What are Some On-page SEO Mistakes People are Still Making?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: January 4, 2021

What are some on-page SEO mistakes that everyone make? Want to know them? Keep reading, here in this article, we will explain what are some common on-page SEO mistakes that most websites are doing frequently. 

Well, SEO is not a rocket science, it's a process. On-page SEO is the most impactful strategy that help most effectively for ranking on search engines. Let's check them out.

What Are Some On-page SEO Mistakes?

Here are 7 common on-page SEO mistakes that people make. For these mistakes, many websites could not get a search engine ranking. Let's see what the 10 on-page SEO mistakes are:

  • Non-Original Content

If you do not have authentic original content or if your content is duplicated or copied from another site, then you are walking on the wrong path.

Around 50 percent of the contents on the internet are not original. If your contents are not original, it is wise to replace them with better content, or else ranking will not be possible.

  • Broken Images and Missing Alt Tags

The crawler does not rank sites or rank sites lower if they find a page with broken images and missing alt tags. Often there are many pages on the internet that comes with the broken image.

Image SEO is now being popular as search engines like Google has ensured that image alt-texts are ranking factor. We have seen that, images are bringing visitors and potential leads to our websites.

Keep your images optimized and well placed on the webpage. It's going to improve your site's user experience and decrease bounce rate. Remember, graphic content are more attractive than text content. People loves to see images relevant to the text content.

  • Not Knowing Your Audience

Not knowing the audience is a fundamental mistake. Many SEO professionals think that they know their audience before making a website, but that is the main mistake. Without knowing the audience, it can be challenging to have content with relevance.

  • Poor Quality External Links

Google now observes the content and the authenticity along with the authoritativeness of a website more than ever. Hence google checks the content in your website and also the links of content you link to. Low-quality external links are not much appreciated by google.

  • Poorly Structured Internal Links

Google instruction suggests that link structure should be organized in a logical pattern to rank well. Internal links are essential to link one page with another. Without useful links, it can be challenging to rank.

  • Neglecting LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are used to make the search engine have a better understanding of your content. There are many other keywords that a searcher can use to express the search intent. LSI keywords increase the relevance of content and help to rank faster.

  • Not Having an SEO Plan & Roadmap

Often SEO professionals do not make an SEO plan and roadmap. They end up concentrating only on on-page SEO. But having a better off-page SEO strategy along with a proper on-page SEO roadmap can be a more fantastic approach to have a complete SEO roadmap.

Ending Quotes

Without doing on-page SEO properly, you won't be able to get enough visitors to your website. Whether it is an ecommerce website or a small business website, on-site SEO is essential for everyone.

Everyone who has an online presence need to know, what are some on-page SEO mistakes? We hope now you know about those mistakes. If you have any confusion then send us your query using contact form.

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