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Why Should Website Speed Optimization be Prioritized?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: December 5, 2021

Does simply own a website is enough for your business? Well, the answer is no! Not at all! If you don’t care about SEO optimization, Google will also not give you the priority. In fact, it may seem your website is not that good.

So eventually, even if you give so much effort to digital marketing, all will go in vain. And that’s why after creating a website, you should prioritize speed optimization.

Let’s have a look at the advantages that you will get if your website has a good speed.

Improve SEO Ranking

Page speed is an important ranking factor that Google has kept its focus on for many years. Moreover, it has become an official ranking factor for mobile search in 2018.

Report says the majority of consumers prefer a website that loads within two seconds or less. Therefore, speed on desktop and mobile both are important. If your website needs more time to load than your competitor, it will affect your ranking, which affects your traffic, lead generation, conversion, and everything.

So, a website, especially an e-commerce website owner, should never ignore this fact if they want to succeed. Otherwise, everything they work on will fall apart.

Create A Good First Impression

You know, your website is basically the face of your business. When visitors land on your page, they first see how fast your website loads and the information leads them to judge your website’s quality.

Since the first impression lasts forever, you have to show your professionalism here.

More Sales Conversion

Site speed has a direct effect on gaining or losing potential customers too. Although I have told you that it is a great feature to impress your customer, that’s not the end!

You see, in this competitive world, you can find a lot of websites on the same niche. So, if your website has slow speed, the viewers will simply jump into another website to meet their requirements. They won’t waste their valuable time on you since they already have many options to go to.

This will increase the bounce rate, and most importantly, visitors won’t come back to the page anymore.

On the other hand, the conversation rate improves greatly based on how fast your site loads. Even one-second improvement can give you a great benefit.

Another good thing is, even if you just start your website and have faster speed than an old popular website, there is a high chance that you will get more visitors than them.

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