What Is the Difference between PBN & Guest Posting?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: August 8, 2021

PBN and guest posting are two excellent tools of SEO marketing. But it is still a hot debate about which one is better. Marketers often find themselves in this dilemma.

It is essential to know everything about the two concepts first. As these concepts are uncommon, we assume that you have very little knowledge about the two topics. So, we will get some basic ideas on both.

So, what is the difference between PBN & guest posting?

What does PBN Mean?

PBN is an effective network service to build links between different web pages. It is a popular tool that can bring positive results for content strategies. The full form of PBN is Private Blog Networks.

PBN can give a massive boost to SERP features. It is an effective tool for getting quick results with minimal effort, but there are some negative perks of PBN.

PBN is a “Black Hat” technique. This means that Google has no approval for PBNs. So, link building using PBN can be illicit to Google. Yet, PBN has a significant impact on Google’s SEO strategies.

What does Guest Post Mean?

Guest posts are where content writers write blogs. And then, they add backlinks to the post to return to a previous blog. Thus, blogs like this must be of extremely high quality.

Guest post writers are very skilled. And this also means that this tool is a “White Hat” for Google. The search engine approves this technique as it provides valuable information to readers.

What Is the Difference Between PBN & Guest Posting?

PBN and guest posting has some key differences. You can easily find them out without much hassle. The definitions of the two contain essential dissimilarities.

PBN is a much unique technique compared to guest posts. You can easily capture the authority of another webpage by creating backlinks. But the process is much riskier than guest posting. It also takes more time to execute the procedure.

If you do things by the book, guest posting is right for you. It is simpler and less risky. But it takes a lot of time to get results from guest posting. Thus, Google may capture and disapprove of the process. PBN will get you quick results in comparison.


So, what is the difference between PBN & Guest posting? The key difference is in the result timing of the two techniques.

PBN will give you quicker results than guest posts. Guest posts are less risky than PBNs.

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