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Social Media for Lawyers: The Definite Guide

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: June 23, 2021

These days social media play a vital role in developing all sorts of careers. Proper usage of it can do wonders for you. Even though there are contradictions that social media consumes your valuable time, we believe it depends on how you use it.

As it is a debatable topic, our research team has done extensive research to form a definite guide on the proper usage of social media for attorneys. So let us begin with the basics.

What is Social Media for Lawyers?

There was a time when social media was used for promoting consumer goods mainly. However, it is not the same anymore. Nowadays, social media promotes other services and people related to them too.

So at first, a layer needs to select a platform where which is suitable for him and his services. Then, he will need to set realistic goals that are attainable from the social media platform.

Besides, if you are a beginner, you can research those which are already there. For instance, if you plan to open a Facebook page, go through other law firm Facebook pages. That is how you will get an idea about how to begin.

Which Social Media Platforms are Effective for Lawyers?

The ABA 2018 report shows that LinkedIn has been the trendiest social media platform among USA lawyers. The application has been more popular than Facebook. However, other social platforms are effective for lawyers. They are as follows:


The source of around two billion active users has become mainstream for any business. If you are a consumer-oriented lawyer, Facebook is your correct platform. You will get to know more about the ongoing issues and stay well-connected.


Twitter helps to increase your online engagement rapidly. These days hashtags and trends are very happening. So whenever you see an ongoing issue is making noise, go and express your opinion through a tweet. In this way, you and your law firm will stay relevant.


Although this is popular among youngsters, it can be helpful based on what kind of legal help you and your firm provide. However, to be relevant on Instagram, make sure your posts are eye-catchy.

Should Lawyers Use Social Media?

Undoubtedly, yes! In the 21st century, there is no other tool as effective as a social media platform for staying relevant.

Thus, it will help a lawyer with marketing for a legal firm, stay updated with the ongoing topics, and research ongoing affairs.

However, sharing on social media is a tricky business, especially for lawyers. That's because whatever you share on social media becomes a piece of public information, and it can be used against you.

Hence, even if social media will help your business tremendously, you should always use it calculatedly. You can take help from agency that provides quality social media service and has experience in working with lawyer's social media activities.

How Not to Use Social Media as Lawyers?

For practical social media usage as a lawyer or a law firm, you should avoid or not do things. Here are few tips on how you should not use social media as a lawyer. These guidelines will protect your goodwill.

Don't Put Any Unauthentic Information

Be straightforward about your services. Only promote the services you can provide confidently. Your firm or you cannot have a lot of specialties at the same time. Thus, have one focus and promote that.

Do Not Lose Your Composure

You will find a lot of people commenting ill on your posts. But, remember, you cannot reply to them rudely in public or start a fight. However, if the situation gets out of hand, you can have a conversation with them privately in a civil manner.

Avoid Being Controversial

Given your profession, it isn't easy to stay out of controversies. Although if you see your post or stand in a situation, is against the majority, just apologize. If you apologize publicly, it will save you from a lot of trouble.

Don't Go Away for a Long Time

Maintaining your social media is essential. If you don't post now and then, you will not stay relevant. Hence, you are not serving the purpose of a social platform.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Lawyers

There are numerous benefits of using social media as a lawyer. However, to be precise, I have mentioned the unavoidable ones.

  • Connecting with the proper customer base
  • Displays your speciality to a larger audience
  • Promotes you and your law firm as a brand
  • Online traffic increases
  • Enhances your position in organic search

Disadvantages of Using Social Media for Lawyers

Everything out there has both upsides and downsides. Similarly, social media marketing for law firms has some downfalls too. They are as follows:

  • It occupies your time
  • You need to spend separately for this section
  • If you are not successful in maintaining consistency on social media, that might affect your customer base.

How Can Lawyers Use Social Media for Lead Generation?

Believe it or not, social media marketing for lawyers can bring them lead generation.
Here are some strategies how your law firm social media platform can be used for generating leads:

  • Fence the fascinating contents
  • Form advertisements
  • Use similar audiences
  • Design the advertisements and contents more specifically
  • Take help from data and utilize the information

There are other ways to make your social media platform more compelling for marketing your legal firm. Here are some ideas:

Researching Client Persona

To tap into the correct customer base, you will need to research your client persona. One of the easiest ways is to perform open-ended online surveys. As a result, you will know what people seek legal help for, and you will produce and publish related content.

Making a Position As a Lawyer

Make sure your worthwhile achievements are in the limelight. That's because when it comes to legal help, people seek the best. Thus, make your credibility public, and your achievements are your best advertisement.

Get Involved with Audience

Your social media platform should bring you its best outcome. To achieve that, your content and posts should be relatable. As I have mentioned earlier, staying relevant is the key to success.

Joining other Social Media Groups

You have one page or group that doesn't mean you cannot be part of any other groups. Join different social media groups, mostly of your competitors'. That is how you will know what is going on, and you will create a social network for lawyers.

Paid Ad Campaign on Social Media Platforms

Although we always focus on organic traffic, we should take initiatives for paid promotions from time to time. Mainly when you arrange a big event, or you or your law firm has hit a milestone, try to promote it through a paid campaign or advertisement.

That's because it gives you a greater chance to reach people. A law firm is not about one lawyer, and you will have many other lawyers and staff. Thus, it might get challenging to monitor everyone's usage of it.

But, do not worry; there are ways you can control it, and let us discuss those. They are as follows:

Plan Your Process & Policies on Social Media

Have a clearly stated policy about how the social media platform of your organization should be used. Then, you can publish these policies on your social media so that everyone can see and know them.

Hence, it will be known to everyone, and no one will breach them.

Social Media Strategy for Lawyers

You can do few things to make your marketing more effective through social media. For instance, create a blog or vlog about an ongoing controversial topic and post it. Besides, create neutral content so that people of all kinds can trust you.

FAQ: Social Media for Lawyers

  • Can Lawyers Have Social Media?

Yes, lawyers can have social media, but they must use it very cautiously. Hence, it cannot be used against them or their clients.

  • What Social Media Do Lawyers Use?

Even though LinkedIn is the most popular social media for lawyers' personal use, they use Facebook and Twitter for their firm's publicity.

  • How Do I Promote My Law Firm on Social Media?

Getting involved with clients, paid advertisements, and posting meaningful content are some ways you can promote your law firm on social media.

  • Can Lawyers Have Instagram?

As long as they are using it right, they can have Instagram and any other social media account as they please.

  • How Do I Market My Law Firm on Facebook?

Create an enriched Facebook page with good content. You can promote your content both organically and inorganically (paid).

  • Why Should Law Firm Hire Agency for Social Media Marketing?

Hiring an agency for social media marketing is best for law firms because an agency will provide undivided attention for the publicity. In comparison, you cannot do that for yourself.

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