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Why Does YouTube Have Content Piracy?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: January 25, 2023

Imagine you have made content with a lot of effort and time, but someone else pirated it and sold it as a cheaper version. Now you aren’t getting much profit as you were supposed to receive.

Sounds wrong, right?

These activities are illegal, and there are laws against such acts. But, sometimes, you may not even know that you are watching pirated content, and you will be held accountable for committing a crime. 

So, how do you find the difference?

And how to stay safe from it?

You will get to know everything about it here. Go through the following discussion, and you will be able to keep yourself from such illegal things. 

What is YouTube Piracy?

YouTube piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of content protected by copyright laws. It includes uploading copyrighted videos, music, or other content to the platform without the copyright holder’s permission.

It is important to respect copyright laws and only upload content you have the legal rights to use or share. On the other hand, using pirated content can result in legal action against you and removing such content from the platform. Additionally, it can reduce revenue for the copyright holder and the content creators.

Why Does YouTube Have Content Piracy?

YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, is widely used for entertainment, education, and information sharing. However, one issue that has plagued the platform for years is content piracy. 

There are several reasons why software piracy is prevalent on YouTube, as below:

Ease of Access

One of the main reasons is the ease of access to the platform. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This makes it an ideal platform for those who want to share pirated software with a large audience.

Lack of Strict Copyright Policy

Another reason is the lack of strict enforcement of copyright laws on the platform. YouTube relies on a combination of automated systems and human reviewers to detect and remove copyrighted content.

However, these systems are not foolproof, and many pirated software videos slip through the cracks. Additionally, many uploaders use misleading titles and descriptions to hide the fact that their video contains pirated software.

Financial Motive

Some users upload cracked software to make money through advertising revenue or even sell the software. This is a clear violation of copyright laws, but it can be difficult for YouTube to detect and remove these videos.

How Does Copyrighted Content Protect YouTube?

To balance the demands of the entire ecosystem, they have spent millions of dollars developing a Copyright Management System. They collaborate with all kinds of rights holders and Creators to match them with the best features based on their unique requirements and capabilities.

The control over the copyrighted content on YouTube is provided through their Copyright Management System. It uses Content ID matching, a top-notch tool for spotting possibly illegal content. It consists of the Copyright Match Tool, a tool created specifically for Creators and accessible to over 2 million of them, the Public DMCA Webform, which is available to all 2 billion monthly logged-in users of YouTube, and Content ID, their enterprise solution for those with scaled rights management needs like music labels, film studios, or collecting societies.

Users of the Copyright Match Tool and Content ID are notified automatically of user-uploaded videos that might contain their creative work. In the case of the Copyright Match Tool, users see matches to their own uploads or to films they’ve removed through legitimate copyright takedown complaints. Furthermore, Content ID users have the option to predetermine what they want to happen when such movies are found. Content ID is more than just an anti-piracy solution; it’s also a tool for generating cash for copyright owners because of the variety of alternatives it offers. From the advertising revenue from content that has been claimed and made money through Content ID, YouTube has compensated rights holders more than $5.5 billion.

What are the Effect of YouTube Content Piracy?

The consequences of piracy on YouTube can be severe for both the platform and the software developers.

For YouTube, pirated content on the platform can lead to legal action from software developers and copyright holders. This can result in costly lawsuits and settlements and damage the platform’s reputation.

For software developers and copyright holders, the impact of software piracy can be even more severe. 

Content piracy results in a loss of revenue as individuals are not purchasing the software but rather obtaining it through illegal means. This affects the financials of the software developers and their ability to invest in further development and innovation.

What are the Problems You May Face Because of Piracy?

Although software piracy has become cheaper nowadays, there are still many risks that you must be aware of. The consequences you may face are::

  • These contents can get crashed easily. You won’t be able to complain about the purchase if you buy pirated software.
  • You will have complications while updating your system and finding your content pirated. 
  • Some piracy-related versions include flaws. It can simply require you to uninstall the most current program installation. Again, since it is false software, you cannot update it or mention your complaints.
  • When a developer, publisher, or programmer’s application is pirated, they are not paid fairly for their work. Software development costs can be high, so they need to cover the amount through their sales. They can’t afford to invest further in research and development efforts or produce updated and enhanced versions of their product when there isn’t enough profit.
  • People frequently download data from many websites. But a lot of them are actually malware. As a result, they may lose the passwords to their bank account and emails. 

How Can You Detect YouTube Piracy?

Let’s know how you can detect the piracy of YouTube content. 

Main Information

The site owners claim they follow the Fair Use theory, but content creators and big media corporations don’t believe them. They are preparing to file a lawsuit and have ample financial resources and legal staff at their disposal.

Online video providers work on reducing and preventing copyright violations on their websites. They use certain technological measures to avoid expensive and drawn-out legal fights.

Detect Illegal Content using Video Fingerprinting

Websites with user-uploaded content must address the serious issue of avoiding accidental liability for copyright violation. It can lead to expensive legal proceedings and serious civil or criminal penalties.

Comparison with Other Products

The copyrighted content will definitely be identified and banned, regardless of how you try changing the video to get around the system. This is a huge advantage over rival technologies, and media monitoring solutions are the ideal option for owners of websites.

It seeks to host user video material to identify copyright violations. No other product available today can offer the same level of security.

How Can You Prevent Piracy?

As you know how you can detect YouTube piracy, now it’s time to know how to prevent the piracy of your content. 

Copyright Your Work

While your work is already protected, copyrighting will make it much simpler to keep an eye out for online copyright violations, report them, and remove such content.

Educate Your Audience

Keep the communication with your audience clear and open. Make sure they know the disadvantages of illegally downloaded information about your brand.

Your audience will be more likely to refrain from downloading pirated content if you are clear about costs, release dates, and other details.

Report Infringement to Law Enforcement

If you notify the audience about law enforcement about online infringement, you can increase the possibilities of removing such content. You can inform the FBI through their Internet Crime Complaint Center as soon as you discover pirated content.

Contact the Pirate Site

Usually, you can find public information about website owners and domain hosts from google. Contact the host, domain registrar, and any other contacts connected with the website if you need to remove it for violating your copyright.

f they comply with your request before you take official action, this strategy can help you save additional time and worry.

Report Pirated Content to the Platform

It might be the best approach. You can report the pirated content to the admins. The site administration can help to remove the content if your request is ignored in methods and put on any platform.

Final Words

Software piracy is a serious issue on YouTube. The platform’s ease of access, lack of strict enforcement of copyright laws, and financial motives of some users all contribute to the problem.

This not only affects the platform’s reputation but also harms the software developers and copyright holders. YouTube needs to improve its enforcement of copyright laws and work with software developers and copyright holders to address this issue.

Software users also have a responsibility to purchase and use software legally, respecting the rights of the developers and copyright holders.


Can YouTube Detect Pirated Software?

Not all pirated content can be distinguished.  But some contain copyright information, which helps YouTube find the difference between original and pirated ones. So, any content can’t be easily pirated. However, content without copyright doesn’t stay safe. 

How Does YouTube Detect Piracy?

Some content creators use Content ID, YouTube’s automated mechanism to identify content, by finding and controlling their copyright-protected content. A database containing audio and visual materials that YouTube gets from copyright owners is checked against videos before they are added to the site.

Does YouTube Have Pirated Content?

You will find pirated stuff all across YouTube. At least 200 million such videos, including full-length films and TV episodes from big studios and full-length songs from major record labels, are available on YouTube.

Why Does Software Piracy Exist?

The users aren’t always able to pay for the original content, which is the main cause of piracy. Downloading has become much easier with P2P networks and torrent websites. Everything is available, including software, movies, and books.

What is the Biggest Impact of Software Piracy?

The biggest impact of piracy is too much failure or malfunction in softwares. There is no warranty and no way to upgrade this software. Also, the chance of getting malware, viruses, or adware on your computer gets high.

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