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How does Website Speed Optimization Influence Conversions?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: November 7, 2021

If you think your website loading speed doesn't matter, you are wrong. Website speed plays a vital role in conversion rates. It gives a smooth and seamless user experience. Eventually, the conversion rate goes higher. Then again, Google's ranking algorithm now considers website speed for SEO. So it increases the visibility.

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What is the Conversion Rate?

If someone is providing or selling online services, they have a desired action for the site visitors. Each successful action – each sale – is conversion. And the percentage of total visitors to the site who converts is the conversion rate. The best example of conversion is selling products in e-commerce stores. Purchasing something can be a conversion.

There are several types of conversion. Not all the time, users need to purchase items from stores. A conversion goal can be submitting a contact form, answering surveys, or clicking through the website's pages. It entirely depends on the owner of the site and his target.

How does website speed influence conversion rates?

A website's speed and performance have a lot to do with the conversion rate. Studies show that a better conversion comes from a fast-loading website. It all relies on the user experience of the visitor. When they get smooth and faster navigation throughout the web pages, they are more likely to perform the targeted action of the page.

Now, Google considers website speed for ranking a site. If your site ranks well on Google, it can generate more traffic, resulting in a good conversion rate at the end. You could hire an agency for website speed optimization service for better results.

According to Cloudfare, a website that loads in 2.4 seconds has a 1.9% conversion rate. For 3.3 seconds, the percentage lowers to 1.5%. When a website takes more than 5.7 seconds to load, the conversion rate drops to 0.6%.

So, you can see how a single second can change the percentage significantly.

According to a survey, 47% of the users expect a website to load in  2 seconds. Then again, increasing the loading time by 1 second can result in an additional 2% conversion rate.

Bottom Line

If you are running a slower website, it is high time to speed up the site. It will benefit you by increasing your site's visibility, improving SEO performance, increasing rank on Google, increasing total traffic. Eventually, you will see a significant change in the conversion rate.

There are several online tools to figure out the loading speed. If you have been experiencing a lower conversion rate lately, there is a higher chance the reason is your website speed.

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