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What Is Social Media Marketing?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: September 4, 2021

SMM is marketing products and services through social media and networks, which helps companies to reach old clients and engage new clients. In social media marketing, marketers can easily track their success rate by using built-in analytics tools.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Consumers commonly use social media and networks to purchase a product or know about a company. According to research, around 71% of customers with good reviews recommend brands to family and friends.

On the other hand, brands can use social media to gain knowledge about audiences’ preferences. Many small companies turned out to bloom after launching on social sites.

Active Users - Top 3:

Social Networks

Social Media

Top Brands

Facebook – 2.89 Billion

Facebook – 2.45 Billion


YouTube – 2.291 Billion

Instagram – 1.0 Billion


WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion

Twitter - 340 million


How does Social Media Marketing Works?

In 2021, social media overtakes different areas of marketing due to the effects of Covid-19. In addition, marketers can keep track of everything, so they prefer social media sites even more.

The five main ways of SSM:

  • Strategy: setting goals, using social media sites, and deciding contents
  • Planning and Publishing: planning the contents as drafts and setting a timer when to publish
  • Listening and engagement: monitoring audiences’ preferences which may require adding tools
  • Analytics and Reports: figure out how engagements are reaching your customers
  • Advertising: investing over ads to reach more audiences.

However, there are apps through which marketers could get a report, but owners should figure out the reports.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages: Social Media Marketing


  • Broad audience
  • Advertisements reach old and new customers


  • The workload might make you feel sick
  • Some customers question a lot but never purchases

SMM: Resource

As the platforms are changing, the ways of marketing are changing as well. Marketers want their consumers to know about changes and help start-ups to grow.

  • Blog: there are sites through which social platforms can strategize and get tools for marketing
  • Analytics guide: there are different apps to analyze data of the audience
  • Advertising guide: marketers can use apps for advertising a post easily and reaching the audience that they prefer

Tips to Try Out Social Media Marketing

If you are a beginner owner, try out social media marketing. For queries, you can visit social platforms or various Social Media Marketing services to learn more!

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