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10 Best Email Marketing Software [Reviews]: Picked By Editor in 2023

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: August 11, 2020

If you can pick the best email marketing software, then your sales will increase dramatically. Not just this, In 2023, the number of 333.2 billion emails sent and received every day. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average expected return on investment is $42. [OBERLO - Email Marketing Statistics].

Now, its time to avoid ignoring email marketing, thinking, oh! It’s boring.

Nobody opens email nowadays, yes, most of the small business owners are having this type of concept.

What is Email Marketing Software

We are here not to argue with you but to show how effective is email marketing with proper implementation.

Well, manual email marketing is away from these statistics because you cannot send email to hundreds of potential leads per day.

All you need is just to reach them adequately and make them feel that you are not selling them anything.

Instead, you are helping to solve customers’ problem.

Let’s see what you are going to learn from this review post,

  • What is Email Marketing Software?
  • Why is an Email Marketing Service Important?
  • Best Email Marketing Software
  • How Do We Pick the Best Email Marketing Software?
  • Top 10 Best Performing Email Marketing Platform Reviews
  • How Does Email Marketing Tool Work?
  • What to Consider Before Picking the Best Email Marketing Service?

Well, let’s find the answers to the questions mentioned above.

We will try to discuss the topic that will make you feel like an expert on email marketing software.

We're going to share email marketing software reviews from our email marketing experts.

You will be confident enough to recommend whenever someone asks you about it.

We will start by knowing the definite description of email marketing software.

Let’s dive directly into the topic.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Most of the marketing strategies are implementing targeted a simple goal, reaching out to potential consumers and show them what you got.

Email marketing is one of the most traditional ways of reaching new customers or building relationships by communicating through email messages.

However, if you have hundreds or thousands of existing customers to continue to communicate and other hundreds of thousands of potential people to reach, then you are not going to do it by sending single emails.

Here comes the ultimate role of email marketing software. An email marketing software is a system that allows you to send customized emails to thousands of people individually at once.

Many other features like autoresponder, email template designs, etc. are included in email marketing software.

Well, the above scenario had happened before the email marketing software incorporated in the online marketing industry.

Since the solution came into place, people are now doing sophisticated and automated email marketing, including making automatic email conversations as well.

Email marketing software is allowing you to design an attractive email template that people love and converts like a finger snap.

HTML email templates are highly recommended because it helps the marketer to present the product or service accurately and pitch their offers in a very engaging way.

Let’s understand whey using email marketing services is essential for promoting products or services.

Why is an Email Marketing Service Important?


In this era of digital marketing, as a business owner of any size, promoting products through different channels email marketing is another useful method.

Now, email marketing services are making the process lot easier to communicate a large number of customers or prospective consumers in a better approach.

You can find numerous best email marketing examples that present statistical data about how your email marketing campaigns will return with profit.

Here are some reasons why email marketing is going to ease your marketing campaign and grow your sales. Let’s see them,

  • Email marketing software helps to move out from the traditional emailing system to an automated system that saves times and effort by using AI-enabled strategic implementation.
  • It is better to Design Engaging email templates that influence consumers to buy products or services.
  • It helps you to be connected with your consumers that build a better relationship with customers.
  • Pre-Planned autoresponders will help you making conversations with your consumers by automation.
  • Email automation software will let you send updates to your subscribers without any efforts.
  • It helps to collect leads through lead magnets integrated with your website.
  • Email marketing tools let you understand buyers’ journey that will help you to build a winning strategy that improves business growth.

Best Email Marketing Software

You need to choose the best email marketing platform that matches your needs.

We're going to recommend top 10 email marketing software for you.

So that, you can choose the right one for your business or whatever reason you're finding email marketing software.

Most of the email automation services allow you to send a limited number of emails.

They also limit features that may generate more sales.

Once you get the best email marketing automation software, almost all of the scheduled tasks that need to start an email campaign will be on that automated system.

The software solution will not only save your time but also ease your effort that you can implement on other significant works.

If you want to use all of the features that you need to run a successful email marketing campaign for your business, then you must choose any of the service providers.

See their features and compare them with each other.

Our review will make the process a lot easier.

Before reviewing, we want to let you know how we picked these software solution providers and why we have added them on our list.

How Do We Pick the Best Email Marketing Software?

VISER X is in the digital marketing business for more than ten (10) years.

We have used almost each of the email marketing tool for our email campaign.

However, it was not so easy for us to make a list because we do not want to miss out any of them are providing excellent service.

Then also we make the top ten list, so several providers are not here.

We have picked only the best email marketing service providers so that you can choose the best of the best for you.

Some of the services offer email marketing software free without any cost.

Our team has analyzed all of their features, plans and packages, prices, reviews of other users on different forums.

We have tried to make review authentic because VISER X team always believes in the best like our digital marketing services.

Remember, we are not promoting any of these services for anything.

We are trying to show you what they are offering and sharing our experience with that software.

Without further due, let’s know their features, prices, and other details.

Here is the list of our best picks,

  1. Constant Contact - Best for Small Businesses
  2. MailChimp - Best for Personal Projects
  3. ActiveCampaign - Best for Enterprise Businesses
  4. SendinBlue - Best for Transactional Emails
  5. HubSpot Marketing Hub - Best for B2B Service Companies
  6. GetResponse - Best for Small/Medium eCommerce Businesses
  7. ConvertKit - Best for Bloggers/Marketers
  8. Campaigner - Best for Marketing Automation
  9. Campaign Monitor - Best Email Service and CRM for Ecommerce
  10. AWeber - Best for Personal Use

Top 10 Best Performing Email Marketing Platform Reviews

Here are our editor’s picks on the best email marketing software for agencies.

If you are a business owner or digital marketer or individual blogger, then you are going to love our list because of their features and service quality.

Make sure you are not biased with any of these identically.

We have reviewed them without being biased to any of these.

Hopefully, you will get the one that serves your needs perfectly.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the market leaders in the email marketing service industry.

They are recognized as the best email marketing software for eCommerce businesses.

From email automation, A/B email testing, segmented email sending, etc. everything you need to run an email campaign, you will get it here.

Visit Here

You can easily manage your email lists, including subscribers and contacts individually.

Customized email template that you have made will be stored on your profile so that you can use it whenever you want.

Managing the marketing calendar to ease the process is another cool feature that you will get from this particular email marketing service provider.

Feature List of Constant Contact Email Marketing Tools

  • Advanced Marketing Automation
  • Contact Management System
  • Custom Statistical Reporting
  • Advanced Event Marketing Tools
  • Different E-commerce integrations
  • Custom Survey Creation
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Live Event Data Tracking & Management
  • Coupon Creation & Management
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder

Starting Price:

$20/Month with First Month Free Upon Purchase.

Usage Limit For the Price:

500 Contacts/Unlimited Email Sending.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

60-days Free Trial Without Commitment.

The provider also has a 24/7 customer service team that will support you anytime you want.

You are not going to regret their customer service quality because they are friendly to their loyal consumers.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best free email marketing software tools that enable a massive opportunity for beginners.

Whether you have an agency that provides digital marketing services to the clients or you are a freelancer digital marketer, email marketing software like MailChimp can be a great choice to begin.


Visit Here

MailChimp offers a forever free plan for users those have a small email list.

If you have a list of 2000 users and then you can choose their free version and use it for as long as you need.

However, there are limitations in this free offer.

So, you may not get some pro features that you need.

You must purchase any of their package based on your need.

MailChimp is grabbing marketers’ attention with their attractive offers and features including, drag-and-drop email building, gorgeous email template for people who are no designers.

Autoresponder, scheduling mail based on visitors’ action is another attractive feature that it offers.

It is compatible with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, including other web development platform.

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

500 Contacts with Unlimited Emails Sending.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

Forever Free Account with 2000 Contacts and 10000 Email Sending Monthly.

If you want to get a smooth experience of email marketing, then MailChimp is your thing to choose.

Give it a try for free and understand whether it serves your requirements or not.

If you get what you want then select their pro plan.

3. ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign is another email marketing tool you can find in the industry.

Well, it is one of the most popular digital marketing tools that you can use as the best email marketing software for real estate business.


Visit Here

You know that real estate business needs sophisticated automation tool that is designed to serve such a professional industry.

However, ActiveCampaign is not only perfect for that particular industry, but also other industry like eCommerce business.

It has all those features including, automation, scheduling emails, autoresponder, action-based email, etc.

The tool has built-in email templates, signup forms that you can use for leads generation even if you are not an expert designer.

Key Features of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software Tool

  • 125+ Custom Made Email templates
  • 500+ Automation Email Recipes
  • 800+ App/Tool Integrations
  • Custom Landing Page Templates
  • SMS Messaging Feature
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Custom Web Personalization
  • Automated CRM
  • Split Actions and A/B Testing
  • Predictive Content Generation
  • Predictive Email Sending Sending
  • Goal tracking and attribution

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

500 Contacts with Unlimited Email Sending.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

Trial Account Comes with 100 Contacts and 100 Email Sending for 14 Days.

ActiveCampaign comes at a reasonable price that anyone can afford, at least with the amount you can start your digital marketing projects for a small list.

However, they do offer a free trial for 14-days so that you can experience their services and features.

After using the trial, if it serves your need, then purchase it without any hesitation.

4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is one of the most used professional email marketing services in the industry.

Many small business owners are using this platform for most of their email marketing campaigns.

It also recognized as one of the best email marketing software for Shopify eCommerce business.

You know, that nowadays Shopify is the most popular multi-vendor eCommerce business platform for entrepreneurs.

Visit Here

Key Feature List of Sendinblue Email Marketing Tool

  • Drag & Drop User-friendly Email Customizer
  • Realtime A/B Testing Feature
  • SMS Marketing
  • Custom Landing Page Designer
  • Automated Email Bounce Management
  • Advanced Report Manager
  • Custom Easy-to-use Data Analytics
  • Attractive Opt-in Forms
  • Custom Contact List Management
  • Easy Email Segmentation Feature
  • Transactional Email Campaign Feature
  • Automated Email Marketing Campaign
  • Custom & Pre-built Attractive Email Template
  • Data Rich CRM Feature
  • Satisfying Customer Service

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

40,000 Monthly Email Sending with Unlimited Daily Limit.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

Forever Free Account Comes with 300 Email/Day and Unlimited Contacts.

This particular email marketing platform is growing people’s attention for it’s easy-to-use and ready-to-use template design features.

User experience is going to give you experience while using the platform is astonishingly well based on real-users’ opinion.

In addition to that, marketers at VISER X are using the platform for a couple of years.

They reviewed as one of the most useful tools for email campaigning.

5. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot email marketing software is another very effective solution for business owners, bloggers, digital marketers, and agencies.

In the past few years, HubSpot is incorporating several services related to the CRM solutions that include a sophisticated email marketing platform.

It is one of the best email marketing software for bloggers, and freelance bloggers are using it from the beginning.

Visit Here

Dedicated drag-and-drop email editor will ease your confusion about how you can create a professional email that your subscribers will love.

HubSpot has a sophisticated resource platform where you can learn many things related to email marketing.

Many bloggers and marketers are learning new things about internet marketing.

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

1000 Contacts with 5000 Monthly Email Sending Per Month.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

Forever Free Account Comes with 1000 Contacts and 2000 Monthly Email Sending Per Month.

Well, the price is a bit higher among other items in this review article.

Their service plan starts at $50 per month and it worthy for the features they are providing.

However, if you want to use it as a free email marketing software solution, then you can do it also.

HubSpot offers a forever free account that allows you to import 1000 contacts and you can send 2000 emails monthly.

Give it a try to find out whether it serves your purposes or not.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is another useful email marketing tool that allows users to send bulk email, and those emails will end up in the inbox of the recipient.

Well, digital marketers always feel disappointed when their emails reach in the spam folder.

Most of the time marketers and agencies are searching for a platform that will let them send bulk email to their customers’ inbox.

Visit Here

Predesigned email template, attractive signup forms, etc. are very useful for digital marketing.

Most of the digital marketers are not always having excellent design expertise, and for people like them, templates are the best option.

GetResponse has a unique feature of calendar integration.

By using this, you can schedule your whole email marketing campaign based on your calendar.

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

1000 Subscribers with Unlimited Email Sending.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

30 Days Without Commitment

If we talk about the price, then it comes starts $15, and you can try their free trial period of 30-days without any commitment.

If you are satisfied and it gives what you need from an email marketing software, then you can purchase their paid plan.

Do not do hurry, try their free trial and get an experience of their features and services to decide.

7. ConvertKit      

ConvertKit is another extraordinary email marketing platform that you can really use for your purposes.

However, It has several features that are going to make you feel interested.

At least, our marketers are mentioning this particular platform as one of the best email marketing software for B2B.

You must understand the importance of reaching our consumers through emails, and B2B marketing is very effective for generating leads through this strategy.

Visit Here

Whether you are a blogger, marketer, freelancer, or an agency, you are going to love their services.

Subscribers for blogger, clients’ projects are essential because they are highly potential and targeted for niche relevant.

If you can properly reach them, then you will definitely get sales.

Starting Price:


Usage Limit For the Price:

1000 Subscribers with Unlimited Email Sending.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

Forever Free Account Comes with 1,000 subscribers and Unlimited Email Sending.

It offers a forever free account that provides unlimited email sending opportunity for maximum a thousand subscribers.

It is enough for trying a service even for super-targeted niche relevant email list.

You can give it a try to check their features and using it forever you can do a lot.

8. Campaigner

Campaigner is a well-designed email marketing platform for marketers who need to use it for their marketing purposes.

We have listed this item in our list because of it’s growing popularity and price.

From the beginning of its journey in this industry, it competes and improving their services.

They are incorporating several features, including automation, reporting, scheduling emails.

Visit Here

It has a huge resource centre for their customers to learn how to use the platform.

If you are new in this industry, then you can use those tutorials and implement.

Campaigner has an excellent customer service department that provides solutions for customers queries.

Starting Price:

$19.95/Month After Free Trial. Regular: $40.95/Month.

Usage Limit For the Price:

$19.95 For 1000 Subscribers & $40.95 For 5000++ Subscribers With Unlimited Emails.

Bulk Emailing:


Free Trial:

30 Days Free Trial Without Commitment.

Well, if we talk about price, then their plan starts at $19.95 for a month after the free trial, but the regular price is $40.95 per month.

You do not need to purchase their service directly, and there is a free trial period for 30 days.

Use it and check if the platform serves your purposes because, in the end, it is the goal of investing for a service.

9. Campaign Monitor

Starting Price: $9/Month

Usage Limit For the Price: 500 Contacts with 2500 Email Sending Monthly.

Bulk Emailing: Yes

Free Trial: Unlimited Free Trial For As Long As You Want with up to 5 Email Sending.

Campaign Monitor is one of the best affordable email marketing software in the industry that you can give it a try.

We have listed all of the most popular and quality marketing software solutions that we have used at VISER X.

Our marketers are still using most of these tools because we do not think one tool would serve our purposes entirely.

Drag-and-drop email design platform with the automation system is enough to get users attention.

However, personalization features are quite open for users on a large scale.

If you are trying to get an email marketing service provider that allows you to design your email edit it, update it based on your requirement.

You can try it for as long as you want and send up to five emails because they think to check out their service it is enough.

Their plan starts at $9 for a month, and you will get to send 2500 emails monthly.

In addition to that, you can use a list of five hundred emails and for starting it is enough.

10. AWeber

Starting Price: $19/Month

Usage Limit For the Price: 500 Contacts with Unlimited Emails Sending Monthly.

Bulk Emailing: Yes

Free Trial: Forever Free Account Comes with 500 subscribers and 3000 Emails/Month Sending.

AWeber is the best-known email marketing software solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, people are trying to build their own businesses on a small scale with a little investment that they can afford.

For an online business, you can start with zero investment if you have enough knowledge about how to do it.

From designing professional emails to building a relationship with your subscribers, every step between you will get a comfortable and decent interface in AWeber platform.

Users are delighted with their service because they also have an excellent customer service department.

We have also using the platform for different purposes, and our experts are recommending them.

Now, the price is quite low that you can afford, for $19 for a month and for a small business owner it is not much for a month.

However, if you think it is higher than you comfort zone, then they have a forever free account where you can import a maximum 500 subscribers in your account, and you can send 3000 emails per month.

How Does Email Marketing Tool Work?

In this segment of our discussion, we will understand how an email marketing tool works.

Before that here is a short note on the email collection process.

Well, email collection is the main part of starting any email marketing campaign because those email addresses are your first hold.

Without a list of email addresses, you will not be able to run any email marketing campaign.

So, often in our business websites or any other website, we use pop up messages with several call-to-action buttons such as, sign up forms, free resource giving by filling up a form, through subscribing options, etc.

All of these call-to-action buttons’ goal is to collect the visitors’ information such as name, email, mobile number, location, preferences, age, etc.

Make sure to set preferences by setting options relevant to your products or services.

So, after implementing different email collection process, now you have some email addresses of those people who love your services or loves the resources you shared on your blogs.

It’s time to start a marketing campaign by saying welcome to be your subscribers or anything else you would like to address them.

Here is your first email campaign starts.

Now we will discuss how does Email marketing tool work, let’s dive into it,

Well, suppose you want to send all your subscribers a welcome email, but you can do a lot better if you not just send a random thanksgiving email to them.

Let’s understand the process of how does the system works with a demo campaign.

At first, divide your list based on subscribers’ preferences. Design your email based on their choice.

Now, write your email content in a better approach so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

Send helpful tips and benefits of products or services you are promoting through email.

The email marketing software works like this way that their automation process will help you to reach more people at a time.

Action-based email sending, scheduled email sending, are the most common job you can do with an email marketing software.

Here is a simple process for better understand,

Step 01: Prepare Your Email List & Import Into the Platform

Step 02: Develop Email Design For Segmented Email List

Step 03: Check Everything Before You Run the Automation

Step 04: Send Your Email And Check Platform and Analytics to Understand the Performance of your Campaign.

What to Consider Before Picking the Best Email Marketing Service?

In this segment, we will discuss an essential step that you need to complete before you decide to use any email marketing software for your purpose.

We have divided the entire matter into some parts to make it easier for you.

User-Friendly Interface

The user friendly interface of an email marketing software platform is essential because you need to do everything on that platform.

From importing your email list to sending emails to your subscribers, you must have to be able to use their functionalities.

Choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation with AI-enabled algorithm is now becoming the main attraction.

Whether you need just an autoresponder or any customized series responder, you need automation to do it.

Make sure that the email marketing software has automation enabled in the system.

Custom Email Template  Feature

An attractive email that has a premium look and beautiful presentation is now grabbing consumers’ attraction.

Make sure that the email marketing solution you are choosing will provide custom email template design feature.

Drag and Drop Email Design Feature

You must choose an email marketing software solution that has a drag and drop design feature. Most of the marketers are no designer.

However, they can do the design with drag and drop design tool.

Besides these select the provider who lets you design your HTML email without any coding knowledge otherwise it’s going to cost you money.

Price for the Feature

Check the pricing policy of each provider and identify who is giving the most for the least cost.

Investing money is difficult, but you need to choose a software service that is not going to break your wallet.

Quality of Customer Support

Make sure that the provider has a customer service and you are comfortable with them.

For a newbie or advance level marketer also need customer service because several issues, you can face while using.

Excellent customer service is a prerequisite of a better service provider.

People’s Review

After checking all of the above things, you need to go for the real users’ review.

Search online for email software reviews, and you will find many people have already reviewed their services.

Try to get an idea from their review and discussion.

FAQ: Best Email Marketing Service Software

Well, many people are asking to know email marketing services. We have also answered in many forums and social media platforms.

Now, here we are trying to gather all those relevant questions that interested people are asking and make a knowledgebase here.

It will help you to see answers for all of your questions.

What is the Best Email Marketing Software?

You can go through our list to find the best email marketing software platform.

You will get everything you need to know while choosing the best one for you.

However, our list consists of the most popular and people’s favourite platform based on the features and user experience.

Check them out.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

On average pricing in the industry, we have seen that for a small or mid-size business, you need to spend $9-$1000 per month on self-managed email marketing campaigns.

The price can be differ based on the number of subscribers you have on your list.

For an agency, you need to think about $500-$1000 per month because agencies often have a large number of the mailing list.

Which is the Best Bulk Emailing Software?

Most of the professional email marketing software solution has the feature of sending emails in bulk-amount.

You can check the features of that software what we have reviewed here.

Can I Do Bulk Email Marketing from My Gmail or Outlook?

Gmail or Outlook is best for business email service.

They are not suitable as a bulk emailing platform.

However, you may be able to send bulk email, but it will be suspended soon.

These email services are not providing any features like an email template, automation, etc.

How Can I Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming?

Several technical setting you need to maintain to avoid spamming.

The better solution is using an email marketing service that can take care of every technical issue, including IP reputation, DKIM records, and SPF.

Are There Other Email Marketing Platforms That are Not Listed Here?

In our service experience, we have used all of the top-performing email marketing platforms.

However, several other platforms are not present in our list.

Here are some other platforms, MailerLite, Ontraport, Mailjet, InfusionSoft (now Keap), Klaviyo, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot by Salesforce, Sendloop, iContact, Moosend, Emma, TotalSend, SharpSpring, MailPoet, and more.

Which is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

Many email marketing software platforms have free plans that come with limited usage.

Among them, we recommend SendinBlue the most because they do not limit the number of subscribers.

In addition to that, MailerLite and MailChimp also have free plans that you can use if your emailing list is not that big.

What Benefits are There for Using Email Marketing Software?

Sending a large number of emails, whether to your subscribers or consumers is the primary benefit of any email marketing software.

You can customize your email content and design an email template that attracts your email receivers.

Read the above article properly because we have discussed the benefits of using email marketing services.

Finishing Words: Best Email Marketing Solutions

We are at the end of our review on the email marketing software and what we have found in our service experience is going to support you.

Most of the software solution service providers are providing similar kind of services.

However, you need to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Compare features of our listed providers so that you can check prices and plans under that prices.

However, if you are a small business owner, then you can use free services.

Go through our list and check each one and choose the one that meets your requirement.

Find the most affordable one for you that you can afford without any difficulties on your wallet.

Don't miss the opportunity to reach out to millions of consumers who are searching for products or services that you are promoting.

Integrate your email list with the best email marketing software service and start getting profit from your business.

Book a Free Consultation.

Let's Talk.