How to Make an Interactive Website in 15 Steps?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: July 6, 2021

What is an Interactive Website Design?

Generally, an interactive website is user-friendly. That is why it gathers more traffic and serves its purpose. In addition, it gives precise information through interactive web templates and photos.  As a result, your business has a good promotion.

Furthermore, an interactive website design highlights all the facilities and good reviews of the company that go a long way. So, in a sentence, websites that are clear with their information and reviews are interactive websites.

However, if you want to build an interactive website for your company, you need to imply selective codes and software. It sounds complicated, right? Do not worry; we have enlisted 15 hacks through which you can make your website interactive.

Why Should You Need an Interactive Website?

Everyone wants to create an interactive website for their online platform. That is because an interactive website helps you to gain the trust of the customers.

To be precise, you get 36% more customers with the help of an interactive website (Bright Local). Believe it or not, an interactive website is the easiest way to gather organic traffic. The more traffic you get, the more there is a chance to increase your customer.

After all, every business's ultimate goal is to increase customers. Since a well synchronized and interactive website is the key to gaining customers' trust, everyone needs an interactive website.

Benefits of an Interactive Website

To give you a more reasonable explanation about why you need an interactive website, I came up with a list of benefits to having one. Here is the list:

Interaction with Consumers Purposefully

When your customers are visiting your webpage, they expect interactive web applications. These days, most of the customers are online-based. To be precise, 70% of customers connect through online platforms. As a large number of your customer base comes to you through the online platform, you need to make it effective.

People Believe in You More

We all trust someone when we can connect to that person. For business, it is not that different. People will trust your business when they will connect with you. That is why you need to have interactive features in your webpage and make it reliable in the eyes of your audience.

Successful Turnout

The customers you attract from the web traffic is of no use if they don't turn into actual customers. Thus, making your services and products understandable to the customers is a must. You can only do that if you use enough interactive elements in your webpage, such as interactive pictures.

Saves Expenses

The purpose of a website is to answer your customers' queries with minimal expenses. However, if the webpage is not informative enough, it does not serve the purpose.

As a result, you may have double costs. Thus, it is essential to have an interactive website to save expenses of communicating with customers.

Establishes a Good Brand

A well-formed website gives you the elegance of a well-established brand. Thus, you take a good stand in the industry and your business flourishes. Believe it or not, people will take you for how you represent yourself. So take your online image seriously and work on it.

How to Make an Interactive Website [Actionable 15 Steps]

Many might think that preparing eye-catchy web design and interactive media will do the job, but there is more to it. To make the system transparent and understandable to you, I created a descriptive outline of fifteen steps. As I have outlined with the help of our top-notch web development team, the steps are well-synchronized. Here is the list:

Pre-Plan Everything You Need On Your Website

Planning has no alternative. First, plan your budget. That is the first step because building a website is not a free job. You will need an experienced web development team. How much you spend will determine what your return is. Plan your finances well; after that, have a specific yet realistic time frame. After that, everything else will fall in place.

Easy Navigation Planning

It is an elementary step. As I said that a user-friendly website is an interactive website, and easy navigation ensures that. While you are setting navigation for your website, you may face trouble forming a structure and designing. Thus, keep your users in mind and design it according to them.

Design of Your Website Keeping UI/UX In Mind

UI stands for User Interference and UX for User experience. It is true that when you begin, you will not have a clear idea about the UX. However, as improving UX design is a continuous process, always have a UX designer. Moreover, you begin to have explicit knowledge about the verdict from various other competitors' website.

Give an Easy Structure for Your Website

Build a structure that people of all kinds can handle and understand. For instance, not everyone is tech-savvy, but everyone more or less enjoys the benefits of online platforms. Thus, build your website in such a structure that it is acceptable to all. Or else, you might create an impression that you don't prefer customers who are not tech-savvy.

Keep Page Speed: Meet Google's Guideline

Tech-Savvy or not, no one wants a slow service! Page speed does wonders with conversion rates. According to research, a minute of page speed can affect 7% of the conversion rate.

Even though attaching interactive blogs and pictures may make achieving your desired speed difficult, there are solutions to the problem. You can enhance the response time of your server or focus on eliminating redirects.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It is another must-do requirement for an interactive website. We realize that people don't always move with laptops, but mobile phones are always there.

For example, let's say you are out grocery shopping, and you have to spend carefully because you purchased something online. Now, you forgot the price of your purchase, but you need to know it so that you don't overspend.

So, like a sensible person, you will go to the shop website from where you purchased earlier and check the price, right? But what if the site is not loading on a mobile phone?

Exactly, not so convenient! That is why you need a mobile phone friendly website. It helps you to be there for your customers at their convenience.

Display a Search Bar Allowing Visitors to Search Their Needs

It is impossible that you mention all of your business in the first portion of your website homepage. However, you can easily have a search bar on your home page. That will make it tremendously easy for the visitors to search for whatever they are looking for.

Besides, it saves time for your visitors. If your features are time-consuming, your visitors will leave without going through the page. And that is harmful to your business.

Proper Interlink Structure Development

Interlinking is one of the easiest ways to increase your ranking. Website traffic increases and the stay time as well. However, it would be better if you had a clear strategy, such as keeping it natural. Creating an interlink while ensuring it looks natural to the customer/visitor is a tough job.

Provide Interactive Tools for Improving User-Engagement

Believe it or not, interactive tools have a significant influence on forming interactive websites. For instance, suppose your website is about construction.

If you have a quiz option on your page like 'Which architectural design screams you?', visitors will turn curious and play the quiz. Consequently, they will remain on your page for a long time, and the little entertainment you gave her/him will inspire you to check your webpage.

According to research led by our team, 45% of digital marketers were in benefits after introducing interactive tools.

Setup Survey Forms to Get User Opinion About Your Website

A survey is a classic method of tapping into audiences' need. When you add an experience survey option to your website, it shows that you care about your customers' experience and needs.

This small act will remain with your customer for a long time, and s/he will come back. Besides, you will know more about your customers' needs and wants and have continuous upgrades. Place Forms and Buttons on the Right Place

Positioning matters more than you realize. If you place appropriate buttons at appropriate places, visitors will click them. To see what happens next, they will stay on your web page, which is good for you. Besides, buttons increase user-friendliness.

Encourage Visitors to Share Their Opinion Through Comment

Make sure you include a comment feature on your website. As I said before, if your customers realize that you care for their opinion, it will take you a long way. Leaving a comment space shows that your customer matters to you.

Use More Images to Explain Anything More Delicately

Images are a straightforward way of expressing what is going on. Also, they make it easy for everyone to understand. You know the right picture says thousands of words. Hence, use interactive photos and make your website easy for all types of people.

Use Audio and Video to Let Visitors Use Your Website Anyhow They Like

If you put the instructions on your website through audio or video content, your website will be a hit. Using visuals and phonics make you look desirable. It will give you an image that you are a client-oriented organization. And that is always a plus point.

Use Animated Elements to make Your Content More Interactive

To make your web page open for all,  you should have suitable contents for people of various age groups. For example, animation is a popular concept among youngsters these days. So if you have any products or services that interest a youngster, have animated elements on your website.


I am sure now the interactive website definition is clear to you. And I hope our ideas and guidelines will help you to build an interactive website for your business.

FAQ: How to Make an Interactive Website

What is the Best Free Website Builder?

Elementor, Thrive, Divi are some of the best free website builders.

What is the Purpose of an Interactive Website?

To give customers the chance to rely upon and relate to your content is the purpose of an interactive website.

What are Interactive Website Features??

An interactive website must have an easy navigation system, search bar, connected with social media, comment section, and other interactive tools.

What are Interactive Website Features??

There is no specific range. However, the costs vary between $12,000 to $150,000

How Much does It Cost to Create an Interactive Website?

There is no specific range. However, the costs vary between $12,000 to $150,000

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