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Social Media Marketing for Dentists: Get Organic Revenue

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: May 15, 2022

Do marketing for dental practices important? Well, reputation is the only thing to promote a clinic for decades. But it’s not the same anymore! As time changes, every business has to adopt the modern way of branding, and the dental practice is not an exception.

Like any other business, social media make dentistry marketing more effective in the shortest possible time. If you want to expand your dental practice and get familiar with your clinic, the popular social platforms are the place that can assist you.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about social media marketing for dentists in detail. So, let’s take a look and know the ways to kick-start your promotional activities.

What Is Social Media Marketing for Dentists?

As the name says, social media marketing for dentists is a method of promoting your dental practice on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular sites.

Digital marketing for dental clinics can be both paid and unpaid. They offer different advantages. Because of this, the most effective strategy combines these two methods to get the best outcome.

Why Is Digital Marketing for Dentist Offices Important?

Using social media for dentists is relatively uncommon, and some clinics have just started to utilize this method. Therefore, you might be confused about whether this really matters or not.

It’s true that the advertising for a dental clinic is quite different. A software company, clothing brand, restaurants, etc., can promote their products directly and influence people to buy them.

On the other hand, clinical activities are not about products. You won’t sell toothbrushes or show off your skills on root canals. All you have to do is build your credibility and trust as a dentist among patients and convince the client to do oral checkups regularly.

So, why should you involve social media to do that? You can easily do it in the traditional way, right? Well, like all other industries, digitalization is also important here because the old advertisement methods are not that effective now.

Most customers are on the internet these days, and they believe in this platform more than anything else. Hence, you have to go to the place where most of your customers spend their time to capture their attention.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Dentists

In today’s world, it’s quite hard to survive without an online presence. The following points will tell you the unique traits that you get from ads for dentists on social sites.

Attract New Customers

The most significant benefit of social media marketing is the higher chances of getting a breakthrough within a short time. It’s possible to get thousands of reactions, comments, and shares and go viral within a day.

But obviously, you have to do it positively and be careful to don’t turn your effort into negative marketing.

On the other hand, social platforms are also a great way to get organic visitors. People tend to search online to find the solution to their health issues. They do the same while searching for a dental clinic. So, you need to be there when people are searching for you.

After leading your patients to your site, you have the chance to convince them about your service. If you are able to make them feel comfortable and confident, they are more likely to choose you.


Compared to social media content, which is free and remains on your channel forever, traditional types of promotion like TV, print, and radio commercials can use up your whole marketing budget.

Brand visibility and reach:

You have the best chance of engaging your audience there because they use digital devices more frequently than any other type of media. You can reach a much wider audience through social media than you can with paper advertising that are printed and distributed in specific locations.

Introductions over the internet:

Your social media channel serves as an online catalogue for your services that your audience may examine at any moment without having to deal with your team, allowing them to make an informed decision.

More Engagement

Online platforms are an excellent way to communicate with existing as well as future clients. Going to the dentist and communicating with them is a challenging experience for many people. However, online media can ease the tension as the patients can get all the answers before going to the clinic.

As a dentist, you can promote yourself by sharing customer testimonials, your previous patient’s experience, the friendly ambiance of the clinic, and many more things. These things will build a positive picture in the mind of viewers that ultimately develop trust towards your business.

Besides, the feedback of your client also helps you to know whether you need to change anything in your business or not.

Increase Your Reliability

A dental clinic does not sell any product. Instead, they sell care and help people to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are able to create a reliable brand voice, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Promoting your experience and track record is quite an effective method to show your authority.

Your patients will understand you are not new in this field, as well as you have enough experience to treat them.

Best Social Media Platform for Dental Practice Marketing

All social platforms are perfect for giving your business the visibility and recognition that you need. That’s why you should go for all the popular media. Check out the following list and learn about the benefits it offers.


Undoubtedly, Facebook is the largest media based on the number of users, and it’s one of the best social media platforms for dentists. Billions of people use Facebook every day. So, almost all digital marketers focus on this one to increase their client base.

You can rarely find a Facebook user who doesn’t buy a cloth, appliances, or anything when they don’t even need it but feel tempted just by seeing ads. Well, you can’t help it. That much power this site holds!

And It’s even easier to persuade people to go to a dental clinic than to buy a new piece of cloth as the health risks are involved.

Therefore, whether you run paid promotional activities or depend simply on the organic visitors, you will surely get a positive outcome.


When you think about sharing some beautiful smiles, Instagram is the first place you should think about. It’s the best media to share the happy and warm visuals of your clinic as well as the success story of your patients.

However, Instagram users tend to use a lot of filters too. But you should think differently when coming up with dental office advertising ideas. Don’t overuse filters, and set your goal to remain professional and authentic.


Sharing photos is not always enough to deliver a proper brand image. Your expertise or joyful moment can be vividly expressed in videos.

Although it’s possible to share both videos and photos on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, YouTube still is the best place to browse videos for many viewers. Besides, many older people don’t like to use social media and don’t have an account on any of them. But they are active on YouTube.

You can reach this demographic of people through YouTube Content.


Twitter also has a broad audience who are not active on other platforms. Moreover, this platform lets you share your message in a compact and refined form that grabs the attention of customers quickly.

You can also use relevant hashtags to draw more attention and become visible for similar searches.


Tiktok attracts to a younger audience than other social platforms since they prefer to watch short-form, entertaining content. You can experiment with a range of content ideas that speak to that audience while also promoting your business. There is a lot of wonderful stuff available to help you get started on Tiktok.


You may boost your online visibility by connecting with other dental professionals on LinkedIn and creating a page for your practice. The goal of joining LinkedIn is not to gain new patients, but to display how your education and history have developed your beliefs as a dental professional, which are reflected in your practice culture. Developing your personal brand to become a trusted advisor will quickly increase your audience's trust in your practice.


Pinterest is a visual library where you can find dental social media marketing ideas to produce interesting content for your clinic. Because your profession requires that images speak louder than words, Pinterest is a great platform for not only sharing your photos, but also for directing your patients to your website. If you are just getting started with developing a marketing strategy for your dental office, Pinterest can provide you with some simply actionable ideas that can contribute to your other social media platforms.

7 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Dentists

Along with using the mainstream platform to promote your dental clinic, you can use TikTok, Snapchat, or others if you think your targeted customers are more active on those sites.

After deciding which platform you want to go for, you have to focus on making your advertising strategy. First, determine your unique selling point, user persona, and other variables, then develop a perfect strategy to cover them all.

The below points will help you to develop perfect planning. So, take a close look at them.

Share engaging dental posts

The main goal of any dental practice is a healthy oral and pretty smile. Along with regular dental checkups, maintaining oral hygiene is also a great factor in achieving the goal.

Hence, while promoting your activities, you should not just focus on showing off your skill. Focusing on educative content marketing for dentists is quite effective too. The more you share posts to spread awareness and beneficial information, the more engagement you will get on your page.

Informative and valuable content increases your page authority too.

Customize Your Content for Each Platform

When you want to develop informative dental posts for social media engagement, you should not use the same content for all the platforms. It’s a wrong approach to share the same things everywhere.

As all social media has different limitations and rules, it’s recommended to tailor your content for each platform. It will ensure the best output for your effort.

It’s not always necessary to make entirely different content for each site. Just make sure you follow all the rules for that specific sites. And note that you should synchronize the brand message to every place. Otherwise, it might confuse the viewers.

Connect with Your Audience

Share the interactive post to connect with your audience more. It will help to build a meaningful relationship with them. You can do Q&A videos on YouTube. Or do a live video asking your viewers simple questions about oral health or making light jokes about eating toothpaste!

Instagram or Facebook posts using a poll or asking simple questions also get many responses. You might think these are quite meaningless activities. Nonetheless, this little effort is effective for gaining trustworthiness as well as attracting many clients. But always remember that there is a limit to everything.

Share this type of post once in a while. A feed full of light content and nothing informative doesn’t look good at all, and it gains no value.

Share Videos

Informative videos or live videos are the most trending things on social media right now. This tool engages people more and offers a higher chance of going viral than a photo or written content.

So share videos of your practice, personal experience, beautiful moments of your patients, your team hangouts, or anything that you think you think that people will love to see. Facebook or Instagram stories, Facebook Live, etc., are excellent media to fulfill this purpose.

Showcasing Quality Reviews

In the traditional way, doctors gain fame through their reputation and word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Although time has changed, people are still being influenced by reviews from others.

People trust a constructive review more than a well-written marketing copy. That’s why always prioritize your client’s comments and share them in your feed. It’s also a good practice to use a relative hashtag while sharing the review posts. It will help your new patients to find all the previous comments in one place.

But getting written feedback from consumers is pretty hard as most people usually don’t want to spend their valuable time writing a detailed review. To solve this problem, you can offer a discount for the next visit in exchange for helpful criticism.

This will help you generate a good amount of quality reviews as your clients will voluntarily do it.

Utilize Brand Advocates

Do you know what’s more effective than a good review? Yes, it’s a reference from a close acquaintance! Brand advocates – your highly satisfied clients – are one of the significant assets for you.

Brand advocates are indeed the best part of dentist marketing that too you can get even without spending a penny. Your customers, team members, or any close people will advertise your brand willingly.

However, you have to be skillful and provide excellent care to your patients to make them recommend you to others. Otherwise, you won’t get their recognition no matter how much you try.

So after gaining their trust, the work of social media began. It allows you to get in touch with your clients personally. They will follow your account and share your content when they find it believable and helpful.

You see, a perfect marketing strategy will help you to get new customers. But to make them your promotional asset, you have to nurture your relationship and influence them to spread words about you. If they don’t feel a connection with you, they might revisit you but won’t talk about you to the others.

Invest in Paid Social Media Ads

Getting organic visitors is always a plus. It also increases the authority of your business. Yet sometimes, a little boost-up is all you need to get the ball rolling! And paid promotion is such kind of thing that can guide you towards your goal.

While giving social media post ideas for dentists, digital marketers focus on specific demographics, geographical locations, and interests. You can’t reach these targeted customers without the help of paid promotion. So the chances are high that your potential customers won’t find you due to the less visibility.

How Much Does Dental Practice Advertising Cost?

The combination of organic content and paid promotion on the social platform help your content to reach the perfect audience. However, for paid marketing, you have to spend some bucks. So you might be wondering about the cost now.

Well, let us make it clear for you. Actually, the cost varies based on your audience, strategy, and even your budget. You can choose a package that matches your requirements and get the output as much as you invest.

On average, social media ads can range from $200 to $50000 or more, depending on various factors.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about social media marketing for dentists. So far, you have seen all the dental facts on social media and Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram posts ideas for dentists.

Now it’s time to create your online presence and go further and beyond! If you are a beginner, you can seek help from a digital marketing agency for technical issues and create a perfect strategy to make a successful outcome.


What is the best Social Media for Dental Marketing?

Like marketing for any other business, dental marketing also utilize popular social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. You should determine which platform will be good for you based on your practice area and the characteristics of your targeted patients.

How Do I Market My Dental Practice on Social Media?

First, determine which platform will be the best for you and help you to reach the most number of your potential customers. Then share engaging and valuable content that helps you to earn credibility as a dentist. You can use photos, videos, reviews & referral strategies to influence your patients and engage them.

Why is Social Media Important for Dentists?

Despite the size of a dental clinic, social media advertisements can help you reach new customers and positively impact your business. Social media marketing is also a great way to establish a better relationship with your patients and showcase your potential.

How Do You Run a Dentist Marketing on Instagram?

The first thing you need to do is open a business account on Instagram with basic information. Then optimize the profile and build your feed. After preparing your account, develop a solid content strategy and find the perfect hashtag for each content while sharing.

What Should I Post on Instagram as a Dentist?

Nowadays, social media marketing focuses more on visuals. That’s why image marketing can engage a large audience. And undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best platforms for image marketing. So, when you want to increase your credibility as a dentist, you should post on Instagram.

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