How Similar is App Store Optimization vs Web SEO?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: March 13, 2022

There are fundamental differences between these two terms or optimization tasks. Yet, there is one similarity. Let’s look at the similarities and differences one by one.

The purpose of both optimization tasks

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of making an app easily discoverable in an App store. Let’s say you have a racing game app. And, you set keywords other details so that visitors can get to see the app on the first page of the search results page.

On the other hand, Web SEO makes an app easily discoverable across various search engines. That means, if you have launched a racing game app, you set particular keywords for that gaming app.

Next, when people search for a racing game app, they can encounter your app. Finally, they would be in the App store, and they might install it to give it a go.

You see, the basic similarity is the purpose of both procedures is the same. It’s about letting people know that you have a good gaming app. Let’s look at some differences now.

Length of the procedures

For Web SEO, it has a wide-ranging task. Because there are millions of sites and content. For ASO, it’s about just one place. So, that’s less lengthy work.

Same Keyword but the different search result

Let’s consider some search intent. For example, to find a good racing app, people can write racing games, best racing games, best racing games 2023, etc.

When it is on the search engine, it will show results connected with the app stores. So, it’s not the app exactly. And, when they search on the app store, you directly get apps.

Optimizing for different places

When performing Web SEO, you are doing that for search engines. People reaching the App store is the second stage. Meaning if a visitor makes a search for an app in a browser, and they somehow come across your app, that will hopefully drive them to the app store.

In contrast to that, ASO is done for App stores only. And, let’s say the visitor didn’t follow any link in this case. Rather, the visitor came to the store independently to check out some apps they need. Next, when a visitor starts searching, you desire your app to appear in the search list.

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