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How Can I Manually Speed Up My WordPress Site Without Plugins?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: December 5, 2021

Plugin for WordPress is very popular for the better performance of the site and functionality. It will also add speed to your site. But adding plugins don't necessarily mean that you will have a speedy site. And so the solution is doing the right thing rather than adding a plugin or removing them.

So how can you do that? Let's know more.

5 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Without Plugins

You need to be a smart person to choose the right option if you do not want to integrate more plugins into your site. Some of the ways to do that are as follows:

Run a speed audit

You better run a speed-up audit using Google Page Speed Insights. With the help of that, you will be able to know what is making your site slow. Through that, you will also be able to see other indicators that may help you speed up the site's pace.

Optimize the Images

Sometimes, the image will make your site slow by consuming the space of the site. So you regularly should optimize the image of the site to make it speedier.

Optimize HTML, CSS and JS

Sometimes overloaded HTML, CSS and JS files can be the reason for your site's low speed. So it will be better for the site's speed to follow the minimization process before loading them. Or you better input them just when and where it is necessary.

Remove unnecessary plugin

If it is not necessary, you better deactivate or uninstall the less important plugins. It will help you to speed up the site performance, and it will be more interactive then.

Reduce unnecessary elements

It will be very effective if you can reduce the unessential elements from your website. Which eventually leads you to have a better performing site.

On the other hand, there may be some complex on-page elements. By reducing or optimizing them, you can improve the speed of the site.

Bottom Line:

Let's speed up and improve your WordPress website. Advanced users who are familiar with editing the.htaccess, php.ini, and wp-config files can utilize those tactics to improve the website's speed.

Outside of that, we have discussed how you can manually speed up your WordPress website without installing new plugins. I hope this short reading will help you.

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