCommerce shops, are dealing with credit cards, and customers sensitive information. So, if due to your weak security customers data compromises, then the responsibility is yours.

SSL certificates come handy for those weak websites. Install SSL on your website, and it will encrypt all sensitive data. No one will lose anything while using your site.

Google Search Console: Integrate & Analyze

Google search console is a free tool provided for publishers and website owners. If your website is integrated with the search console, then you will get the opportunity to see anything that happens on your website.

It will let you see how your website is performing on Google. If there are any issues with your website, the search engine will identify the problem and notify you to solve it.

You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not as well as how many people clicked on your link while it appears on the SERP. How many keywords your website is ranked for also you can see in Search Console. You can quickly index your web pages on Google with the tool as well.

Chapter 06: Video SEO

Presenting a product or service through a video attracts buyers more. They can smoothly go through that video and see how it really works. To do that you need to make high-quality videos for your product to promote them online. Let’s see how to optimize your video and how video SEO works.

Video Optimization: Add title, tags and descriptions

Make your title engaging and attractive that people love to click. Add tags to include keywords and topics so that robots can give you rank higher on video platforms. Add an in-depth description with keywords and other relevant queries that people use to find your product. Add the product link into the description, so that viewers can click to visit the product and purchase it.

Thumbnail Image: Use Custom Attractive Image

Every video platforms are letting users set a thumbnail for each of their videos. Set engaging image in title, include attractive offers and title. You can appoint a graphics designer to make your thumbnail or make it yourself to lower the investment.

YouTube Optimization: Decorate & Optimize Channel

Decorate your YouTube channel profile with gorgeous design because if your channels look better, then people will be your follower. More follower means more people will see your video and be your follower.

People will engage in the comment section to discuss their experience with the product or service to make others aware of the product or services. Participate in those discussions and share your thoughts regarding those issues.


White hat vs black hat SEO

It is such kind of argument that never ends. Most of the black hat SEO methods are not going to work in this era. Google and other search engines have the technology that catches the black hat method and banning them right away. Some of the SEOs are violating the rules and regulations and presenting webpage differently for search engines and readers.

So, the visitor will see something else, and robots will see something else when they crawl. However, you should never try this because taking such a risk for your business is not worth it.

Once your business website gets banned from a search engine, the reputation you build by hard work and times will be gone in a snap.

We have discussed all those white hat SEO facts that adhere to the rules and regulation provided from search engines. White hat SEO bring stability to your business site, and it will last for a long time with some nursing.

On the other hand, black hat SEO has no future in this era, whenever the system find out that you are using black hat method, the site will be banned.

Cheap SEO service providers are using black hat methods for their good without thinking about the risk of the client. However, At VISER X, we are providing only affordable white hat SEO services for our customers and achieving the confidence, trust, and positive reviews from our clients.

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist

If you are running an online business, then hiring an SEO agency or expert can bring lots of benefits with their services and expertise. Small business owners are spending most of their time on the development of the business.

If you are also busy doing all those things, then you must go for hiring an SEO expert or agency because they know how your business can increase profit through digital marketing.

Search engine ranking is upgrading more frequently than before, and every SEO expert and agencies are studying those updates to understand them. It will help them to provide the service that works in the present time.

They are doing everything to rank businesses maintaining the rules and regulations of the search engines while you are busy with your business improvement.

So, whenever you are out to find the most affordable SEO service or the best SEO expert for your business SEO, you must look for them who,

Has Proven Track Record: Search a successful case study to prove that they are capable of achieving success for your business. Also, client reviews that show their expertise will give you a better idea about their service.

Check if they are using most updated and best SEO Practices: Check out their business website and see if they implemented all those latest SEO factors to rank their website. Also, check if they are ranked for their services on the search engines.

Data-driven proposal: Ask for a proposal which includes analytics of their successful projects (not business details) and strategies they are using in their services. It will let you understand their capabilities and make you confident.

Observe their communication skills and honesty while serving proposal, your instinct will make you hear a positive vibe about them.

Analyze their writing skills: Content for websites can show you how their writing will impact your business to grab customer attention. See their writing sample and try to see by putting yourself on a customer’s seat.

If you are satisfied and you think customers will be attracted to your business website, then you can see that they are capable of engaging people to buy your products or services.

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Finishing Quotes: Small Business SEO Services

We are at the end of the discussion SEO service for small businesses. We have discussed every fact that is needed to get the best SEO expert for your business. However, if you completed reading the article, then you will understand what to know before getting the best SEO service provider.

Whether you are the owner of an eCommerce shop owner, or small business owner and have some product or services to sale online, then SEO is the only way to make a profit out of your business.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses is essential for owners who started their business with limited capital and need to make a profit to sustain in this fast-growing business world.

FAQ: Affordable SEO Service for Small Business

Here are some of the most asked questions from small business owners. Read them if you want to get an answer to your questions also.

  • Do I need to hire someone for doing SEO?

If you are running a business online and you do not have an employee who has digital marketing skills, then you need to hire an SEO expert.

For an online business, it is a must because, without SEO, your business is not going to get any satisfactory results or profit. VISER X has experience of doing SEO for more than a decade.

  • How much should you pay for the SEO services?

Well, there is no predefined standard pricing for SEO service in the industry. It relies on what do you demand from your online business. An SEO expert will use your answer and show you some tasks that are needed to get what you demanded from him.

The SEO is not a single task, and it’s more than hundreds of jobs are included in complete SEO service. Check our SEO packages, go through every tiny detail to know what you are getting from each package.

  • What do an affordable SEO services for small business packages look like?

At first, you have to make sure that it is an affordable SEO service, not a cheap SEO service because cheap is not right in this industry. Well, you want to get profit out of what you are investing, right?

An affordable SEO service will include all the required tasks because, without all of them, your SEO service is not going to bring any satisfactory success.

  • What is affordable SEO services for small business?

Affordable SEO service for small business is not like other enterprise SEO services we provide. However, a small business usually starts with limited investment, so they need to target only those keywords with low or zero competition.

Our SEO service for small business is offering exactly the same with a payment that will not break a small business owner’s wallet.

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