SEO for Plumbers: Best SEO Services for Plumbers in 2024

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: September 1, 2021

Do you want to be found online in 2022? If so, then your plumber's company must have a strong SEO plan. Your plumbing business can get new customers by having search engine optimization. You do this by ensuring that you are high on search engines for things like "plumber" or " plumber near me" to find new customers.

Luckily, there are many types of SEO services for plumbers available today that can suit the needs of any plumbing business.

We have years of experience in this field and specialize in ensuring our clients rank top on Google. So, they can stay competitive while also getting more customers & leads.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a way to increase traffic on your site through natural searches, like Google, Bing, and other search engines. It is a way to improve the ranking of your business' website or blog on search engines.

there are many types of SEO

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

How do You Develop a Content Strategy for a Website

Why do plumbers need to invest in SEO?

SEO can help you get more customers & leads from search engines.

The key to a successful plumbing business is high rankings in search engines. You can be found on page 1 of Google with proper plumber SEO. Many people are looking for plumbing companies online. And if they find your site, it's nice not to have to go any further searching. Your web page could be the one that they pick.

SEO is important for your plumber's online reputation

SEO is essential for all businesses as it establishes your credibility and authority online. When potential customers search for plumbers in their area, they want to find a person who has experience doing plumbing work. Therefore, plumbing SEO services can also help you achieve the goal.

SEO improves your website quality.

Professional plumbing SEO services can help you to rank higher in search engines. By doing so will improve your website's quality, which is an essential aspect of SEO. When people see your company on the internet, they are more likely to use your services. They like what they see, and it makes them happy.

3 benefits of partnering with plumbers SEO service provider

SEO Strategy

They will develop an SEO strategy for your plumbing business. You should work with experts in plumbers' SEO jobs. They will have the latest information on what is happening in SEO and how it affects your company.


After developing an SEO strategy, they will check the performance of your website to see if there have any issues that need to be corrected. This review will enable them to get the maximum performance out of any SEO campaigns that they run for your plumbing business.


Once SEO strategy and evaluation are completed, they will start implementing the campaigns. So, your plumbing business can get more traffic & leads.

Is PPC Advertising Worth It

What are the steps in SEO to get more exposure online & generate leads?

Step 1: SEO audit.

If you already have a company website, it is essential to do an SEO audit. So, SEO experts can check your plumbing business website & find opportunities to improve its ranking.

Step 2: SEO analysis.

Once the SEO audit is done, experts will analyze how your plumbing company ranks for your keywords in search engines.

Here, the idea is to determine where you rank for each keyword and why you are not ranking above number 10 on page 1 of search engine result pages. SEO specialists will also look at what SEO factors are affecting your plumbing website's rankings.

Step 3: Keyword research.

Keywords are the words that people type into search engines when they want to find information or products or services of any kind. SEO experts will do keyword research for plumbing keywords & see what keywords make sense for your SEO campaign.

It is essential to identify the right keywords that potential customers use when searching for plumbers in their local area. If you choose the wrong keywords, it will lead to a waste of time & money.

Step 4: Content development

At this point, SEO experts will create SEO-friendly plumbing content for your website. It is one of the most effective ways to achieve better rankings in search engines. The content will be posted on your website and make it easy for people to find you when they search for plumbers online.

Step 5: On-page SEO

SEO specialists will do on-page SEO for your plumbing website. Here are some of the On-Page SEO factors they will check:

Content Quality

They will check the quality of your content to ensure that there is no spam, low-quality inbound links, or any other factors. Which potentially can harm your plumbing website's ranking in search engines.

Title Tags

SEO experts will check the title tags to ensure that your plumbing business is listed in search engines with the right keywords in the title tags.

XML Sitemap

SEO experts will submit your plumbing website's XML sitemap to Google & other search engines. It will ensure that your website appears in the search results.

Keywords Placement

SEO specialists will also check your business website's title, description & body content. It helps them to make sure that your website is using the right keywords in the right places.

Step 6: Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to backlinks that your plumbing business gets from other websites. Here are some of the most important off-page SEO factors that SEO experts will check for your plumber company:

Inbound links

SEO specialists will check if your plumbing site has any inbound links.

Links from authoritative sites

Your plumbing website will get more exposure from search engines if it has a link from an authoritative site on the same topic.
Local citations
SEO experts will check if your plumbing business is listed on local directories, like the local plumbers' directory.

Step 7: Technical SEO

SEO experts will check many technical SEO factors to make sure that your plumbing company website is SEO-friendly. Here are some of the most important technical SEO factors that they will check:

301 Redirects Fixes

Suppose your plumbing business website is migrated from one URL to another. In that case, SEO experts will make sure that 301 redirects have been appropriately implemented.

Mobile-Friendly Website

SEO specialists will check if your plumbing business website is mobile-friendly or not. If it's not mobile-friendly, they will tell you what changes to make to your website.

Site speed

SEO experts will check if your plumbing site is slow or not. If it's slow, they can make suggestions to improve the speed.

Step 8: Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the optimization of your plumbing business website for local search engines like Google.

Local SEO is essential to rank high in local search engines because most people use local search engines. They tend to look for plumbers or other businesses near them. Here are some essential factors that SEO experts will check for your plumbing company's local SEO campaign:

NAP (Name, Address & Phone)

SEO experts will check whether your plumbing company's NAP is consistent across all the local plumbers' directories. They make sure that your NAP is consistent on Google Maps.

Google My Business Page (GMB)

SEO experts will check your plumbing company's Google My Business page for local search engines. It is an important factor for plumbers because most people use local search engines to find plumbers near them.

Step 9: Online marketing campaign

Completing SEO is only the first part of SEO. The second part is online marketing. Here are some of the online marketing campaigns that SEO experts will recommend for your plumbing business:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM experts will set up profiles on social media to make sure that your plumbing business has a solid online presence. They can advertise plumbing business with your target audience through Facebook & Instagram.


PPC experts will advertise your businesses to the targeted audiences. They may post videos, infographics, or articles related to your plumbing business. Experts in this field can provide you the best advertising for plumbers through PPC.

How do You Make an Efficient PPC Ad Campaign

How to choose the right SEO company for your business?

There are thousands of SEO companies out there. So how do you know which one to choose? There are many factors that you should consider when choosing an SEO company for your business.

Proven track record

An SEO company with an excellent track record of SEO services will be able to deliver the best SEO service for your plumbing business.

Testimonials and reviews

A good SEO company should have testimonials or reviews from its clients. If you can find them, read what the former clients had to say about the SEO company’s service.


An SEO company with many years of experience in SEO services will deliver the best SEO for plumbers.

Check their SEO packages.

The SEO packages that SEO companies offer will vary greatly depending on the SEO services they provide. So you should check their SEO package to make sure that it fits your budget and SEO needs.

Using white hat strategies

Using white hat SEO strategies is essential if you want SEO services that will last for a long time. When choosing a company, make sure that they use the white hat SEO technique.

Quick customer support

A good SEO company should have quick and reliable customer support. Issues regarding your plumbing business’s SEO will arise from time to time. So, you must choose a company with quick and reliable customer support.

Able to meet the deadline

An SEO company should be able to fulfill all of your deadlines. If a good SEO company cannot deliver your deadlines, you might have problems in the future. So you should choose an SEO company that can meet deadlines.

Better ROI

A SEO company with better ROI will always offer better services for plumbers. So you should choose a company that has the best ROI possible.

Data-driven performance reports

A SEO company that can give you data-driven performance reports is vital to ensure that your plumbing business’s SEO is on track. So you should find a company that has data-driven performance reports.

What to avoid before hiring a company/expert for your business

Before hiring a company or expert for your business' SEO, you should know what to avoid. Here are some things that you should avoid when dealing with SEO services:

No White Hat Techniques

Many SEO companies out there use the black hat SEO techniques to improve rankings on search engines. So you should avoid hiring an SEO company that uses black hat techniques to increase business’ page rankings.

Poor reputation

If an SEO company has a poor reputation, you should avoid giving them your business. To make sure that the SEO company won’t damage your business’s online presence, you should do some research about them and read reviews about them.

No experience in local searches

An SEO company that doesn’t have experience in local search services won’t deliver effective results for your plumbing business. So you should make sure that the SEO expert has an excellent track record when it comes to local search services.


A bad SEO company won’t be able to deliver effective results for your business. So you should make sure that the SEO company can provide high ROI and ROAS. So you should ask them for their ROI and ROAS, so you’ll know how effective they are when resolving issues related to your SEO needs.

No planning

SEO strategies aren’t just about making a few quick changes to your online presence. SEO involves planning, analyzing your competitors, marketing your plumbing business . And it will help your plumbing business’ SEO.

So you should make sure that the SEO company you’re going to hire has a good plan & strategy for your online presence.

Get the best SEO services for plumbing businesses!

In conclusion, you must hire the best SEO services for plumbers to get many customers & leads. It will allow your business to grow and become successful. By hiring an expert company like ours, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will care for all your needs.

We also make sure that everything goes smoothly & precisely! If you like this idea, then contact us today. We can work on your website to make it more visible online with our proven SEO techniques!


  • What is SEO for Plumbers?

As a plumbing professional, you should know how important it is to have an optimized site to succeed in the business world. When people search for plumber services, they type in words related to their problem. If your website appears on the list, they will click on it. If you want to be successful, you need SEO for plumbers to help increase your visibility online.

  • Does My Plumbing Business Need SEO?

Yes, your plumbing business needs SEO if you want to be successful. As a plumber, you should know that over 80% of the people who look for services online do so using search engines like Google and Bing. And suppose your plumbing business’s website isn’t optimized for SEO. In that case, you might lose most of those potential customers to your competitors.

  • How long does SEO take for plumbers?

That depends on the size of your plumbing business and how many services you offer. If you have a small plumbing business, it might be easier to optimize your site than for someone who offers more services. But you can see the improvement within a month.

  • Is SEO An Alternative to PPC?

Yes, SEO is an alternative to PPC. The significant difference between the two is that you don’t have to pay for traffic with SEO since it’s 100% organic. So if you’re going to afford both SEO and PPC, we’d recommend using them together as they work great.

  • Do I Need to Hire an SEO Company?

Yes, you need to hire an SEO company if you want your plumbing business to be successful. As a plumber, the internet is the easiest way for people to find your services and get in touch with you. And if your website isn’t optimized for the search engines, most of those potential customers will never know about it.

  • Can I Do SEO for My Plumbing Company On My Own?

Yes, you can do SEO for your plumbing on your own. However, we strongly recommend that you work with a professional. Since it’s very time-consuming and complicated to understand, on top of that, there are always new updates to Google’s algorithms that could affect your website if you don’t have the right experience.

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