What is the difference between local SEO and general SEO?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: July 27, 2021

Today, whenever we plan to buy anything, we look it up online first. We do this because we instantly get to see catalogs of versatile products. Thanks to SEO which makes sure that the products you make are also displayed in front of possible buyers. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. These days, SEO can be divided into two categories: General SEO and Local SEO. This categorization will help you to get more benefits from SEO. Let us see why it is divided into two categories and what the differences are. To reduce your confusion, we have discussed in detail the difference between these two. Hence, you will be able to understand and connect with more possible buyers.

General SEO:

General SEO helps to improve the quality and quantity of your original web traffic. I believe all of you understand that we are referring to several visitors with the amount of traffic. However, with the quality, we are referring to preciseness. That is consumers who are looking for the exact products you offer. Original or organic traffic means the consumers who are visiting your page naturally.

More specifically, your content is being viewed by consumers even when you did not pay for it. Now general SEO does all that irrespective of any geographical preferences. For instance, someone who is living in China might see the content of Bangladesh. However, that is often not very useful. That is because we generally prefer to know about products and services that are nearer to us.

Local SEO:

You can predict from the name that local SEO has to do something with your area. Well, you have expected right. Both General SEO and Local SEO have the same goal. They are used so that you can enhance your online ranking. Consequently, people will find you more easily, connect with you, and purchase from you.

However, none of this is used if the customers you join with stay far away from you.  In this area, Local SEO is advanced. Local SEO does that job more specifically. It optimizes your website on area-based searches. Local SEO does not only connect you with any people; it connects you with nearby people so that your products are quickly sold.


General SEO and Local SEO both adopt very similar blueprints. However, Local SEO will assist you in connecting with the possible consumers of your area. Although, if your products are okay for global shipping, General SEO is the better option.

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