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Top 20 Software Company in Bangladesh [2024]

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  • Published: June 26, 2022



Bangladesh Software Development

  • Company type: Software Company
  • Clients Served: 1000+
  • Number of employees: Undefined
  • Core services: Software development, Digital Marketing

BSD is well known for its successful revolution in the software industry. Through hard work and loyalty, BSD provides standard service to its clients. Moreover, they provide customized software for small businesses at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, this company is prominent in making mobile applications and iOS operating software. Their self-developed user-friendly ISP management software comes with complete management support for businesses.

More Information:

Company website: http://bsdbd.com/

Email: info@bsbd.com

Phone: +880 01959919802

FAQs: Software Company in Bangladesh


The following section has attached answers to relevant queries on this topic.

Which is the no 1 Software Company in Bangladesh?

Directly mentioning the name of the top software company in Bangladesh is difficult. But, software companies like Dream71, Tiger IT, and VISER X LIMITED are the leading among all other software companies due to their higher customer satisfaction.

Which is the Best Software Company in the World?

Microsoft is the most successful and best software company in the world. Then comes the name of Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce, the top-listed software company.

What is the Highest-Paying Software Company in Bangladesh?

Some of Bangladesh's highest-paying software companies are REVE Systems, Tiger IT, and Brain station-23. On average, they pay 40k BDT to their employees.

How Much Does a Software Engineer Earn in Bangladesh?

According to Glassdoor, a software engineer earns 40,000 BDT every month on average. However, an experienced software engineer in Bangladesh may earn over 100k per month. On the other hand, the paid internship programs for software engineers begin at 15k per month here in Bangladesh.

How Many IT Firms are there in Bangladesh?

There are more than 400 IT firms in Bangladesh. However, all those companies are not doing good in the IT sector. Around 50 companies are in a better position right now to provide standard service.

Therefore, before delivering your projects, find trusted IT company. Furthermore, you can take assistance from those beforementioned IT companies.

Final Thoughts

The list mentioned above is only a few examples of top software companies in Bangladesh. There are also other companies who are doing great in this sector. Hence, it isn't easy to say which company is superior or inferior among many, considering a single factor.

Once again, Bangladesh is doing great with the help of suitable software companies. And most leading companies work in the multinational sector. Thus they are increasing the country's remittance. Hence, the competition is also growing, and companies are trying hard to stay ahead of the crowd.




  • Company type: Software development services
  • Number of employees: 15+
  • Core Service: Web development

With a combination of more than 15 experts, Arrowsoft is providing complete service in the software development sector. The company primarily focuses on software development.

The company is climbing the success with its good quality services. Thereby, the number of their potential clients is increasing day by day.

More Information

Company website: https://arrowsoft.co/

Email: rashid@arrowsoft.co

Phone: 01721838925




  • Company type: IT firm
  • Foundation: 2012
  • Number of employees: 10+
  • Core services: Software development

A long ten-year run hasn't been so straightforward for Technext limited. There were so many ups and downs during the beginning days. But numerous successful projects have put this company in a formidable position in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

The innovative team of Technext provides incredible web portal service and e-commerce solutions apart from software development. This company has 360-degree digital services, mainly software development services.

More Information

Company website: https://technext.it/

Email: reza@technex.it

Phone: 01731 045458



Overview of FLAMMA SOFT

  • Company type: IT service
  • Number of employees: 10+
  • Company growth: South Asian market

It is a joint-stock company that provides complete IT service to its clients. Although this company is still growing, it has become popular with its clients. With a huge number of professionals, their service is entirely satisfactory.

Since its inception, Flammasoft has been going so fast and has become a famous face of South Asia. They believe the future generation will be dependent on technology rather than manual processing.

More Information:

Company website: https://flammasoft.com/

Email: contact@flammasoft.com

Phone: +1-862-287-4496




  • Company type: Software Development
  • Number of employees: 10+
  • Service time: 24/7
  • Core services: Web design & development, Software development

Great works and efforts have brought the height of Coder's passion. This firm has earned a respectable place in IT with its professional services. And since the beginning, they have been delivering relatively good web design and development services in the IT sector of Bangladesh for a long time.

They have a team of highly skilled and well-experienced engineers to deliver customized service to provide up-to-the-mark service. Their services include graphic design, search engine optimization, and software development.

More Information:

Company website: https://www.coderspassion.com

Email: info@coderspassion.com

Phone: 01715-188823



Overview of Softronix Digital

  • Company type: IT firm
  • Foundation: 2015
  • Completed projects: 87
  • Number of clients: 102
  • Number of awards 28

'Softronixs' is a multi-dimensional software development and digital marketing company. Some of their notable services include domain development, hosting, VPS hosting, website designing, Digital marketing, social media operation, and more.

If your company needs to implement a digital system, Softronixs is the place you can rely on. Indeed, you will get proper feedback and mind-blowing IT service from them.

More Information:

Company website: https://softronixs.com/

Email:  info@softronixs.com

Phone: +880 1571 744478



Overview of Chandrim Software Limited

  • Company type: Software Development
  • Foundation: 2010
  • Number of employees: 8+
  • Completed projects: 50+

A young and energetic management team is working to develop Chandrim software limited. Moreover, an excellent and creative team works on separate development projects to ensure the best service.

CHANDRIM SOFT works on end-to-end application software development and maintenance of those projects from behind. This company is also well-known for providing complete service to their clients.

Furthermore, they have also managed and designed some of the top projects of the Bangladesh government.

More Information

Company website: https://www.chandrimsoft.com/

Email: Not mentioned

Phone: N/A




  • Company type: IT service provider
  • Foundation: 2010
  • Company dimension: Multinational
  • Number of employees: Undefined

Alchemy ensures smart software for your business management with an excellent creative team. They have made cost management easy for financial companies with their suitable software integration. The company aims to provide standard software solutions to make companies' operations smoother.

More Information

Company website: https://alchemy-bd.com/

Email: info@alchemy-bd.com

Phone: +88 01313 406 600




  • Company type: Software development service
  • Foundation: 2019
  • Number of employees: Undefined
  • Core Services: Software Development, ERP solution

Based on today's approach to the digital world, Ringer soft limited has designed their business. It offers the right software solution for a wide range of businesses to medium businesses. Generally, Ringer soft develops different types of software for different companies.

More Information

Company website: http://ringersoft.com

Email: info@ringersoft.com

Phone: +01919320992



Overview of BASE IT

  • Company type: Digital marketing service provider
  • Founded in: 1999
  • Number of employees: N/A
  • Core Services: Web design & Development, Software Development

Base IT firm has a motto of changing the digital sector of Bangladesh. This company's main objective is to contribute to countries' digital sector as much as possible.

BASE IT has designed good commercial application software for the private and public sectors. Their expertise has deep knowledge of multiple disciplines, which is handy in developing customized software for small businesses. Through their impressive and easy software service, they have earned a high reputation in this sector.

BASE IT focuses on software development services for medium to large enterprises as their IT outsourcing partner. Other services include internet, property management, entertainment, construction, and more.

More Information

Company website: https://www.baseltd.com

Email:  info@baseltd.com

Phone:  +880-01713-144220

Are you looking for the leading, most reliable top software company in Bangladesh? And searching for a most reliable software development service in Bangladesh, this article is what you wish for.

In this following post, you will get the suggestions of the top 20 software companies in Bangladesh.

We have made the list of top 20 software companies based on many key factors. The main focus was on the client recommendations, service standards, client satisfaction, company outlook, number of employees, and other essential factors.



Divine IT Limited

Overview of Divine IT Limited

  • Company type: IT firm
  • Complete services: 5000+
  • Number of employees: 215+
  • Business extension: Multinational

Divine IT Limited is one of the prominent digital companies in Bangladesh. With 17 years of long successful service, the Divine limited earned a respectable place with the clients. This IT firm has a higher number of employees than some other competitors with many successful projects.

Data shows that this company has completed more than 5000 projects. Furthermore, Divine IT has 12 copyrighted products which are their sole right. This highly skilled team shows the extensive quality of divine IT in the digital sector.

More Information:

Company website: www.divineit.net

Email: sales@divineit.net

Phone: +88017 5566 1212



Overview of LEADSOFT Company

  • Company type: IT firm
  • Completed projects: 400+
  • Number of employees: 300+
  • Countries served: 12+

Leadsoft is a gigantic software development company that has begun its journey from Bangladesh. Due to their appreciating works, this company has extended its wings to 3 continents.

Mostly this company got famous due to its 22 years of long service in the digital sector. The company has completed more than 400 projects. Consequently, over 300 professionals are actively working on this growing company limited.

Leadsoft services include – core banking solutions, fintech applications, enterprise resource planning, insurance and capital marketing, data warehouse and analytics, blockchain development, web development, artificial intelligence, and more. Indeed, this company will move forward with the digital world.

More Information:

Company website: https://leadsoft.com.bd

Email: info@leadsoft.com.bd

Phone: (+880) 167 535 8575



Overview of KAZ Software Limited

  • Company type: Software Development & service
  • Foundation: 2004
  • Number of software projects: 150+
  • Number of companies: 100+

When it's about an experienced software company in Bangladesh, surely KAZ software will be on the list. With their award-winning development teams, this IT firm is famous for making magnificent software.

Notably, KAZ has gained more than 18 years of experience in the software industry. And all these years of successful operation this company have put this IT firm in a formidable position worldwide. They have ties and successful business collaboration with over 100 companies worldwide.

More Information:

Company website: https://kaz.com.bd/

Email: info@kaz.com.bd

Phone: +880248315727



Overview of DREAM71

  • Company type: IT Firm
  • Foundation: 2014
  • Company operation: Multinational

The brand name shows the high intentions of this complete IT firm. Very few companies in Bangladesh have the capability to develop application software like Dream71. Their support includes – iOS application software, web development, and more.

Some of the biggest projects completed by them include an integrated digital service platform for Chittagong hill tract affairs, the Chittagong police web portal, and more.

The company intends to dominate the new world of software technology. And evidently, a highly skilled creative team is of turning dreams into success.

More Information:

Company website: https://www.dream71.com

Email: info@dream71.com

Phone: +8801550019966




  • Company type: Software development and service
  • Company registration: 2010
  • Number of employees: Not Specific
  • Core Services: Software development, Software Testing

On the list of leading software companies in Bangladesh, you have to put 'Data soft' on the top ten list. Undoubtedly, this company's track record is inspiring to all. From a small startup company, Data soft has reached higher stairs within 10 years due to its exemplary service.

For the last couple of years, they have built relationships outside Bangladesh with their promising services. Further, 'Data soft' has earned ISO certificate for its more outstanding contribution to the digital industry. In 2012 this company also received the super brands status in Bangladesh.

More Information:

Company website: http://datasoft-bd.com/

Email: info@datasoft.bd.com

Phone: 88029110169




Overview of TIGER IT

  • Company type: Information technology
  • Coverage: Worldwide
  • Number of employees: Not Specific
  • Core Services: Software development and high-end IT solutions

Although 'Tiger IT' is currently sitting in the fifth position, it has a higher value than the actual position. They have also completed many leading projects for the Bangladesh government, including a fingerprint identification system (FMIS), a biometric registration system, and more.

Besides, they are well known for other projects such as national ID verification, E-passports, Border control systems, toll systems, voter registration systems, and many more. Not only in Bangladesh, but their services also have reached Nepal, Bhutan, Canada, India, etc.

More Information:

Website: https://www.tigerit.com/

Email: careers@tigerit.com

Phone: +88028826716




Overview of HRSOFT

  • Company type: Digital marketing and software development
  • Number of clients: 10000+
  • Number of employees: 20+
  • Core Services: Web Development, Software Development

HRSOFTBD has won the hearts of lots of clients through its impressive web development services. They are one of the best software development companies in Bangladesh. Moreover, they have more than 20 energetic and passionate employees with creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

HR soft also sells digital marketing strategies and ideas to their clients. But their core business sector is based on software development services. Rightfully, this software company earns the top position on this list.

HRSOFT also develop customized software according to their client's business model. Thereby you can have customized software development services according to your demand. Moreover, they have e-commerce software solutions to support e-commerce entrepreneurs of all sizes.

More Information:

Website: http://hrsoftbd.com/

Email: info@hrsoftbd.com

Phone: +8801722158130




Overview of BRAISTATION-23

  • Company type: Software Development Services
  • Founded In: 2006
  • Number of employees: 500+
  • Service area: Worldwide
  • Core Services: Software Development, ERP solution.

When you talk about the best customer-centric company in Bangladesh that provides custom software services, the BRAIN STATION-23 will be in the top position. They provide 360-degree solutions at a reasonable price.

Since its inception in 2006, the company has become one of the leading IT companies in Bangladesh. Consequently, they have successfully done many government projects in Bangladesh. Currently, Brainstation-23 is operating its business in more than 15 countries and extends its service worldwide.

More Information:

Website: https://brainstation-23.com

Email: sales@brainstation-23.com

Phone: +8801404055220



  • Company type: Software development company
  • Projects completed: 1250+
  • Number of countries served: 95+
  • Core Services: Web design & Development, Software Development

Workspace InfoTech limited is a gigantic digital service-providing company in Bangladesh. This company mainly works to provide software support for clients' business development. They deliver customized software according to the clients' requirements.

This company has more than 95 professional coders to complete the skillful task of developing customized software. Some of their prominent software services include– HR software, ERP software, modern management software, accounting software, health industry development software, and more.

Overall, the company aims to be the leader of the 4th industrial revolution in Bangladesh. Following the motive, their 13 years of long experience come so handily. The excellent professional team of the Workspace infotech usually solves challenging problems in a matter of time through their experience. Thus they earn top positions in Bangladesh's most reliable software companies.

More Information:

Website: https://www.workspaceit.com/

Email: info@workspaceit.com

Phone: +88 01977-974800

1. VISER X: Best Emerging Software Development Company


VISER X - Logo

Overview of VISER X

  • Company type: Digital Marketing & Software development
  • Projects completed: 5000+
  • Number of employees: 40+
  • Number of countries served: 106+
  • Core services: SEO, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Web design & Development, Mobile App Development

With more than 5000 successful services, VISER X automatically claims the first spot among the best Bangladeshi software companies. Although VISER X isn't a core software development company, surprisingly, it has more successful projects than other core-based software companies.

With skilled employees and expert intervention, this company provides all kinds of digital services, including – web development, virtual assistant, SEO, social media management, and more.

Surprisingly, VISER X provides all those outstanding software services at a reasonable price. Plus, this software company offers 24/7 customer support. With greater customer satisfaction, they provide custom software support. Besides, you will get different types of software support, including – management, financial, data reporting, etc.

On top of that, VISER X is one of Bangladesh's top SEO companies providing services for more than 10 years.

More Information:

Website link: https://viserx.com/

Email: info@viserx.com

Phone: +8801842 088100

What Makes a Software Company Best?

There are steps you must take when starting any type of business that will do the most to guarantee your success. These processes are particularly profitable when creating a business that provides services to other businesses, such as the rapidly expanding software-as-a-service sector.

Knowing how to assure the success of software service business could be challenging. We will share a few strategies for you to notice so that you may find best service from your desired software company.

  • Maintain simplicity
  • upgradation
  • Provide a variety of services
  • Highlight a successful method
  • Offer the ideal combination of services
  • Dedicate themselves to the client's success

So, let's move forward to know the best 20 software company in Bangladesh to consider.

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