What is the Best Performing Free App Store Optimization (ASO) Tool?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: March 31, 2022

Optimizing for the App store has become indispensable like every other optimization task. If you have decided to perform ASO, you have made the smartest decision as an app owner.

Now, for ASO, you will need a tool. Moreover, you will need an efficient ASO tool, not just a tool. Here you will find out about some of the best ASO tools that will render better results. And, I will tell you why they are the best.

Let’s have a look at the ASO tool one by one.


This one is the best so far. This tool is packed with features, and it will help you out and out. For its incomparable effectiveness, it has a great client base. For example- Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and some other tech giants.

With this tool, you will get accurate statistics and analytics for both app and store. Those results will help you check revenue along with downloads from different regions of the world.

Also, you can inspect the keywords, rankings, reviews, and ratings. They have other facilities too that can be acquired by paying for the premium service, such as- market data matrices, data intelligence, etc.


The best thing about AppFollow is its keyword research and analysis tool. For the most beneficial keyword research, you get many cutting-edge features in this tool. For instance, you can get the latest data for iOS 13 stories, search results, bundle results, and in-app purchases.

Furthermore, it will allow you to check and compare search volume from the app search ads. What is more, you can check keywords associated with other apps in the App stores. This way, you will come across all the valuable keywords.


This tool aims to help all app developers and marketers out there without any prior ASO knowledge. Meatti has an AI of its own that will assist you all the way with keyword research and selection.

Maetti might not be the best choice for all ASO experts. But, people who are new to ASO can utilize it to get the desired outcome. Since it’s automated and technologically enhanced, no more guesswork for keywords is needed.

Another important aspect of this tool is its rich and highly useful blog. The blog is packed with the latest updates on tool information reviews. In addition, there are free lists of ASO practitioners from every proficiency level.

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