How Do I Write SEO-friendly Infographics

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: May 10, 2022

Infographic content works like magic, engaging more readers with short and attractive visuals. But, after that, the next concern is how to write an SEO-friendly one. Let’s see how you can prepare your message to your audiences before Google serves that to thousands.

Study the Topic

Before you start, pick the topic you are going to write about. Make sure that the subject you will talk about represents your business. And you must know what it has to do with your audience.

Also, you need people to believe that you have a complete idea regarding your concern.


A content remains incomplete if the writer doesn’t know who the audience is and prepares for them. Know your audience's demand or problem and what they prefer as a solution or option.

For example, a new retirement policy won’t be attractive for a college student or a person looking for a job.

Readability and Tone

Language and tone matter. Every visitor to a website won’t necessarily be educated or a specialist. But, a business person wants everyone to know about their business.

This is why easy vocabulary and short sentences are preferable. Complicated words or phrases discourage a reader from continuing to read.

If the audiences belong to a specific class, particular terms might be applicable. But that shouldn’t demoralize the reader anyway.

Keywords Research and Implant

Keyword research tells you what people are searching for and suggests how you can serve in this perspective. After the SEO friendly content is written, the next crucial is to place keywords. It helps search engines to take the content to the right people at the right moment.

Optimize with visualization

Infographics is a data representation via imagery structures, graphs, or charts. This is why the presence of text here has to be minimum. The writer needs to notice that they write enough but not too much.

If you are done, monitor the results

Infographics are no magic to get a result overnight. It is important to monitor the responses and feedback against the content. That will give you the idea of how much reachable.

Last Words

An infographic is a great way to send your message to the audience. Yet, making it SEO-friendly can wide open the door for your business to reach more audiences and visitors.

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