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10 Best Time Tracker Software Comparison in 2024

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: July 4, 2020

Time tracker tools are useful for everyone who is working under time limitation. However, if you are trying to track your works, then you can use anyone from the below list of time tracking app that satisfies your needs.

Whether you are working as a small business owner or a freelancer, time trackers are an essential tool that will benefit you to manage your timings. Freelancers who are working for clients’ projects and need to meet deadlines then without time trackers, you are not going to complete your tasks comfortably. On the other hand, if you are a business owner, then you need to track the activities of your employees during office time.

Here in this post, our wish is to discuss the best time tracker software reviews.  There are hundreds of time tracking tools available in the market, yet not all of them are not going to suit you. Without further due, let’s start discussing best time tracking software comparison through their features and other information in the below.

10 Best Time Tracker Software Tools- Select Which Fulfills Your Needs

We have picked the best time tracking apps and software that people are using and reviewing as the best according to their experiences. Our experts are also used all of them and picked the best time tracking apps so that you can have the right one for you. Let’s start,

1. TSheets Time Tracking Tool

If you are searching for a time tracking tool that is already popular as the all-rounder tool in time tracking software industry, then TSheet is the tool for you. It has all the possible features you need, we have tested it in every aspect, and it passed through all of them.

The gorgeous-looking UI & UX is going to grab your attention. The user interface is very easygoing and comfortable to control, and the user experience is marvelous according to our experts.

The built-in window navigation will maximize your user experience with advance tracking through customizable fields on it.

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2. TimeSolv Time Tracking Solution

TimeSolv can be perfect for you if you are billing hourly. We saw in different professions people are charging for per-hour time, and they billed according to that. Now, to maintain the timing and manage it properly to make sure the time management TimeSolv is the best. It is going to notify you if you set the timer. It also has one of the most comfortable user-interface that every user can feel comfortable when they are using it.


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This particular tool does an excellent job for project management, making invoices, as well as it has convenient time tracking elements if those you are searching. However, you may need to move on to get more efficient time tracking tools in the list.

3. FunctionFox Time Tracking Software

If you are finding for a time tracking tool for the team or your small business, then FunctionFox can be your choice. It is a well-organized and easy coded with features that have unlimited potential that can maximize your user experience. It has all the features and facilities better than other compared with our list. However, the price may not help you feel comfortable to choose it.


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It can generate reports for each individual are using it under a team. It has one of the most straightforward user-interface that professionals and our experts are saying. It is able to clock in for multiple tasks at a time to improve your activity during office time.

4. VeriClock Employee Time Tracking App

If you are a professional freelancer or mid-level business owner that wants to minimize wasting time, then VeriClock is the right choice for you. It will track your time like a guide and save your time by pushing you to complete tasks. It has a better user-interface that users are choosing as well as our experts. It comes at a competitive price that you will find affordable for the features it will serve.


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It has a better AI-enabled system for monitoring activities based on time. It also has tons of settings to customize the tool from the backend as an administrator. It is essential so that you can control the tool to observe the performances and progress of ongoing projects.

5. BQE Core Time Tracking Service Application

Here is another cool tool for beginners who are trying to use a tool for tracking their works and manage their projects. Well, BQE is a multifunctional tool provider, released a time tracker named Core. They are trying to grow the number of users and adding new features and internal tools within the software. It has an integrated time tracker that allows us to track time with a detailed report on daily activities.

BQE Core Time Tracking Service Application

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It comes with a price for the whole package as well as they have developed the stand-alone module for time tracking service. You can individually purchase the tool at the most affordable price. While you use their application on different devices, you are going to have a unique experience that you might like.

6. Time Doctor Time Tracking System

Time Doctor is one of the most popular time tracking app you can find on the internet. Our experts also have used this particular tool to understand why it is so popular. The core finding of our testing is, the user comfortability and customization is above all features. It has built-in features for tracking individual team members’ activities and monitoring their performance.

Time Doctor

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It helps the HR experts and business owners to have an in-depth idea about employees’ activities that allows them to make the evaluation report.

It has a gorgeous user-interface that any novice user also can learn how to use it very easily. Most of the users are searching for a tool that is easy to use and comfortable to track their performance over time. Time Doctor is providing all those features within the software, and users are finding it very useful. It is gradually improving their performance and production enormously.

7. Wrike Time Tracking Application

Here are another time management and tracking tool that people are choosing for improving their productivity. Easy setup, and control the tool makes it special for them. However, if you are in a hurry to select a tool to manage time and projects then check it out quickly.

Wrike Time Tracking Application

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This particular application has features that enable the opportunity of collaborating projects to manage them. It helps to organize projects and resources to work together as a team. If you have a small or large team, then you can use it comfortably to improve your productivity and save time.

8. Harvest Time Tracking Software For Team

Among those amazing time tracking software application, Harvest time is another cool tool that you can choose. If you are a small business owner or you have a team that works for you, then this tool is going to serve your purpose very effectively.

Harvest Time is available on different platforms, including desktop, mobile application, browser extension etc. You can use them wherever you want. In addition to that if suddenly you are out of the internet, then the app will save all your activity and sync when you are offline.

Harvest Time Tracking Software For Team

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For the HR department of any company, and small business owners will find it useful to track activities of their employees and manage all the tasks assigned to them. Our experts have tested the app and find it effective for small team and agency use.

9. EverHour Time Tracking Software Tool

Here is a different kind of time tracking tool that you can use with the supported application. EverHour app can be used with Asana the excellent project management application most people use. There are other applications you can use, and after connecting with those applications, EverHour will start counting your time and activities throughout the recorded time.


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If you are using a project management app, but now you need to manage your time to observe the productivity of your employees, then connect EverHour tool with your application. You will get every detail through the small tool, and you can find the performances of your employees.

10. Timely Time Tracker Software Tool

Here is the last item of hours time tracking tool we will review in here. So, this particular tool has the feature to schedule your project and set the time limit for a specific project you and your team members are working on. It will also give you a calendar view to check your schedule for the week and for the month even for a year if you can set up your task in that way.


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The application has a drag and drops customization system that makes the usability very quick and comfortable. It has a very interactive user-interface that everybody would like. They have a client base, and they are pleased and satisfied with their service. You can choose their app for your small business. If you are a freelancer and working with many clients, then this app will satisfy yours with its several features.

Final Words: Best Time Tracker Software

We are at the end of our discussion on the best time tracker tool and hoping that if you read the article carefully, then you are going to pick the right one for you. We have tried to make the list of the best working time tracking apps for you so that you can choose the best of the best one for you. Our goal is to help you by providing the correct information to you that you can get them without any hassle. Our honest reviews will get you the accurate information that you are not going to get anywhere else.

Use the right one that serves your needs and increase your productivity to the optimum level you wish. Our expert recommendation is never going hard on these tools, just know when to stop and how much you should go more in-depth into. Work hard but not as hard that you lose yourself. Remember, these applications are to assist you and to make your effort worthy with time. So, go easy on them.

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