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How Can We Avoid ERP Implementation Mistakes

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: October 4, 2021

In the digitally transforming world, Enterprise Research Planning is gradually becoming more prominent than before. For large organizations, it is almost impossible to function properly without any ERP system.

However, the simplest mistakes can lead your system at stake. Here’s why and how.

Start with the basics…

What is ERP?

Enterprise Research Planning (ERP) is a system to manage and monitor different sectors of a medium or large size business. The ERP helps to automate the tasks by integrating them into one place.

Hence, ERP software or applications helps mega businesses to maximize output from available resources. ERP also helps to outline future investment plans.

What is an ERP Implementation?

An ERP implementation simply refers to installing the software, updating the database, creating access for all your users, and training new users with the ERP system.

In short, the practical step involving making the ERP function within the business is implementing ERP.

Common ERP Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Industry experts have identified few common mistakes in the process of ERP implementation. Among many, the most common mistakes are as follows:

Planning: Inadequate & Rushed Decision Making

In most cases, organizations do inappropriate planning. You should not make rushed decisions without paying attention to details.

Pro-tip to avoid it:

To avoid this mistake, make sure you take enough time to test the feasibility of your planning.

The Flexibility of Changing the Plan

Sometimes, the organization fails to see problems that may require adjustment later. A rigid plan is compatible to adapt to changes. If your ERP system is not open to modification, then it will become outdated very quickly.

Pro-tip to avoid it:

Have a trial of the beta version to point out a possible future problem.

Inadequate Members of Workforce for Technical Support

Sometimes, few companies overlook the need for enough human resources to maintain the ERP system and provide support when required. Companies think of it as an effective way of cost reduction. But in reality, it is a big mistake to minimize costs in this way.

Pro-tip to avoid it:

Hire an adequate number of staff. Train them to respond fast. In short, never ignore the importance of maintenance service.

Selecting the Right Partner for the Right Product

You have to check the most eligible firm that is capable of providing the right product for you. The most experienced tech development firm may not be the best for your product or service.

Pro Tip: Study the developer team’s suitability with your product before finalizing any deal.

Closing Note

Follow the basic rules of ERP implementation to avoid common mistakes.

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