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Will ERP Software Help for Tracking the Inventory?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: March 13, 2022

Yes, ERP software will help you a great deal to manage the entire inventory system. ERP includes various features to streamline a service/production operation. Keeping track of the inventory is one of those!

With the automated features in an inventory management system, you can handle many bottlenecks related to inventory management. Let’s see in detail what is exactly is inventory management.

What is an inventory management system?

I already said it’s a system to oversee the inventory. You must also know that inventory and stock are connected. Hence, an inventory management system will help you handle inventory and supply.

Generally, this particular system has- administering the ordering process, the number of product stores, collecting the right number of products, reducing the cost, and related waste control.

How can ERP help?

The main challenges of manual inventory management are - shortage of products/raw materials and delay in delivery/production. As a result, you fail to make your customers happy enough. Considering all these, an inventory management system can cover all the obstacles. To get a better idea, check the point below.

Integration with ERP & Inventory tracking

In a fully equipped ERP system, you can integrate inventory. Since the aim is to automate all the major processes, adding an inventory management option will be best.

Besides, only having an inventory management system won’t help at all. When inventory and stock are added with other automated processes, you can easily check the shortage of products.

Help to avoid errors

Another noteworthy benefit of inventory management in ERP is the system makes no mistakes! We are prone to make mistakes, right? In a critical process like business operation, you should not risk any particular records associated with stock, inventory, and order.

Accurate planning

No more guessing game. When you calculate the amount of stock you need, you can directly put the number/amount in the software. The software will ensure that the calculated amount will be enough. As a result, the entire process keeps running smoothly. Who wouldn’t want that?

Save your money and time

All things said, it is always about saving both money and time. Manual stock and inventory management is costly and time-consuming. If it doesn’t save money and time, why is the rest of the world utilizing it anyway? The point is that inventory management integration with an ERP will cost less money with a faster work process.

Overall, an ERP can be your savior in many ways, bringing smoother business operations.

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