SEO for Real Estate in 2023: Ultimate Real Estate SEO

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: October 19, 2021

Real estate businesses are booming around the world. And a well-organized website has become an integral part of a real estate business. If you and don't know how to make the digital presence of your real estate business, then your venture is at the risk of extinction like an endangered species. But don't worry!

You can always hire a specialized team to build a dominating presence on digital platforms. You don't need to worry about making a top-notch online presence with the right team. It's almost 2023, and you as an estate agent should know the importance of effective digital marketing strategy implementation.

Below is your guide to know all must know subjects related to SEO for real estate.

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Understanding SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a core component of digital marketing strategy. You need a website to promote your business or personal blog, i.e., lifestyle, touring, business, or whatsoever.

However, creating a website is not all you do to make a solid online presence. You make sure that people visit your webpage and surf there. And that does not happen randomly.

The science behind ranking your website and making them stay for the content on your website is simply called SEO. In a technical world, SEO is defined primarily by the proper use of keywords with precision. That is, your web content is optimized with words or a combination of words to rank higher in the search result.

However, SEO service is no longer limited to generating keywords for your web content. In today's web, SEO is bigger and more diverse than keyword generating. Image optimization is also part of SEO.

SEO is no longer the insertion of keywords in plain old text style. In recent times, it's anything that helps rank your webpage on the front page. Google is updating requirements for raking a webpage in the top ten blue links.

Thus, the definition of SEO is changing and evolving continuously. Logically, there can't be any static definition of SEO. It's the concept of SEO that matters.

What is the relation between SEO and real estate?

The relation between SEO and real estate is inseparable in 2023 and onwards. You may think it's just land and establishment property. And how are they so dependent on SEO service?

Here I will break the importance of SEO services for the smooth flourishing of the real estate business.

In the previous section, you have got a clear notion of SEO. Now let's take a look into how a real estate business functions in modern times. Suppose, as a real estate agent, and you are trying to sell land in the suburbs of City X.

You can think of a different traditional way of reaching a prospective buyer. But think how effective a billboard will be in today's world when one is gazing at their smartphone!

Moreover, the offline promotional strategy will not be a rational strategy to maximize your profit margin. All successful giant real estate agency is utilizing various online platforms to spread their business.

You can't drag all your potential buyers to the real-world location for having an initial impression of your product.

However, you can present your real estate product to most of your potential buyers digitally. Now it's a naive move to get buyer's attention where you simply create your agency's webpage and publish ads on various platforms. The online world is crowded with your competitors. You need to outrank their page to secure your potential buyers.

This is where real estate success is linked with proper SEO strategies.

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Real Estate SEO 101: A fundamental Guide

Based on your business location, you have to improvise different aspects of SEO strategy to have positive feedback. The nature of your real estate property (e.g., lands, apartments, rental property, etc.) will also influence your SEO for real estate strategy.

Regardless of that, some fundamental aspect is common and crucial for your real estate business to pair up with SEO strategy. I am noting down some of them below for you.

Image optimization

One of the prime objectives of real estate SEO is to visualize your products. Nowadays, images are optimized to rank web content at the top of search results.

Photographs of various properties are considered as one of the core content of the real estate webpage.  You can follow the below steps to optimize your images.

  • Determining the most rational image format
  • Resizing the image file
  • Writing SEO friendly names for the image files
  • Optimizing the caption in an SEO friendly way
  • Creating meaningful images for the audiences
  • Ensuring smartphone-friendly image quality
  • Uploading self-generated photos with the right watermark
  • Using carefully crafted Alt tags (alternative text) to tell Google bot about the image
  • Using a different and detailed title for your image (though WordPress takes the file name as title automatically)

Extra Advice for SEO friendly Images

Remember one thing that your content is not about photography. It's about real estate property. And images are there to help you represent your product to your clients. Hence, you should keep few things in mind to get appropriate benefits from images on your page.

First of all, you shouldn't take random images. Take carefully thought photos from the right angle. Remember, you only need few carefully capture few excellent images to convey more meaning and message to your prospective clients. On the other hand, stuffing bulk images will ruin your SEO for real estate strategy.

Secondly, you should use different lenses for outdoor and indoor photography. For instance, you want to represent land for sale. Then you should use wide-angle lenses to capture a picture-perfect image. For most buyers, the online images will have the first impression of your product. Hence, make some investments to make them impressive.

Finally, you should only optimize and upload your own photos. It will make the content unique and SEO-friendly at the same time.

This is a common yet great practice for SEO for real estate websites.

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Video Optimisation

Video optimization to make your content SEO friendly is more or less similar to image optimization techniques. The guideline for producing SEO-friendly real estate videos is making short videos.

Nowadays, drone videos are at the top of the popularity for a short intro. You can try to produce drone videos for your megaprojects.

Some quick tips for SEO videos in real estate are:

  • Keep them short and simple
  • Enhancing audio quality
  • Single topic per video
  • naturally and revised scripts

This is proven to be a fruitful tactic of SEO for real estate agents.

Optimizing tags

Optimizing various tags based on SEO-friendly keywords is crucial for a real estate website. Creating tags with the most suitable keywords will generate more traffic to your site than your competitors. This can be an effective SEO for real estate investors.

Building effective backlinks for your website

You can count this as a fundamental SEO tactic for real estate as well. A backlink is a great source for getting higher traffic to a website. This is not only about promotional techniques for your real estate business. You can produce more sales, as backlinks extend the possibilities of redirecting more actual and potential buyers to your website.

You should not produce backlinks randomly and in bulk amounts. Backlinks are effective in ranking your website when they are recreated over a period of time.

Simultaneously, you have to get backlinks from your content-related page. Make sure backlinks truly add value to your content.

Producing quality and unique content

The most challenging task is to produce unique and quality content for your webpage. It is not easy to produce reader-friendly interesting content. Generating keywords using software and various tools is solely not capable of hooking the prospective clients for your product and service.

SEO for real estate is not keywords-based; it's content-based. That means you may drag visitors to your page by using research-based keywords, but you can't make them stay without good content.

Real estate offers expensive products, and people usually don't shop for them each week. Rationally, they will invest thoughtful time to contact the service/product provider.

Only insightful content can create a sense of belongingness before they even buy it. Buyers invest time before purchasing real estate products. That is why you can't attract them with shallow content.

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Publishing effective and meaningful guest post content

Guest post is widespread practice for SEO services. This is mainly done to generate leads for your page from a popular blog site. You may need to invest a little money to publish effective and meaningful guest post content. But your SEO for a real estate plan should not overlook the need for a guest post.

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Social Media Outreach Strategy

The contemporary time is one of influences and exhibitions. You need to have a social media marketing strategy for a successful SEO for a real estate business. Below, I'm briefly discussing a few social media outreach strategies.

Influencer Personality

The contemporary time is one of influences and exhibitions. You need to have a social media marketing strategy for a successful SEO for a real estate business. Below, I'm briefly discussing a few social media outreach strategies.

Ads in various platforms

Almost every social media platform is profiling its subscribers for marketing/advertising algorithms. You can utilize the fine-tuning of their ad personalization to reach prospective buyers with precision. And it is possible with accurate SEO service.

Real Estate Website

The fine-tuning of your real estate website is essential to get maximum benefits from SEO for real estate service. Website optimization is not that expensive.

Plus, you can find numerous agencies with extraordinary creative skills that work on website optimization. I am listing a few basic areas to work on for your website optimization.

Site load up speed

Website loading time is crucial for any business site. Real estate clients do indeed take time to scrutinize and examine a seller's offer. But it does not assert that a visitor loves slow-loading websites. People, nowadays, demand instant results after clicking on the link.

Don't hesitate to invest in fast load speed for your site.

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Mobile friendly

You can find prospective clients who do not use a desktop web browser to look for things on the internet. But you will hardly find a client who does not use a smartphone, despite having a desktop or not. Make sure your website has a flexible design for the tiny screen of handheld devices.

Logically, it also does not make any sense to have a website that is not mobile-friendly in today's world.

Ease of Navigation and User Friendly interface

Sometimes, people do not find what they are looking for as all the information is stuffed under few tabs. Make sure your website tabs and buttons are precise and detailed at the same time. After all, the clients are not looking to solve an enigma code. Organize the information in a meaningful way.

Ease of navigation can be achieved without a proper user-friendly interface. UX (user experience) team has to put some extra effort to do that. UX design is vital for any form of e-commerce. SEO for real estate websites is strongly connected with the UX.

Below is a shortlist of why UX is important for your real estate website:

  • To build authenticity
  • To enhance webpage usability
  • To build customer engagement

In short, a perfect UX structure can be your key to hook the potential customers.

The flexibility of SEO Plan

A quality SEO for real estate is planned with flexibility. That means you don't need to change your entire digital marketing strategy when a trend in the real estate market changes, shifts, or collapses. Rather you modified few things to adjust with the latest norm.

LSI Keywords

Latin semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are also known as secondary keywords. LSI keywords are not synonyms of the main keywords. They are simply the keywords that express other related aspects associated with the main topic.

Invest thought intense time to prepare a strong set of LSI keywords for your content.

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Local SEO Implementation

Using keywords that localize the operation of your business is important. It will easily pinpoint potential clients within the proximity range of your business.

Suppose your business operates in city X, but the client is searching for city Y property. If that client visits your site, then you are getting traffic but not reaching the potential client.

Similarly, a client looking for land or other property in city X will have less chance of finding you without local SEO. You can easily localize your SEO keyword. For instance, write "land for sale in city X" instead of "land for sale."

Final Notes

SEO for real estate refers to a vast area of digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, it's more than the keywords in your content. You have lots of digital platforms other than your own website to work and improve for SEO.

Real estate SEO is not entirely different from SEO for other businesses. It's just the product is different. You can achieve your goal with the right SEO for a real estate service provider. Take your time to look up some excellent SEO service providers. But don't delay hiring one.

Frequently Asked Question

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on SEO for real estate. You can go through them to clear similar doubts.

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO is a digital marketing strategy to reach potential customers for real estate property. To know more, read the section What is the relation between SEO and real estate.

Does SEO work for real estate?

The fundamental method of SEO function is the same for any business. SEO for real estate works, generating keywords that will lead a prospective customer to your website.

Why is SEO so important for real estate?

Due to the increasing dominance of electronic devices and digital platforms, SEO has become important beyond words. Read the article to know the details

How much does real estate SEO cost?

Real estate SEO cost is determined by two factors: a) fees of SEO service providers and b) your location. To get an approximate idea of SEO cost, contact a digital service provider.

How do you optimize real estate websites?

There are many strategies to optimize a real estate website. You read the above article to get a general idea of that.

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