Therapist Website Design Near Me 2023: How Hire Designer

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: April 12, 2021

Let’s get this straight.

As a therapist, you’ve been practicing privately for several years. Now you are ready to promote your service online. Since your service is being appreciated, you are looking to invest in a professional therapist website design.

You are planning to create a client-attracting website that reflects your individuality. Besides, the website has to be easy to update and simplifies your business. In short, you want to have a strong presence on the web.

At this time, you need a professional website designer who can help you create a website. Before that, it is better to have an idea about the best physical therapy websites online. Here we can help you with knowing all this information.

Physical Therapist Website Design

Creating a therapist website is more than a technical skill because it captures who you are. It needs to be so unique to highlight your individuality where you can express your distinct perspective.

The website represents your uniqueness. So it must be different than those bland and cookie-cutter websites. Having a website filled with extra touches and design elements will make your skills stand out from the crowd.

However, having a general idea about a website is not enough. It is essential to know how it really looks. You need to see practical examples of psychotherapy website design.

Just seeing the real-life examples wouldn't help; you also need to know what goes into making it work. Here we assembled the best websites for therapists available online. We hope these would help you get an idea about building your own.

Best Private Practice Websites – Websites for Therapists

There are thousands of therapist website examples from which we’ve gathered a few in the following list. To make a list, we've focused on the following things:

  • The website has a professional and clean design as well as is easy to navigate
  • A website that attracts clients gives a sense of identity and illustrates how the therapist helps the client
  • The design, copy, and branding of the website genuinely reflect the therapist

Ready to see which websites made the cut? Here are our top picks.

SR Psychological Services – Best Counseling Website Design

First on our list is SR psychological service. Let’s talk about what sets it apart from others. First of all, the quality photos on the website attract specific clients. The cover photo shows the sun peeking behind a tree.

Here the sun represents the light of hope for people struggling with mental health problems. We absolutely love the theme on the website. Some other reasons why it works are:

  • Consistent Color Scheme
  • Beautiful Fonts
  • Contact Information Visible At All Time
  • Professional Iconography
  • Highly Informative
  • Always Visible Call to Action

Mary Diorio Psychotherapy

The first thing that grabs our attention is the stunning hero image on the Mary Diorio psychotherapy website. The hero image represents an overview of the website’s content. It establishes the tone of the website and tells the visitor whether they are in the right place.

On Mary Diorio’s website, the hero image used is bright and hopeful. Besides, the color used in the website is eye soothing. It utilizes different shades of blue, from calming to vibrant.

Then, it uses a cursive font that brings a sense of personality to the website. The specialties on the website are clearly defined. They highlight their areas of focus as well as there is a clear call to action for each.

Millennial Life Counseling

What an excellent niche they used – Helping millennials create epic marriage, relationships and lives. It is one of the unique, narrow, and unconventional niches used in a counseling website template.

They make it easier for clients to find a solution to their problems. The section titles use the hashtag of words like FOMO, first date failure, adulating, etc. Besides, the website layout is decent and easy to navigate.

Sian Quipp

Sian Quipp comes with a modern and effective approach to mental and physical wellbeing. It reflects in their website too. On the first page, there is a detail about the therapist.

Besides, there is consistent use of color in the photos and website elements. The website is easy to view due to the ample whitespace. The other reasons why it works are:

  • Use of logo of professional membership
  • Social proof like testimonials and reviews

Empower Family Therapy

Once you enter this website, you'll definitely be struck by the headline they use. The headline on the home pages says a lot about the therapist's personality. However, Empower family therapy website is a true example of organized and clear navigation.

The website has a quiz that helps clients know whether home-based therapy is a good idea for them. Besides, what we loved most is the copy of the "Why Oak Park" paragraph. Lastly, the home page banner video is another attraction of the website.

L’espace Clinque de Psychologie – best counseling website template

Lespace Clinique is a Montreal-based mental health care clinique. The website is divided into sections where they describe their services in detail. Also, the modern layout and trendy modern fonts make the website attractive.

There is a lot of negative space highlighted with sharp edges. Moreover, the website uses large full-width images blinking with sections or solid blocks.

Wila Affordable Therapy

Wila therapy is a group practice website that is perfectly laid out and easy to navigate. One of the first things we appreciate is its clear contact information. It is located at the right top of the page.

Besides, there is a call to action located at the center of the hero image. The websites use many positive and hopeful photos, which is different than others. There are lots of information available, and the visitors can easily navigate them.

Alexandra Art Therapy

As the name implies, the website justifies the name and service of the therapist very well. It is made user-friendly through the use of modern, artistic design elements. The website looks professional.

Moreover, the website builder uses custom fonts for headlines on the website. All the content on the website is informative. Lastly, the website features a large and full-blown footer section which looks excellent.     

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy – best physical therapy website design

The first thing we love about this practice is its main hero image which is so strong. The therapist added a fantastic photo of their own office. When you enter the site, it feels like they are welcoming you at their physical office.

In each corner of the site, they tell a lot about themselves. They clearly describe their mission on the home page. Also, it adds that they are serving for over 30 years. All these portray a strong messaging.

Then, they include a contact button so the client can get in touch with them. There are enough contact information and staff bios on the website. Above all, they have used videos effectively. The videos are relatable.

Best Website Builder for Therapists

Building a good website is the first step to run your private practice online. More than your certification, a well-organized website can gather potential clients. So, you may not compromise when it comes to choosing a website builder.

More or less, all website builders claim themselves as the best, but not everyone can give what you need. You may not want to hire a website builder just because it is cheap.

Then maybe you find yourself stuck on a website filled with a corny stock image. However, the best website builder for psychologists must have the following features.

  • Ease of use
  • Professional template
  • Blogging features
  • Local SEO tools
  • More contact information

There are countless website builders available from which we have assembled a list including the best. Read on to know what is on the list.

Best Website Builder for Psychologists

  1. Wix – It includes the best selections of 500+ templates. There are excellent options for therapy websites.
  2. Squarespace – It includes 100+ site templates where all of them are mobile-responsive.
  3. com – This site builder includes 300+ free themes. It has a long-form homepage, including blocks for appointment booking and services.
  4. Weebly – It offers 60+ easy-to-use and mobile-responsive themes. These themes include maps and contact forms you might need in your therapy site.

How to Hire Designer for Therapist Website Design

If you want to grow your private practice online, it is essential to hire a professional designer. However, there are a few things to consider before hiring a designer:

  • First of all, know if you are ready to open a website and want to be available online
  • Once you are ready, know your needs. So you can describe your requirements to the website builder
  • Hiring a website builder is an investment like other investments in your business. So it is good to be sure about your budget before hiring
  • Spend some time to know who you want to work with. Do enough research and find the best designer around you

Final Verdict

Thus far, you’ve seen the best therapist website design examples. These are great examples of websites from private practice, group practice, and physical therapist websites. So get inspiration and insight to build your own website.

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