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Where Can I Start YouTube Marketing from ZERO?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: September 26, 2021

YouTube is growing stronger as a popular video content sharing, marketing, and business development platform day by day. Insider's report shows that in 2021, its revenue has nearly doubled to $7 billion as digital ad spend rebounds. As a result, there is an 84% revenue growth for YouTube than the previous year.

Hence, digital marketers and companies are shifting their focus to YouTube as a potential marketing platform. But how do you do that? And how can someone start YouTube marketing from scratch?

In the next part of this discussion, we've explained that step by step. So keep reading….

What is YouTube Marketing?

In simple words, marketing activities done by using YouTube video streaming and ads services are called YouTube marketing.

In that case, the YouTube video or streaming does marketing or branding, idea promoting, products' awareness-raising activity, etc.

Due to a growing number of users, YouTube has become a potential social media platform right now. That's why marketers and brands are investing more and more in YouTube marketing to increase their followers as well as reach.

However, it's okay not having so many subscribers and visitors at the beginning. You can start from zero to reach the top.

How? Let's know below.

How to Start YouTube Marketing from Zero and Grow Fast?

Video is the ultimate asset in YouTube marketing. Craft, edit and design your video content in the best possible way so that it bears the exact message you want to portray. Your videos should covey your brands' message and appeal to the users to watch them.

See what similar brands are doing and trendy. Follow the below steps to initiate your very first YouTube marketing:

  • Create a channel with proper logo and organization
  • Add relevant video content marketing and apply SEO techniques
  • Explain your marketing topic clearly for the audience
  • Give a proper title and crafting the best thumbnails of the video
  • Make sure videos should not be too short or too long
  • Ensure content should be viewers-friendly and contain entertaining elements
  • Make sure that the video's starts and ends with a bang

Note that: There will be some monitoring requirements for your video from time to time. Don't forget to watch analytics and analysis them to improve the performance of your channel.

Pro tips:

Think About Your Budget

There may be a concise amount of budget in your hand to make sure everything for your channel. You can organize and start improving your campaign or any business activity with zero budget. For that, you may use free video editing tools and manage your channel correctly.

Choose Your Audience

Make sure that you are making perfectly crafted content for the right audience. Utilize the promotional tool of the channel and try to do some research. You can also take help from professionals or avail affordable YouTube Marketing services.

Improve your Views and Subscribers

Your main goal is to grow your channel and increase the number of subscribers so that you can adequately reach the targeted audience, claim more viewers, and run a more successful marketing campaign for your business.

Upload more and more relevant content and follow viral trends. Thus, you can attract more users and win more subscriptions to your channel.

Link Others Social Media

You should link your content to other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. After sharing your content on social media, be prompt to reply to the comments of the viewers and audience. It'll help you divert your followers to YouTube and vice versa.


The influence of  YouTube is rising as more people are involved in it for a different purpose every day. Being a marketer, for gaining more customers and creating a better audience response, you should utilize that opportunity to grow your business from zero through the proper utilization of YouTube.

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