What is Blogger Outreach?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: August 8, 2021

Blogger outreach, AKA influencer marketing, is the process of connecting with the relevant bloggers to your content and products. Some people think of it as spamming, but it isn’t. If you are confident that you have good quality content on your site, you can go for the blogger outreach method. It usually convinces the influencer to talk about your product and share the link on their blogs and social media posts.
Users generally send an email by collecting the relevant blogger’s mail.
If you spend a good time writing a convincing email, you will get a good conversion. You may miss some of the essential aspects when you write immediately.

Why do You Need Blogger Outreach?

It brings the businesses and influencers in a collaboration.
The main goal is to promote the product. Influencers have a good number of followers.  So, if you can convince the influencer, they can convince the audience for you. They promote your product or navigate the audience with a link to your product.


Types of Blogger Outreach You Can Use

The methods are dependent on the work you are doing.


Giveaway is one of the best methods in Blogger Outreach. This one is an effective way to familiarize your brand name with the general mass. You have to convince an influencer or blogger to host a competition, and you will provide the prize. People will indeed participate in the program creating shoutouts about your brand to others.

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With this method, you can pay the bloggers or influencers to write about your brand with a navigation link to your product. The more famous the influencer is, the more you have to increase the amount of money. Whenever you are approaching an influencer, make your outcomes clear to him.

Product Review

Nowadays, people are into online reviews.  Everyone tries to experience any product beforehand with those. So, you can send your product to the influencers to review them on their respected platforms. If the viewers like that, they will do the publicity for you. It is a great way to create value for your product or service.

Product Feature

This method has some similarities with the product review. Instead of providing a complete formal review of the product, influencers will feature the product with a brief introduction. You can reach to them to feature your product in their regular day-to-day influential works. They can introduce it for a short moment inside their vlogs or videos.

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